Friday, February 25, 2011

A local Hot Dog Stand.."Mustard's Last Stand!!"
Warning....Don't Speed thru this neighborhood!!! Look what they do to clowns!!

Feb 25, Friday, Today was laundry day then a drive downtown Melbourne to the Historical District...beautiful area. We stopped at "Mustard Last Stand" for a quick lunch..Chicago foot long Hot Dog/fries/drink.This was a cute little stand with signs and stuff all over the walls. Many different dog fixins' the place was busy with locals.

Back to Land Yacht for a rest. We decided to have a get together for Central Penn Unit Members here. Each brought their own supper for a long "Happy Hour" now it is dark and zzzz God Bless..AirstreamHobo & Carol

This is the Space Shuttle going up!! (This is not my picture but one from the Flickr albums)
Here are the people on the pier waiting for the launch........My Shots..

There she goes!

Feb 24,2011..Thursday...We waited 6 hours for the Last Space Shuttle Discovery to launch. We were at Titusville(at 10am) along the water sitting on the pier to watch it..Liftoff at 4:50 pm.. then a 4 1/2 hour traffic jam. They said it was a 50 mile backup from here to Orlando. People just abandoned their cars along the highway and walked to the shoreline to see it. This was an awesome view..just a long time to get out of here. Stop and crawl traffic even on Rt 95 backed up for 20 miles. The morning paper said there were 200,000 cars on the highway after the shuttle take off(I believe them!!) Yes!! I would do it again!!

This is "Fred's Garage" in the Florida Flywheelers 290 acre complex. Many old buildings in the village area. Just filled with old things we used as a kid. Very Cool! These guys loved to collect anything, it was here to see!
Here is an old Gulf Station as seen in the 50's, I loved the old original signs everywhere.

This was a musical truck from Dallastown,Pa. great to talk to him. This piece was priceless. We saw alot of vehicles here from long ago.
Feb 22,tues, Doug and I went to the Florida Flywheelers annual Meet in Fort Meade, Fl. This was a 290 acre field turned into a gathering place for old farm & tractor collectors to meet. There were at least 12 airstreams scattered all over that they camped in. Some never get towed again. One guy said he lives here once a year and then goes home. Tires were flat and cement blocks sunk into the ground permantley!!
There were 290 acres filled with anything old. I really like the village, garages,church,post office, tractor dealers,old shacks,truck display dealer and tractors galore. We walked all day from 10-4pm my legs say Go Home!! This was a photographers much art for the photos, I took over a few hundred shots and loved every item. I even met a man with a 3 ton hit & miss engine that had all kinds of running belts ending at an little old pencil I got a new sharp pencil as a gift..Billed as the worlds' largest pencil sharpener.
We saw groups of tractors(by models) together for show and bragging rights. This show opens wed with a parade each day and Thousands of people here. We went the perfect crowds and could see everything up close. They even rent golf carts here for $90/day and there were 100's of them for rent. They also have people movers, old tactor wagons with seats for rides. They say 50,000 show up each day for the weekend. Tired....back to the women at the airstream, another Great Day!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

We are Leaving ...Time to Dump...

Feb.20, Sunday, Well it's over..What a week..Fun, Sun, & New Friends, we have moved off our spot and moved to the other side for an extra night. We still have elec/water, what a day to relax, the Airstream & Van are very dusty. Time for a bath for both, wow they still shine and are clean for a while. Now a time for a recap.. We arrived last sat and camped in the bull elec/water but free!!!!!!
Sunday, Feb 13, we moved to our pernament space and set up. Then reported back to the gate to sign in new arrivals from 2-4 pm. We met the rest of the committee and had a short training meeting...Let's Go!
On Monday(Feb 14..Happy Valentines Day), we reported at 8 am till 10 am at the gate..only 2 airstreams arrived but after 10am they started coming(we were off duty) JoAnn/Felix & Mom & I went to a local resturant (Dutch Heritage) for a buffet lunch. This was a Mennonite Cooking Style Food at it's finest! Just like eating back home in Lancaster County, the waitress said she was from Sugarcreek, Ohio. Home Cookin' umm umm good!! Back to the fairground to register, get our rally ribbons and programs for the week.
Tuesday(Feb 15), we had the day free till 2 pm then back to the gate to register airstreamers...Do you know how much fun it is to meet new people from all over the USA ?? We saw new rigs and well used rigs come thru the gate all week. It was interesting to see the travel stickers from caravan's they had traveled on..on their back windows of the airstream. I met a few full timers and also women towing by themselves..Go Girl!! These people are so full of "Adventure" and have traveled everywhere in North America. The field is filling up, over 300 have arrived..time for FUN!! Off to the vendors to buy "Gadgets" to make airstreaming easy & fun. Tonight is opening ceremonies & announcements for the coming week. There are many seminars to do this week, mark your booklets so you don't miss any!
Wednesday(Feb 16), We had a new "Fantastic Fan" installed today in the living area, while he was here he checked over the fan in the rear bedroom and found circuit board burned out, he replace it and also put an updated knob on the charge for any of this update/service. If you need a fan for your rig,"Fantastic Fan" is the Best and stand behind their product 100%..Thanks Jim Wood.
Then off we go for a drive along the west coast to South Venice Beach, what a beautiful drive past all the beach houses<>. we stop at the Venice Park Pier at Sharky's Den on the pier for a look. The food looked great so we waited 20 minutes for a table, looking to see the sunset later. We ate a delicious sandwich special and waited for the sunset. We walked the pier, talking to the fishermen & women too! The birds were very tame, looking for food. I started taking pictures and saw a beautiful sunset from the beach & pier. Back to the Rally for nightly entertainment.
Thursday(Feb 17), Today I hung out at the vendors and chatted then walked the rally field looking for that special photo shot. Camping World installed a new antenna on the rig this afternoon, poor guys..the hottest day to be on an aluminum roof. Only took an hour and they did a great job too. Tonight the entertainment was a lady that sang and acted (she changed wigs often) like many singing stars..Cher..Dolly..Tammy..Liza.. Petula..and many more....a standing ovation is well deserved!!! Free Ice Cream each night after the entertainment.
Friday(Feb 18) Since wednesday, we had free coffee and donuts for room service to the rig, you had to pick it up in person. Today we had a meeting with President Norm Beu on the club business, many new ideas were brought up and discussed. The Larry Huttle from Airstream Inc. talked about new Airstream Products and how the company is performing. Did you know 70% of new airstreams are bought thru the internet quotes? There was a new Airstream Display on the grounds for all to see.
Mom and I went downtown to see the waterfront and find the Kissing Sailor/Nurse Statue. Many were also taking pictures of them, over 40 feet tall and something to see. Downtown Sarasota has a great area to see while there, many Art Studios and open air resturants along the streets, very crowded. There was a craft show in town for the weekend.
Saturday(Feb 19) Time for a flea market for all airstream stuff (Hobbies & leftover parts) the room had over 40 tables set up..opens at 9 am..Bargains Galore!! At 1pm The Vintage Airstreams had an open house...Great to see all those old revitalized airstreams come alive with love and care in remodeling features. It took mom and I over 2 hours too see and tour all them. One even had a barber shop set up and taking donations for the food bank. Haircuts in the open air! Tonight we had a roast beef dinner for all.. over 700 people served in a 1/2 hour..4 serving lines..Great job volunteers!! Then Entertainment tonight, an Irish singer enjoyed by all. Door Prizes were a hit too.
Sunday(Feb 20). Church service at 9 am for all. The Offering collected was over $500.00 and given to a local charity. Some had already left early as this was the last day. They had 4 lines for sewer dumping..quick and easy for all. We then moved over to new site.... Well that's a recap, We had a Great Time at the 38th Florida State Rally. See you at the next Rally!!! All this for $185.00/week....Buy an Airstream and Come Along, you won't be dissapointed!!!
God Bless.. AirstreamHobo & Carol

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Little house??

Lets play Volley Ball...

Everyone watches the beautifulSunset.........

A View of the Rally....Sarasota,Fl.
Rows & Rows of Airstreams

Pack'm In!!
Feb 14, Mon..Today Mom & I are at the gate from 8-10am to register airstreamers. Relax the rest of the & greet old friends.
Feb 15,Tues, We have gate duty from 2-4pm, lots of airstreamers arrive. We process them then off to the parkers to park. There are over 321 rigs here. We ordered a new Fantasic Fan for the airstream. He will install it on wed at noon. He also will check out the rear fan to repair it.
Feb 16, Wed, after the fan is installed we head for South Venice beach. Lots of beautiful homes along the coast. We eat at Sharky's Cafe on the pier. Delicious chicken sandwich and fries. We then stayed for the sunset...BEAUTIFUL!!!
Feb 17, Thurs. We had the new antenna installed today. We also had a happy hour supper with Sanders, Sollenbergers, Olshefskis,Buchers, & Obers.

God Bless..AirstreamHobo & Carol

Monday, February 14, 2011

What a Sunset!!
Red Sky is Awesome!!!
37 miles to go, we arrive in Sarasota at 3pm and park in the bull pen for the night with about 75 rigs are here. No hookups overnight, they will park all of us in the morning. You should see the beautiful sunset(see the pics)Wow!
Feb 13, Sunday, we wake up , make a Spam/eggs/potatoes for breakfast..Then we wait our turn to park..11:30 we park, Buchers, Olshefski & Obers together. We get water/electric very shortly. We are working the gate of incoming Airstreamers between 2-4 pm with Buchers. We handle about 20 rigs, collecting passes and $$$ from those registrating today.
Tonight we have a Hot Dog Dinner, they were foot long with Bake Beans, coleslaw, chips, and a drink. I Love Bake Beans!!! Ask Carol, she hears them all night long?? Tomorrow we report at 8am till 10am for the same job. We work 2 hours a day Sun, Mon & Tues. There are many volunteers helping to make this a sucessful Rally..more Later ZZZZZZZZ
God Bless..... AirstreamHobo and Carol

Thessa & Carmon Shollenberger at their home in Sun City, FL.

Feb 12, Sat., Time to pack up for Sarasota. The rig was grimmy from 1800 miles, so I decided to wash it before we leave..thats done, hitch up and round the park we go..saying good-bye to all and some last minute Huggs. Down Rt 75 we go 87 miles to drive today. I see Sun City Exit and decided to call an old friend from the club (they sold their Airstream),Carmon & Thessa Sollenberger..yes they are home. We stop for 15 minutes(when have I ever stop talking for 15 minutes?) Thessa invited us for lunch Too! Hot Dogs, Bake Beans, Apple Salad too! Yum, Yum, I gained 15 lbs this week!! Thanks Carmon & Thesssa for a great lunch and view overlooking your back yard and big waterpond..what a great place to live..Do you need a border?? I'll come back anytime. Carmon even gave me some parts to use on my trailer. After 2 hours..Hee Hee..we are on the road again. Aren't Airstream Friends GREAT!!
Beautiful Banquet Hall at Travelers Rest..

Then off to see others. Friday night Carol & I caught up on laundry and listened to the 50th Anniversary Party for residents, this was for 15 couples in the Park who are married 50 years...We salute You!! We were in the back of the room while the wash was running. We watched the Newly Wed Game live with 3 couples..Great Funny Answers!!
Bill & Carol Abbot on the porch of their home in Travelers Rest...

Feb 11, Friday, Today we visit all the Central Penn Members that live here for the winter. They were Klingers, Taylors, Abbots, Olshefskis, Magalskis. We also visited Stewart & Margaret Natoff (WDCU Members) We enjoyed visiting with all and catching up on the latest news, here and at home up north. Everyone wanted a tour of our new rig and we enjoyed showing it off.
Lunch was here ..Carol and Bill Abbot invited us for a light lunch?? Taco Soup, cole slaw, apple salad mix, and a fruit cup...Wow that was Light? Carol sure knows how to fill us up. They also gave us a tour of their new Park Model home..very..very..Nice! Just the right size for a winter home..Thanks Carol & Bill for a delightful lunch and visit.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Buzzards are glad to see me??
Happy Hour is for the Birds!!

It is cold here, we had to make a campfire tonight.

We arrived at Travelers Rest, Dade City,Fl. at 3pm.

Feb. 10, Thursday. Time to move on south...We packed up and had everything ready for hookup. First we wanted to see if the Manatees are in the river today. We walked out the long boardwalk thru the moss covered trees. Watching the black birds(?) fly overhead. We arrive at the end of the pier to flock of Buzzards on both sides of the rails, on the roof, down the steps to the dock, at least 50-75 of them. They are just waiting for food on the river.
Back to the camper, hookup & leave for Dade City. Following the highway south, I called 4 different state parks for a campsite?? Each time I met a "NO" sorry Full. One last call to Travelers Rest, they have 5 sites left and I am 50 miles away, first come first served, no reservations. The gas petal got more pressure to arrive quickly. We arrived at the park at 3pm, still 5 sites left. 120 miles today, 12 days on the road and 1,700 miles later we have arrived. We will stay here till sat am then off to Sarasota to help as a volunteer.
We got set up..full hookups, cable too and wi-fi. Beautiful park with over 600 spaces and golf course. After supper I went up to the social hall to play cards with the Central Penn Members that live here for the winter, great time and social time. ZZZZZZZ
God Bless ..AirstreamHobo & Carol

Love those Florida Oranges!!!
Here is DJ"s out door kitchen/Pavilion

Deer just passin' thru!! 11 of them

One Cool Outdoor Living Pavilion..
February 9, 2011 AirstreamHobo Travels...Manatee Springs, Fl

Feb 9, Wednesday, What is that bright light coming thru the skylight and windows?? Wow, they call it the Sun, 2 days in a row. Today the temps were in the 70's. We walked out the boardwalk along the springs to the docks to see the Manatees, we saw lots of Buzzards in the trees. We also saw Mullet fish jumping out of the water, also a few turtles swimming about, they would come up for air then dive down to the bottom. They were covered with moss on their shells. People told us they saw 2 manatees earlier, we missed them.
Off to town for propane, glad I checked around, one wanted $5.90/gal, Ace Hardware was $3.90/gallon. a difference of $16.00 to fill a 30 pound bottle. Ace got my business. We also stopped for a bag of oranges, what a colorful stand.
We stopped along the way back for firewood...this was cool.. this guy had an outside patio/pavilion as his living room. It had a hammock for a bed, the inside wall was all kitchen cabinets with stove/sink/refrigerator. along the ceiling he had pots and pans hanging ready for use. A campfire ring with chairs around and 2 hanging chains for pots and grill. He said he cooked alot of oysters and other fish food. He had all kinds of signs/tools/pictures hanging from the rafters. He said he lives out here all year. Then off to his cabinet shop, tons of wood and tools everywhere. He also had a 1951 Airstream in the yard for sale($1,500) It was covered in green mold and the interior was in great need of bathroom and no floor in the rear just framework. The whole place was fenced in with 2 dogs(friendly) covering the whole compound. This looked like a place from Robinson Cruiso..I really enjoyed talking to DJ, he seemed like a character that just makes a living and has fun in life collecting odd things. He said he gets most of the things free from remoldeling jobs he does. He does like to fish and has 2 boats to use. Cool Guy..Got the firewoodI almost forgot to pay him, he coughed and said $$$ Please and I paid him, then back to camp.
When we arrived at the airstream, there were 11 small deer walking thru the campsites, they were tame and just walked on thru. Time for steaks (no not deer) on the grill..yum, yum, Another boring day in the life of the Airstreamers.
God Bless..AirstreamHobo & Carol

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

HELP!! WE can not afford Florida Diesel Prices!!! Send more $$$$$$$$$$$
Check out the name of ship?? and one laying on the top of it???
Cheap Shutters ............

Look at Brother Flying..someday we can too!

Old fishing pier/building ..

Feb 7, Monday..It's still raining..I don't think we are in Florida???? We decided to go over the bridges to Apalachicola,Fl to see the old waterfront docks. The sun is trying to come out. There are alot of closed up and old buildings that are sort of neat to see, but business are no longer operating. I did take a few pictures..Birds, Buildings, Antiques, Bouys, and just alot of artsy things. The town has a waterfront look to it, the old stores are now gift shops and lots of old boat items antiques for sale. After a few hours back to the Airstream.
Feb 8, Whats this?? The sun is's warming up? That figures , we are leaving this island today to head south We leave around 11 am and take a drive down Rt 19 thru Perry then onto Chiefland to Manatee Springs State Park. Beautiful park in the wild trees. First thing we see is 4 deer crossing the road at the Ranger Station. We check in and head for site 36..a pullthru..Leveled , then hook up to electric...what no electric..back to the office, they can't fix it. So we move to site #98..I checked out the electric first..Yeah it works. Now I set up the rest while Mom makes supper...I am tired after a day of driving and setting up twice.. There are 2 other Airstreamers in the park, I talked to one from Alabama, they are going to Sarasota Too....ZZZZZZZZ
God Bless..AistreamHobo & Carol

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sand Dunes on St George Island
Looking over the bay...

Carol's favorite sign?

It's 5 o'clock some where!! Click on any of the pictures for full size...
February 7, 2011..AirstreamHobo Travels...St. George Island,Fl.

Here we are Monday am awaken by Rain again!! But the last few days were busy. We left my Cousin "Ginny" on friday am after a delightful thursday evening supper and catching up on news. The last time we saw her was when we at Perry Ga. in 2006.
By 8 am we are heading down the road to St. George Island. A beautiful place by the Gulf. The campground is 6 miles from town all by itself on the tip of the island east. We have water and electric hookups ($24/nite). We emptied the holding tanks before setting up camp. We are in a cozy spot of site #5 and can watch all incoming campers. We are surrounded by bushes for privacy. The camp is 2/3rds full and we see license plates from everywhere, New Mexico, Michigan,New York,Wisconsin,Maine,etc. We even saw 2 tents set up.Starting friday we are here 4 days till tues am. It is misty/cloudy all day friday &saturday..This is Florida?
Finally... Sunday(Feb 6) we see blue skies and puffy clouds. Mom and I go for a walk around the camp, it is nice and only 10 minute walk to the beach. We go over to the beach in town and walk and collect a few shells and I take pictures.
Today is Super Bowl Day!! We tried to set up the "Dish" but it doesn't work for anyone in camp. "Direct" does..I guess I will be switching soon!! After several attemps, we decided to go to town to a local "Sports Bar/Locals hangout" "Harry A's" to see the game. They put out a Free Buffet of Hot Dogs/Hamburgers/Chili/ Tacos/Melted Cheese & Stuffed Mushrooms. There are about 75 locals here enjoying the Super Bowl..they have TV's everywhere, one large screeen in the main dining room. Mom and I were in the side roomThe TV was right at our table. Our waiter was Tammi and a very good waitress. We ordered Cokes for drinks and thats all they charge us for. Of course I left her a "Big Tip" we watch the Packers & Steelers battle it out, I could tell we were in "Packer Territory" But us Steelers Fans yelled just as loud!! Great Game till the end..Yes the Packers won!! We were here from 6:30 till 10pm and had a great time. We even met a lady from Lancaster,Pa. ... Small world ain't it?
Back to camp. Here it is 9 am, monday and Raining & Thunder this time AGAIN!! I guess we will take lots of naps today. We are leaving here Tues am for the west coast down to Sarasota,Fl to the Airstream Florida State Rally. Mom and I are working registration, over 200 are expected.. I sure hope it warms up and sunny by next week!
More later in the week..God Bless AirstreamHobo and Carol

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Feb 4, Welcome to Sunny Florida!! Rain..Rain..Fog...Rain Maybe the sun will come out tomorrow??
Feb 3, Here is Cousin Ginny wanting to run away with the "Obers" to Florida..Sure come along!!
Here is my 3rd wife Ginny(Cousin) and 1st wife Carol.. They both Smile for Me!!

Feb 2,2011 Here we are at Dacia's House for free parking. Dacia is working 12 hour days, maybe someday she can caravan with us in her Airstream. Thanks Dacia & Mom for the 2 days in Chattannooga.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Trolley at the Train Museum
The View from the Mountain the Incline landing...

The Delta Queen docked Downtown

A Yellow Coke Truck?? It Looked like a 50's truck

Down by the waterfront ...
One building reflecking off another Glass building.......

Not a bad desk by the window office...right?

Old time Grill..50's look