Friday, October 28, 2011

Watch Out!! For the Airstreamers!! That WDCU Unit had a Rally outside of Manheim this past weekend. Since it was only 4 miles away I decided to join them on thursday. Then on friday 3 of my grand kids joined me also. We had a funfilled weekend with pumpkins, hayride, trick or treating, also Installation of their 2012 officers. There were 29 rigs present, Pa.,Va.,NH.,NJ., Md., Del.,NY.,Del. Ontario too. Some toured the area for Chocolate, shops,Amish Stores, and even the local RV Dealer for parts. A good time was had by All!!
On saturday night , they had Installation of officers followed by a great cooked meal made by a local resturant. We picked it up and had our own buffet line. There was so much extra food that we packed the extras and delivered it to Ruhl's Church(my church) . They repacked it after church sunday in take out meal boxes. They then took it out to needy families for them to enjoy. See Pictures of the weekend...

Friday, October 14, 2011

Here is a where we stayed in at the Ozarks, Mo. Cross Creek Campground, It had a long dirt road to get there, very dusty!! But the view from the airstream was worth it! The scenes from Rt. 54 were awesome colors as the trees here started to turn many colors. Here are some pictures..

Here are some pictures from the Balloon Grounds. The car show and some of the booths. Yes we are home now, I will post more pictures and blogs as I collect all my thoughts. It is time to clean up from the flood damage. Our boys have done a great job restoring the house. Now mom and I have to sort through all the items to put back or throw out!! Stuff ? Do we really need all this ?? See the pictures from the grounds.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Here are a few shots from the Balloon Rally. There are many many more! I will post later. We had such a great time here, 5 days is too short. It does last 9 days but our Rally was 5 days. The Airstreamers were so much fun to be with. Pot luck with 103 dishes was too much!! You didn't starve! That's for sure.
There were 103 Airstreams here from all over USA, we were the only ones from Penna. Enjoy the pictures.. It is so hard to pick from my main album to show you but this will cover most of it for now.. Balloons, Fireworks, there was even a car show.
God Bless AirstreamHobo and mom