Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Biggest Truck in Canada....

 The Titan is the Biggest Truck we ever saw ....
 Beautiful Canadian Rockies ....

 Mom looks so small....
I think this will tow the Airstream ?? Do I need sway bars ??

June 16th, we leave Waterton and head north toward Alaska. Stopping in Alberta for maps and folders of the area to see. We were told there was a big truck down the road to see..WOW... they were correct !! We then head up the road to Wasa provincial state park. Nice little park, only a few campers here. Time to Zzzz.  God Bless..... AirstreamHobo & Mom

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Waterton Glacier, Canada

 We made it to Waterton Glacier ...Beautiful !!

Here I am in front of the Price of Wales Hotel in Waterton.

  June 15, 2015 .. We left USA Glacier.. headed for the Canadian Border. We arrived at the Border and answered all questions correctly, he left us through. We continued along the roads following signs to Waterton. We arrived at the Visitor's center and gathered all the info about the area. We found the park downtown and signed in for full hookups..$38.00 Canadian. We used the credit card and found out it was only $31.00 US Funds.    We set up quickly and went for a drive around the area  We stopped at the Prince of Wales Hotel to walk through the lobby and check out the grounds. We will see more tomorrow. We are having a hard time downloading the blog so we will catch up when we can.
  God Bless Airstreamhobo and Mom

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Glacier National Park, MT. June 14th,2015

 What a sight!! Snow on the Mountains and it's 50* out...Brr
 We made it ...
The rivers and lakes are Beautiful ..

 June 14,2015   We drove about 100 miles today and arrived at Glacier Park. The campground is open at St. Marys, very few RV's are here. Too early in the season I guess. Only $11.50/nite with no hookups. Bad News the road is closed 1/2 mile north of the camp so we cannot drive on the Road to the Sun till June 19th. We will be gone by then. But we do drive up to Many Gacier for the day to see the old Hotel ...More later ... God Bless ...AirstreamHobo & Mom

Driving West on a lonely Road

 Stopped for gas and saw this school for Cowboys & Cowgirls....
See... Just a long road ..set the cruise and just steer ...

 June 13th,2015 we drive for 325 miles to Valier,MT. and find a city park for only $20/nite with electric. Again this park is on a lake and people love to fish and boat.   More Later ... God Bless AirstreamHobo & Mom

Fort Peck , MT. Army Corp of Engineers

 Beautiful nature walk around the campground
 Wide Spacious sites..only $10/nite with electric
Fort Peck Dam & Lake Park

  June 6, 2015 ... We leave Roosevelt NP and head north thru North Dakota to Rt 2 west into Montana covering 180 miles today. We passed alot of Gas Fields along the way. We saw lots of camper camps set up for the workers that are here. Big trucks hauling everything you can think of. Lots of new highway construction too.
    We find an Army Corp of Engineers park called Fort Peck Dam & Lake, one of the Largest earthen dams ever made. The campsites are very spacious and most campers have boats with them. We even saw fifth wheels towing the boats behind them ....very long rig ? Cost was $10/nite we got the last space since it is Friday. Everyone boats and fishes around here.
    We drive up to the breast of the dam and see the Big Lake created by the Dam. Tomorrow we  go into the Museum/ Nature Building for the history of the Dam.
    We don't have a strong enough WiFi to down load pictures yet. But we will later I hope. God Bless...AirstreamHobo & Mom

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

 There were Plenty of Buffalo in the park..lots of calves too
 Trees were artwork too .....

 Buffalo on the move
 The Sign at the Entrance .... Senior Pass used again .. free entrance and camping at half price only $7.00   
One of thge overlooks in the park...

A Little store in the middle of nowhere...

 Just a one room store with a deli and gas ....
 Parked out back ...
Yes ... my sneakers were clean !!

June 11, 2015, We leave the Playgound Campground...no more episodes..Whew .  We continue north on Rt 85. We stop at this little store in the middle of nowhere. It is a one person operation. There was a campgound in the rear filled with campers and horse trailers. We talked to the people inside that were on a Trail Ride for Organ Transplants as a public awareness. Riding 20 miles each day.
   Mom and I ordered a BLT sandwich with coffee and ice tea. I also put some gas in the truck buying $30.00 worth. This was the highest fuel so far $3.06/gal. Most of the time we have paying about $2.69/gal.
    We continue North on Rt 85 into North Dakota... We stop at Roosevelt National Park at the north unit.. Cost is $7.00/nite .. no Hookups.
We are a short distance from the river, walking about 50 feet to the river. What a view !!!
 This place reminded me of the Badlands...Beautiful Scenery
These rocks overshadow the Airstream ....
     God Bless..... AirstreamHobo & Mom

 Here we are at a School Playground Campground
June 10, 2015... We arrived at Belle Fourche, S.D. at and old school that was turned into a campground in the playground. Looks a little rough... we'll see. Only $16/nite with water/elec..
        I ask if it was peaceful around here? Wendell said for the most part ? Well after supper we were in the Airstream when Carol heard yelling. Next a Police Car pulled up and the officer got out to talk to a neighbor across the street, then another Police car showed up with 2 officers as back up. They talked to both parties for an 1/2 hour then they left....
        Here they come again !!! They talked again and settled them down.. I think the neighbor was yelling profanities across the street to some one in a camper (look like a full timer ). I was waiting for the film crew to show up just like Cops !! The rest of the night was peaceful ... Good Night Zzzzzzz  God Bless AirstreamHobo and Mom 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June 10,2015 Wall Drug, SD.

 Mom loves older Skinner Cowboys !!
 This is as close as we get to Mt. Rushmore
 Here I get my ride on a Jackalope Rabbit
 Drive all day for a Free Cup of Ice Water !!
Here it is .... Wall Drug Store on Main St. in Wall, SD.

June 10, .. We leave Mitchell at 9 am today still heading West on Rt 90. 4 hours later we arrive in Wall, SD. for the ultimate Tourist Trap ?? This place is pretty cool and gives travelers a place to stop and unwind from driving. The main store has the strip of many smaller stores as front design but as soon as you pick a door you are in one big room with walls dividing the different items for sale.
      We saw signs for Free Ice Water all along Rt 90 for over a 100 miles. You see the cup we get and refills are free too! Coffee is only 5 cents a cup too. I got a free bumper sticker too.
     We walked around for an hour looking at all the things. I found cowboy boots for $500.00.... Mom said NO !! Out back of main store there is lots more to see plus many photo opportunities to smile. There is a light rain falling but feels good and cools down the Hot Day.
   We continue on Rt 90 West thru Sturgis, yes where the motorcycles gather during the 1st week of August. We go north on Rt 85 to find a Passport America Campground in Belle Fouche,SD. The rate was $16/water & electric .... Tired we stop here for the night, drove 350 miles today. That's enough for us old people? 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Meeting the 2nd VP in Mitchell,SD.

 We met the Girards.. He is the 2nd VP of WBCCI on his way to International...in New Mexico ...

 Jan & Richard ....
 In their 75 Airstream ....
Love their License Plate ....

RETIRED ??? Wished I was ... I am too busy to retire ...?

This is a cool plate ... I need one ...maybe I will look for one when we get to Alaska !!

 Yes there is a truck inside the store .....
 Pick a light for your rig... I love the Flag LED's

 Order a custom made shirt or cap here ...

 Our camp spot for the night
June 6,2015 We are driving through Iowa on Rt 80 and come to the, Walcott exit 284  home of the World's largest Truck Stop. Parking for over 900 trucks here. The building has a very large parts selections for trucks,lots of chrome to dress up your truck. Laundry, Dentist office, showers, restaurants,coffee shop, t-shirt factory, barber shop, it is a city all in one building. We spend the night over in front of the Truck Museum along the grass. Surprising it is very quiet here, the trucks just coast by our spot. There all kinds of trucks passing thru this lot all day long.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Day #2 at Bug Fest (Fun Fest )

June 6, 2015 , Saturday .. I walked around the field this am to see what came in today. I also went to the “My Garage Museum “ to see Yager’s collection of Corvettes ...Wow .. wait till you see them.. They have a Corvette Fest in Sept also. 2-5,000 Corvettes show up for this event. Well I posted more pictures I hope I don’t bore you ..Enjoy .. https://picasaweb.google.com/AirstreamHobo/BugFest2?authkey=Gv1sRgCL-9r4bE9trLxQE#
              God Bless... AirstreamHobo & Mom