Monday, February 14, 2011

What a Sunset!!
Red Sky is Awesome!!!
37 miles to go, we arrive in Sarasota at 3pm and park in the bull pen for the night with about 75 rigs are here. No hookups overnight, they will park all of us in the morning. You should see the beautiful sunset(see the pics)Wow!
Feb 13, Sunday, we wake up , make a Spam/eggs/potatoes for breakfast..Then we wait our turn to park..11:30 we park, Buchers, Olshefski & Obers together. We get water/electric very shortly. We are working the gate of incoming Airstreamers between 2-4 pm with Buchers. We handle about 20 rigs, collecting passes and $$$ from those registrating today.
Tonight we have a Hot Dog Dinner, they were foot long with Bake Beans, coleslaw, chips, and a drink. I Love Bake Beans!!! Ask Carol, she hears them all night long?? Tomorrow we report at 8am till 10am for the same job. We work 2 hours a day Sun, Mon & Tues. There are many volunteers helping to make this a sucessful Rally..more Later ZZZZZZZZ
God Bless..... AirstreamHobo and Carol

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