Thursday, June 25, 2015

Waterton Glacier, Canada

 We made it to Waterton Glacier ...Beautiful !!

Here I am in front of the Price of Wales Hotel in Waterton.

  June 15, 2015 .. We left USA Glacier.. headed for the Canadian Border. We arrived at the Border and answered all questions correctly, he left us through. We continued along the roads following signs to Waterton. We arrived at the Visitor's center and gathered all the info about the area. We found the park downtown and signed in for full hookups..$38.00 Canadian. We used the credit card and found out it was only $31.00 US Funds.    We set up quickly and went for a drive around the area  We stopped at the Prince of Wales Hotel to walk through the lobby and check out the grounds. We will see more tomorrow. We are having a hard time downloading the blog so we will catch up when we can.
  God Bless Airstreamhobo and Mom

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