Friday, July 31, 2009

There she Blows....Old Faithful !!!

July 30, Thursday, We go into West Yellowstone to see the town and walk around. There are painted Buffalo's all over town (37 I am told). We get a map and start looking for them. We stop at the Yellowstone Historical Museum to have a look. Interesting tibits of history, how train(Union Pacific) used to bring tourist to Yellowstone to hotels and camps set up all over the area. We even saw a documentary on the bad fire of 1988 and how it devestaded the area but they worked to save the Old Faithful Inn with thousands of fire fighters.

There are about 900 residents over the winter here, -57*... 300inches of snow..I don't think I want to be here!! The town is built to look like an old western town and has lots of gift shops and hotels now, there was one old general store"Eagles" that has been here 100 years.

Then back to the camp to rest, we are taking each day in small trips so we can enjoy the area a little at a time. We chat with neighbors and see where they are from. One was living in East Petersburg in the 80's to help start up the Kelloggs Plant for 12 years. One was a school teacher from South Carolina who comes here every summer to unwind!! She gave us some helpful local sights to see that are not on the maps for tourist. I have posted pictures on album of Yellowstone sights, I am sure you have seen most in National Geographic,but it is awesome to see in person. Enjoy!!

God Bless ...AirstreamHobo & Carol


  1. Obie, you are providing the closest thing to a vacation out west that I will have this year. Thanks!

  2. There is an airport across from the Campground, Carol and I will pick you up..let me know when you will arrive(g) Obie