Sunday, February 23, 2014

Florida Flywheelers 2014

Friday, February21,  We hooked up and headed for The Florida Flywheelers get together. thousands of flea market spaces and also a little village of ages gone past. We were lucky to secure a site right in the middle of things, only a few steps from the food court. $25/nite for electric & water. $7/each for admission. By arriving after 4 pm Friday our admission was good for Saturday also. I took a few pictures , so look them over they will explain themselves. I believe this is the Biggest gathering of Golf carts in Florida. All styles and shapes, see the pictures. So enjoy, we did...


  God Bless AirstreamHobo & Mom  

Friday, February 14, 2014

Give Kids the World

We have been busy all week. Sometimes we Volunteer at GKTW and also see the sights around the area. We are at Thousand Trails again after one week at Great Oaks RV Park. This park was convenient to the rear of GKTW, within 5 minutes we were there to help. Now we are 20 miles away.

       I did various jobs.. help with Dinner, deliver pizza, deliver Chicken dinners,  play “Obie” too, I even worked the Welcome Hut at the entrance. That was fun meeting families coming in and directing them to the registration building. I could see the excitement on their faces for the week ahead.

       We were also treated to a Valentine Pancake Luncheon for the Volunteers, we had lunch of pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream. There was a Villa open for our tour of the make over done last 2 weeks. Beautiful in every detail. Here are some pictures from the past 2 weeks..enjoy..

     God Bless... Airstreamhobo and Mom

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

One night we stopped at the laundry in the campground.. Yes.. there are washers available. While waiting I talked to others in the room and met an interesting lady doing wash. She had many tubs of clothing to do. I ask if they were fulltimers? She said just over the winter because they were from Montana. They had a family of 12 kids but only 9 are with them now. Her stories were interesting and awesome in what they have done over the road. Here is their blog if you want to read about them...   They travel in a 42 foot toy hauler pulled by a Dodge Dually and she drives a 15 passenger van with kayaks on the roof. Full of adventure on the road. I started read their blog and scan their pictures This is the Best Home Schooling a child could get.. History.. Geography.. and many National Parks and states too... Read on !! I think you will enjoy this blog too.... God Bless Airstreamhobo & Mom

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Problems?? Did you click on below blog and try to get the pictures? If you didn't get the pictures go to the blog again and click on the link again, I may have spelled the link wrong. It is corrected now!
      Sorry..   God Bless... Airstreamhobo & Mom

Civil War Reenactment

   February 2, 2014 ... Here it is Sunday already, during the past week we have volunteered at GKTW doing different times. Delivery of Pizza, working breakfast and dinner at the Gingerbread house. We have met many new volunteers and learned many are here every week at the same time slot for years. A lot are snowbirds as well as residents nearby, Boy I wished I lived closer, I would be here each week for something.
    Well back to today Sunday , I drove up to Renninngers in Mt.Dora again to see a Civil War Reenactment show. The admission was only $6.00 but worth the show. I pitied the soldiers for wearing wool outfits. They were Hot..only in the 80’s today. After the show I walked around the flea market and found more weird stuff...
   Here are some pictures to enjoy...
   God Bless... Airstreamhobo & Mom