Friday, July 24, 2009

Indian Dances at Cheyenne Frontier Days .....

July 21, Tuesday, Rise and shine at 6:30 am Leave at 7:30 for Cheyenne. The parade starts at 9:30 and I would like to see it. Well we arrive at 9:30 and the parade has started, there is another one on thurs am. We went to the camp ground on the hook ups.. but close to everything. The charge is $25.00/nite and we can walk to the gate.

We walk over after setting up to see the sights. There is cowboys /girls everywhere. There is a western town strip mall(?)along the fence behind the Rodeo Arena, Shops are full of cowboy/western things, like a little flea market of crafts. We walk in and out of the shops and down at the end is an Indian Village setting. There is a free show about to start, the indains show us various dances and songs. After the 1/2 hour show they also have a craft row of indian things,pottery,jewelry,shirts,furs,and of course food stands. Then we have a Indian Taco Salad for dinner plate was enough for two of us...mmm.. good.

It is getting hot and the locals tellus to keep drinking liquids because of the higher altitudes and the heat. We walk over to the midway to see more craft/junk stands and lots of rides for the kiddies/teenagers too. We are tired so we walk back to the airstream to catch a nap. I set uo the honda.generator so we have electric, we may run it from 6am till 10pm each day. That will keep the batteries up for the nights. Tomorrow the Thunderbirds have an AirShow for free, they were practicing fly bye's today...Loud!! Tonite we will relax to get ready for tomorrow..Air Show and the Rodeo too. God Bless AirstreamHobo & Carol

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