Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Here is an old Drug store with oringnal displays made into an antique shop..fine woodwork
The best signs are made by hand?????

I love old doors..the colors are cool

Closed today but awesome to walk around the porch full of Junk...

Monday, August 30, 2010

Ok..here are a few of my wierd shots...Wooden Camper trailer
A mechanic fixing a transmission?

Just a few old bottles

Dancin' in the bushes...anyone you know??

Here is an old juke box...
I found a garage today that the owner collects old signs,coke things,juke boxes, pin ball and gas pumps..great collection in a working repair garage.

Old globes from old time gas pumps

More juke boxes, I spent an hour here today just looking...tons of old advertising items.

View from the top of Cannon Mountain Tram
Here we GO!!! Up Up Up

I am watching you!

That road sure is little.............

Mount Washington Hotel in New Hampshire
A shot from the golf course

Silver Cascade falls along Rt 302 north of Conway

Just a reflection on a pond in Somerville...
An old gas station turned into a antique paradise??

The Lobster pots are boiling and ready

A night shot of Penobscot & Fort Knox( right side) and boats in the harbor at Bucksport,Me.

This a pier of boats at Bar Harbor..what a scenic place
Boats at Belfast waterfront

Top of Cadillac Mountain, Acadia Park

One of many paths around Cadillac mountain..The View is worth Millions $$$$$$

Thursday, August 26, 2010

This is Thunder Hole in Arcadia Park. Everytime the waves come in, it sounds like thunder crackin'.
I found a hitch hiker while parked....

The shores at Sandy Beach, Arcadia Park

What a sight...swimmers were enjoying the waves and the beach.

Need a Bouy? Here is a fish house just loaded with them.
This is the view from Baileys' Point, beautiful water front.
This is Baileys Point Cove, where all the lobster boats come in. So peaceful setting.

Here I am with the Paddle...Ready to Go!! Where's the motor for the Kayak?
Can you believe this I actually got in one of these? Awesome experience..all for 20 bucks..2 1/2 hours of fun and training. The teachers were great. 3 students and 2 teachers, I was the teacher's pet? Back to the docks..ok, where's the GPS ? LL Bean also has Clay shooting, Fly Fishing, Archery Classes also only 20 bucks. They also have a half day kayak tour for 59.00. But that has 2 in a kayak. Many people were signing up for all of these classes.

We arrived at Freeport, Home of LL Bean, Parked in their lot for the night(free) ate, then toured the store,they are open 24 hours a day. Clothing and outdoor supplies galore. I see a sign for Kayak adventures and sign up for tues am paddle class. ...more later..

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nubble Point Light House
Overnight in Conn. Rest Stop..Trucks are everywhere, in the am I find a area for campers only..shucks..

It rained for 2 days all the way to Maine. The wind and white caps were the norm along the sea coast. The surfers loved it!!

What a Sight.... Almost blown off the rocks..very windy ..