Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Here is AirstreamHobo Family...Obie..Carol..Addy..Mason
Sat,June 26,2010Then Open House started with hundreds town people coming to see all the Airstreams and to stay for the fireworks. Lots of curious onlookers, I think we may have some future Airstreamers. Then It got dark, there is no way to explain a small town fireworks..45 minutes long, many groups of multi-shots. Then the end was Spectacular !!!! I give it a 10 star rating ********** Then a campfire with Antsy again this started after 11 am and lasted well past midight!!! ZZZZZZ I can't stop thinking about what we did in just one day at the Bash!!

Sunday..Breakfast ...same full menu... Then swimming... I won 2 tickets to the Classic Car Museum in Norwich. So this afternoon I took Doug Rowbottom along to see the cars"Happy Birthday Doug" Later we sang to him at happy hour(yes we had them everyday ay 4-5pm).
At the sunday happy hour a woman came from the food bank, Rob introduced her and gave her lots of can goods and other food supplies enough to fill her car. He then shocked her by saying we also had a fundraiser by selling the 80th space at the Bash also some more donations adding up to a total of $1,260.00 in checks. She said this was a BIG HELP to their group..Thank-You..Thank-you is all she could say!!!
About half the airstreams pulled out today for home..work was their excuse??? So we had potluck supper again with those that were left, followed with home made cranked ice cream.
We are out of firewood, but we sit around in the dark and talk till late hours... The Moon was full this week Large Orange each night, we even saw the Satelite Space Station fly over each night. They are calling for rain tonight, so most of us tear down and packed everything tonight.
Monday,June 28,2010...one more time A Full Breakfast for those that are left. We then help tear down the chairs and tables for later pick-up. Bye...Bye..lots of hugs and vowed to return again next year!!! I pull out at 10am and arrive home at 4:30pm, the grand kids were glad to see Mom & Dad...so were we!!! Now I know why you have kids when you are young!!! I hope the memories that my grand kids have will stay with them forever or until they buy their own Airstream. This whole week was Planned by a crew of 4... Rob,Frank,John & Steve and was pulled off with volunteers also. What a Blast!! I can see this growing every year..so mark your calendars and sign up when you hear next years dates!!! Till the next Bash!!! http://picasaweb.google.com/AirstreamHobo/BirthdayBashKids
I have downloaded some pictures to my Album
God Bless AirstreamHobo & Carol & Grandkids...

Hay Rides for everyone ...thru the woods and farm fields..Thanks Rob's Dad the driver!!!

We even had "BASH" Pancakes on sunday am.... Delicious!!!
How can you have a Birthday Bash without Cake??? "Happy Birthday Wally" was sung by everyone!!!
This is the bottom of the Plaque
This is the top of the Plaque

These are the Boys that made the Bash Possible!!! Frank..Rob..John..Steve At Sat night Supper these 4 guys were presented each with the plaque shown with their name above for their foresight and preparation for the 1st Annual Birthday Bash. A Standing Ovation was also givin' lasting for over 5 minutes. We all sign a card for each of them as a personal Thank-You. Rob thanked all who helped, the 4 guys and also numerous volunteers that helped in everyway!!!

Sorry, I was hungry again...Great Delmonico's.....
Cookin' them Steaks!!!

This was friday night Pot Luck Table...75 plus dishes..Yum..Yum!

Sat afternoon ,the rain came..but only for a few hours. Then it got hot....90*plus!!! Pool time for the kids. Tonights supper is Delmonico Steak,potatoes,ear of corn with melted butter in the cup/lid,The grills were going strong with volunteers laughing having a Great Time!!! They started a little early to keep up with the crowd. Everyone was fed in short order..Excellant Delmonico's!!! Then we gave out lots of door prizes,at least 50 of them. I don't want to miss the sponsors of the gifts, but I want to mention just one..A USA Flag was one of them that was flown over The Arizona Memorial from Hawaii, I thought that was just an awesome door prize.
At 9am "Obie" showed up to do a show for the kiddies and parents, even the dads were part of the magic!!!
The Baker Family..."Birthday Bash 2010"

More Tricks for the kids ..............

Sorry, I just had to taste this breakfast!!!
The new TAC Coffee Mugs...get them from Ace

Ace & Frank making breakfast potatoes

Everyone is Hungry!!!

Deb Bebe is a great Griller!!! She also made the special bread for French Toast...Thanks Deb!!!

Sat. Breakfast is served..Eggs,Bacon,Salt Potatoes, Pancakes,Yogart and homemade bread for French Toast too. Plenty for everyone from 7-9am.

On Friday nite we had Antsy sing at the campfire, what a camping group sing along. This was more than I expected lasted for over an hour. We heard a lot of wacky songs..."I married Up" "Livin in Aluminium" "Right side of Dirt" "The Blah Blah song" if you want hear them click here .....Just listen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEaOHrzztuc&feature=related to the words,how true the lyrics are. well it's midnight zzzzz.
1st Annual Birthday Bash held in S. Plymouth, NY. on the Baker Farm
The Wagon Wheel is Set!!!

What a Beautiful sight from the Air...Pictures by Ace

This am started at 6:30, time to help with the breakfast crew. I was on the bacon crew,Deb Bebe made some to, then she made potatoes. Ace made eggs, Steve made pancakes, Frank did all the stations. I never saw a man so gung ho as Frank, he is a hard working man at all jobs in this Bash. People started coming at 7 am and continues till 9am.
Then we have a break till 10:45 am, when Ace rents a plane to fly over the field of airstreams. I suggest we have a human sign of "BASH" I get some help to layout rope/cords in the shape of "BASH" We decided to have everyone fill out the rope with the kids standing on the "H" , here comes Ace...smile look up!!! We wave and then breakup the name then gather in just a group. Then we disperse to our trailers for a plain field look. All the shots were "Fantasic" Ace landed a little while later with the biggest smile I ever saw..he kept saying what an awesome sight from the air. He went to town to get pictures printed,he got 3 different shots made up and sold them later for $3.00/each to recover the cost of plane and prints. Guess what ???? he sold out, he had to get more on sunday.

Then off to visit your neighbors, many are socializing all day. At 2 pm Doug Rowbottom gave a demo on dent pulling on an Airstream..wow..cool tool.
The happy hour started at 4-6 pm then off to a pot luck supper, do you know what 75 different dishes look like? All I know is we were stuffed. Back to the airstream, we are waiting for Antsy McCain to play at the fire pit. Great Airstream Folk Songs.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Green Pickle has arrived!!!
Rob Baker's Tow Vehicle....

The Bash Birthday T-Shirt...
More pictures to follow when I come home.

Custom T-Shirts for sale by Mike Depraida
How many Flamingos do you need

Here they come!!

The Parkers are ready....

Conserve water Please...We are boondocking!!
Here we are another day..50 some rigs today.Total 72 on site so far. We started parking at 8 am and worked till dark. A rig just came in at 10pm. Lots of kids,dogs and smilin'faces. So many friends so little time to meet and greet them all. We filled 3 wagon wheels and started 4 & 5 more to come tomorrow. Happy hour started at 4pm, so much food and snacks to try. A little rain never hurt anyone. Tonight the stars are out and full moon too!!
We are listening to the VAP.com and also are here being a part of it while they tape it live. More fun Tomorrow...
God Bless..AirstreamHobo & Carol and grandkids

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New friends are made everyday!!! Stanton Baker & Mason Ober
500 feet and no gas?? I finally Arrived!! Check out the tow vehicle

But Grandpa..How do I know when it is filled??? Look up Nicholas...(when the rain comes)

The Airstreamers Club ..Official T-Shirt!!!
June 23,2010... Here we are at the Birthday Bash, working hard as volunteers getting ready!!! We moved the tables and chairs to the tent area, the tent will arrive wed or thurs. The Iceman came with 500 bags of ice and a freezer. Ice for sale only $1.50/bag, gotta keep the drinks cold.
It rained on tuesday but everyone was parked for the day. A cool night to sleep ,now on wed it is 75-80* and airy too....Beautiful. The new kids made friends right away and are off swimming and playing games. We are even flying kites too..lost one too!! We are now filling the big tanks with water for the rest of the week.
Remember to arrive full of water and empty sewer tanks. There are about 20 rigs here now, Just a note...The guy that came only 500 feet ran out of gas pulling his trailer here??? I won't mention names but he lives on the farm!! Well I hope most of you are on the road by now heading for S. Plymouth NY. Drive safe and arrive Happy!!!
God Bless...AirstreamHobo & Carol

Monday, June 21, 2010

Steve Klohn has Arrived....
Frank the Amishman is working hard....

Where do I Park???

A Picnic under the Flying J ...Just watching the trucks coming and going..
June 21,2010 on the road to New York, The Birthday Bash

AirstreamHobo is on the road again!!! Yeah!!! This time Mom and me are traveling with 2 of our grandkids, Mason & Addy. We hit the road at 9am and arrived at South Plymouth,NY. at 3pm, total of 225 miles. We arrived to see Frank Yansen and Steve Klohn laying out the field. I parked at the side and started to help with the 2nd wagon wheel and then 3 &4 wheel was laid-out. A total of 87 flags were placed and ready for the gang coming this week.
Hot..Hot..Hot on the hill what a view of the valley, beautiful farm owned by Rob & Zoe Baker our Hosts. Ater we were all marked off, I picked a spot and parked for the week. We are level, awnings out, rug and chairs are placed. We have a beautiful view of the mountain side.
The Kids and Mom went to the Baker pool while Frank, Steve & I worked. After a taco salad supper the kids and I went to pool. Refreshing is an understatement...good..good..cool feeling. The Baker kids and us played water tag for a while, till we were all played out.
Now we are just sitting under the awning listening to the birds..crickets and some other unknown noises, awesome is the countryside. So Peaceful and noise free of the big city buzz, give me the farm anytime. Well the Birthday Bash will start in a few days with a few coming each day.

The official start day is thursday. 85 rigs are planned so far from 32 states, this is the greatest way to meet travelers from all over the USA and Canada. Well time to rest some more and enjoy the peaceful noise.Why don't you join us??
God Bless, AirstreamHobo and Carol and Mason and Addy.