Wednesday, February 2, 2011

An Art Fence of Sprockets and Cables
Signs to everywhere..............

A Brick Tractor...

The Chattannooga Choo Choo...

Feb 2, 2011 AirstreamHobo Travels ..Florida Bound

Wednesday, Feb 2, Relaxing this am..set up the rest of the trailer..Level & Jacks down.. After lunch, we head fo downtown Chattanooga.
What a beautiful downtown, lots of art, down by the waterfront cool walkways & the Delta Queen in dock. We searched for The Incline,(a cable car that climbs the hill) we found it, however it was closed for repairs till March 1st. We then drove to the top of the incline and what a breath taking view.
Then off to The Point, a National Park overlooking the city. We then followed the signs to " Rock City" Yes, it was open however it was cold and windy on the hill and only one car was there on tour. We decided not to do this attraction because of the long trails and "Cold!!" . We then continued down to the city to look aound at art objects and buildings. We found "The Chattanooga Train Museum" Again, we were the only visitors,wrong time of the season, I guess. Back to the Airstream to eat and relax, I guess we will leave tomorrow to head south to Florida.
God Bless...AirstreamHobo & Carol

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