Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Here are some of the Rally Field Parking at Region 2 Rally. We all had electric and daisy chain water hook-up. We dumped when we left. We had a beautiful week temp was in 70-80* all week , no humidity and a gentle breeze all the time. Carol and I did a lot of personal car tours of the area. There were brochures for everyone to follow, Thank God for GPS , it took you right to the front door of all the places.
Each day there was a continental breakfast( coffee,breads, donuts, cereal, bagels, fresh fruits, orange & apple juice.) No lunch necessary!!
We would drive all over , what a beautiful area , no litter and very clean. We went to the Naval museum in Buffalo down by the waterfront. This was 2 ships and a submarine to tour. Very interesting. The sub was very confining, my Airstream had more room? The buildings in downtown Buffalo were very bold..odd.and big!! I just kept driving around down town...beautiful!!
We went to the Falls ( in Niagara, in case you didn't know where?). They were awesome ...tourists everywhere, we even exchanged cameras with strangers and took each others picture to prove we were here.
We saw the Erie Canal Locks and took the time to see them operate.
We also went to the Merry-go-Round Museum to see an old Merry go Round in operation, but it was closed the day I went...shucks..... Our other members did see it the day before open and took several rides on it.
Each night the Region activities had a Door prize drawing for all and a show for all to enjoy. We also had a campfire in the back field for us Campers to sit and Chat... Thanks Leo!!! he got the wood!!! I even won a stool made by a fellow New Jersey Member. 2 nights we had a catered Dinner...WOW...Best Meal ever served at a Region Rally. The Caterers were
so quick and efficent all were feed in less than 20 minutes ...250 people thru a line is unbelievable?? Then show..... then dessert afterwards.
I must say this was an enjoyable Rally, we had a lot of first timers here and I believe they had a good time also.
There was a place outside the fairgrounds called "Reids" They had $1.00 Hamburgers, Red Hots (Dogs), and Milk Shakes, you could feed a family of 4 for less than $10.00. They were always full when we drove past, It reminded me of how McDonalds got started, but this place has been in business over 40 years. A Local Favorite!!
We left tuesday at 7 am and drove home...arriving at 3 pm 325 miles...I am tired time for a Nap!! Rallys are so Tiring???? But GOOOOD!!! Check out my albums for some pictures?????http://picasaweb.google.com/AirstreamHobo/Region2Rally#
Till next time ...God Bless...AirstreamHobo & Carol

The Erie Canal is in LockPort with the Locks operating each day with tours. It was fun watching the rise of the boats thru each lock bringing the boat up to each level. The Locks filled up with water 25 feet high or low as needed to move on! More Pictures....
Niagara Falls... Nature's Wonder!!! Thousands of Gallons flow over these falls everyday. This was also a Photographers' Paradise. Carol & I spent several hours here taking in the sights. There is lots to see and observe, I love watching people looking at the Falls. People are riding the "Maid of the Mist", walking under the falls, and just looking over the rails. More pictures.....

This is just a taste of photos that I stopped to take along the back roads to Watkins Glen. The road was an All American of America's Beauty. I stopped several times to snap the beauty. You can see more on the albums. Open your eyes and you will see the beauty of old and new.
Ok...OK...Don't Pee in the Pool!!! Here I am having fun in the Pool. This is the first day on the Caravan, what a Hot Day, Time to relax and cool off!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Here I am with Carol following the Jacobs & the Buchers headed for Lock Port NY. for the Region 2 Rally. We meet Jacobs & Buchers for a beautiful drive on Rt 15 north to New York. We stop at Campbell, NY for the night. We arrive around 2 pm and set up. Time for a late lunch, then a nap. We find out the pool is open and very inviting!!! Joan jumps in first and Lou & I follow a few minutes later. The water is Luke Warm/cold...Brrr Brr. but after a while it is refreshing, it is almost 90* here so the cool water feels good.
Later Carol and I head for Watkins Glen..26 miles away. I see many old barns ...awesome picture shots are needed , so I stop along the way and snap..snap... then into Watkins Glen for a short drive around town,down to the waterfront for Bird shots ...the sea gulls are friendly. Then a stop for Chicken at Mr. Chicken Great supper. Then the return trip ...more pictures of barns and others... We are leaving here at 8:30 am for the last leg of the trip tomorrow morning, only about 120 miles to the Region 2 Rally Field. About 125 Airstreamers are expected.
Till then...God Bless.... AirstreamHobo & Carol

Monday, May 11, 2009

Ma Make-A-Wish Clowns at Mothers' Day Convoy 2009

It's Saturday night before Mother's Day, Carol And I load up the Airstream with bare essentials to head for the Annual Mothers Day Convoy for Make-a-Wish. We arrive at the lot at Burle Industries where tomorrow early am <4-6> Trucks will fill this lot. We arrive at 11 pm and head for bed after setting up.

I awake at 5 am to the sweet noise of them Diesel Trucks sneaking in the back entrance of Burle. The food tent is even up and serving coffee & breakfast items. The Convoy committee is setting up all the stands for the crowd thats coming!!! It sure is a beautiful morning 60-70* today is the weather forcast. Truckers are parking,polishing,putting banners on their trucks and registering for the Wish Child to ride with them today...a 27 mile Convoy from Lancaster thru Ephrata and back to Burle.

There are games for kids & adults also.. bounce castle, dunk tanks, face painting, Music on stage , Clowns everywhere!!, Food>>>you name it it's here..French Fries..Hamburgers..Pork sandwiches, Chicken Bar-B-Que,Turkey Hill Ice Cream...Etc. It is nice to see Wish Families here and enjoying time with the kids...Grand Parents Too...

At Noon we have a moment of Silence for those Wish Kids that have left us this past year..6 of them..There is 180 Stars on the Wish Truck in their memory for the past 20 years.

Then there is a BIG GROUP picture of the Clowns...45 of them this year!! Lots of color in this shot. Then It's Time!!!! Line up the Clowns to head out on the Highway...we have 7 vans full of Clowns, we even have a Looooong Limo to carry some clowns. It's 1:30 , Time to start The World's Largest Convoy of Trucks.

We travel 27 miles passing people sitting along the highway..on the bridges, in their front yards, porches, back of pick-ups, sitting in the high grass on the banks, there are people everywhere.... It takes us over 1 hour to reach Ephrata, they are waiting for Us ..Trucks & Clowns & even a few Fire Trucks ( I counted at least 20), We are a Loud bunch of Kids...over 100 Wish Kids also rode in the truck cabs blowing those AIR HORNS!!! and SIRENS!! The convoy lasted over 3 hours, I know we brought SMILES to the Wish kids, but we also saw thousands of Smiles along the Route! The Clowns collected $$$$$ along the route with Buckets & Stickers for everyone.....

Thank-You to All who donated!!! This all goes to making Wishes come True...Well this ends our 20th Convoy and is a Memory in my Heart forever. Just Check out my Photo Album and you will see those Thousand Smiles!!!!!!!!!!! Carol and I arrive home by 7 pm and crashed to bed by 9pm ( I ain't as young as I used to be 20 years ago, Just young in HEART!!!) God Bless......AirstreamHobo.... Obie & Carol