Friday, July 31, 2009

There she Blows....Old Faithful !!!

July 30, Thursday, We go into West Yellowstone to see the town and walk around. There are painted Buffalo's all over town (37 I am told). We get a map and start looking for them. We stop at the Yellowstone Historical Museum to have a look. Interesting tibits of history, how train(Union Pacific) used to bring tourist to Yellowstone to hotels and camps set up all over the area. We even saw a documentary on the bad fire of 1988 and how it devestaded the area but they worked to save the Old Faithful Inn with thousands of fire fighters.

There are about 900 residents over the winter here, -57*... 300inches of snow..I don't think I want to be here!! The town is built to look like an old western town and has lots of gift shops and hotels now, there was one old general store"Eagles" that has been here 100 years.

Then back to the camp to rest, we are taking each day in small trips so we can enjoy the area a little at a time. We chat with neighbors and see where they are from. One was living in East Petersburg in the 80's to help start up the Kelloggs Plant for 12 years. One was a school teacher from South Carolina who comes here every summer to unwind!! She gave us some helpful local sights to see that are not on the maps for tourist. I have posted pictures on album of Yellowstone sights, I am sure you have seen most in National Geographic,but it is awesome to see in person. Enjoy!!

God Bless ...AirstreamHobo & Carol

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Here we are!! At Yellowstone...Beautiful Place..Read how we got here!!

July 27, Monday, Today it is raining off and on, the Tetons are covered on the tops by dark clouds. It is funny to drive thru rain then see sunlight again. We drive back up to the Jenny Lake and see some moose with calf (same one as yesterday). We then turn around to see the Teton Village. First stopping at the visitors station, saw a 1/2 hour film/documentary on the Tetons. Then walk around the displays...very well done.

The off to the village..past some people looking in the bushes and I stopped to see a young bull arrived at the village ..a big Resort riding trips etc. even a firehouse on the grounds. There was even more building going on all around. There was a tram built last year to go up the mountain for viewing the mountains...30 million to build(ouch) It was closed due to the rain. There are numerous ski slopes everywhere.

Then into town of Jackson Hole., we lookup a girl who lives here from Manheim and works at Betty Rock Cafe, sorry she is off mondays. we had a light lunch then walked around the shops. The sidewalks are wooden and the porch roofs covered the sidewalks just like the old west days. The gifts shops are on the pricey side but did have some nice things that everyone should have. We went into a western art and sculpture paintings jump out at you ... color and designs...only $12,000 to $40,000 each ( I should have bought one but my credit card is maxed out (grin). There was a sculpture of a stage coach with horses about 4 foot long, the manager said guess how much?? I was wrong..only $65,000.00 there was only 50 made and 30 have been sold so far. Then we saw a Gunfight on the for all...pass the hat for tips. Then we walked around the shops and took our picture infront of the Antler arches on the square..Thousands of antlers. I saw a Cowboy Bar and ask the doorman if I could peek inside, he said go on in!! The bar stools were Complete Saddles.. and the room was all deck out in The Old West. Awesome!! Then back to the camp..tomorrow is check out.

July 28,Tuesday, The Day from Hell!!! We were only 58 miles from Yellowstone, we left at 11 am up Rt 191. We first ran into construction 8 miles of dirt road, remember it rained yesterday..Muddy roads.. We had to stop and wait about 30 minutes for the other lane to pass. then it was our turn 10mph over and thru potholes and mud and bumps and dips..Then we arrived at the Yellowstone South entrance..golden acess..or pay $25.00 for a 7 day pass. We entered and drove pass many beautiful sights..Buffalo again. We got to all the campgrounds and found them to be FULL!!!

We went out the west gate to West Yellowstone. We found the camps to be full also, then we saw a sign for another down this dirt road..6 miles of washboard rumble strips. 5 mph even tossed our drinks out of the cupholders.#$%^**&^^%#@#. The dust storm behinds us was covering the van/airstream. I found if I drove 30mph the bumps smoothed out..still there but more calm? We arrived and they had a site for us..$38.00 a nite water/electric. I am tired and not yet irritable but close!!!!! Carol starts supper and we calm down..what was supposed to be 58 miles turned into 225 miles of searching. You should see the Airstream & Van ..Covered in a pile of dust..Also the big mirrow on the wall fell off and onto the kitchen floor. Guess what? , it didn't break..yeah..yeah, No Bad Luck!!!

July 29,Wednesday, A much better day!! We leave early to return to a camp "Bakers' Hole" that we liked yesterday. We found "one" site available with electric...I took it and parked then registered. $14.00 & 6.00/electric= $20.00 but Golden Acess is 1/2 remember?? So We pay $7.00 & 6.00/electric =$13.00/ paid for 8 nites..$104.00. We are in the pines..65* and cool with electric. I also have slow wi-fi and cell phone service. So this is our Base Camp for 8 days and we will enter Yellowstone each day to tour the sights.

We enter Yellowstone again, the road scenery is beautiful,we see elk,buffalo, even an Eagle in it's nest. Traffic slows down everytime there is something to see, so we keep our eyes peeled. We pass many geysers along the way, it is something that the thermal water just bubbles and blasts out of the ground. Some are big and small, each have a name for them and some have walkways to tour the geyserholes. We get to Old Faithful Inn and go in ...Wow!! All logs ain the lobby with a 3 story high ceiling and balcony all around. Also a big fireplace/with 4 openings on each side. And a fire is going in one of them. We then go outside to see Old Faithful at work..soon time..we wait about 15 minutes..There She Blows!! Awesome sight of steam high in the air. Then back to camp.ZZZZZZ

Check out more pictures added to Tetons
God Bless...AirstreamHobo & Carol

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Grand Tetons of Wyoming

July 24,Friday, Time to leave Cheyenne, off we go on Rt 80 west..winding up and down hills..did I say hills, I meant Mountains!!! Every hill top gave us a view into the future highway way out there as to where we are going. We traveled to Rt 191 north and folowed that for a long way to Pinedale,Wy. along the Wind River Range of mountains to a nice little campground facing the spectacular view of the range. The owner said they were still 75 miles north of us. Today was 353 miles, time for a rest.

After supper we just rested watching the traffic..not much but some. There was an osprey nest at the end of the our row high on a pole. She was feeding her young and did not like me walking around the nest taking pictures.
Next morning we did the weekly laundry here at the camp..all new machines and nice laundry room. I got to talk to one of the fulltimers here, he works on the gas line that construction is building here. He seemed to like it but it does take him away from his family.

We finally pull out at noon an head for Jackson Hole..about 80 miles from here. Long lonely highways ..speed limit is 75mph you believe that we saw a state trooper pulled over a speeder??? Come on... it's 75 mph how fast do you need to go??

We arrive about 4pm at Gros Ventre campground ..they have a few spots open, we go in and pick a spot then sign in ..then park..the other 4 camps in Grand Tetons are full, so we are lucky!! No hook-ups, with Golden Acess we stay for $9.50/nite, we decide to stay till tues ..3 nites. The sites are nice , we are in the second row and can see the Tetons from our site. I fire up the generator to fully charge my generator after 8pm. zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Yesterday, the lady(Ranger) at the office gave us a map for a great drive today, so we left at 11am for an awesome drive around a loop for 73 miles with pull offs for sightseeing the huge Tetons & wildlife. We see buffalo again tie up traffic,then off to the Mormon Row of village barns (abandon) for a great view against the all I can say!! Then we arrive at Jackson Lake Lodge for lunch. Buffalo Burgers are on the menu, so we order them. Carol says do you think we saw this buffalo when he was alive(grin). The lodge has a Big Bay Picture window wall looking at the Tetons..WOW again..

After lunch we head on down to Jenny Lake...another great every turn in this scenic drive just demands more stops for pictures. The it starts to rain a little...we come across alot of people standing along the road watching...a mother Moose and calf the Tetons look awesome with storm clouds all around the I won't tell you how many shots I took today..but it was plenty!!! Back to camp..will go back tomorrow for more of the drive. I did see 4 airstreams today without ### on them. Now it's raining and into the sun it looks like snow coming down. I can smell fire pits burning all over and people are still standing around..the rain stopped. zzzzzzzzzzzz Photos......

God Bless..AirstreamHobo & Carol

Friday, July 24, 2009

July 23, Thursday, After eating breakfast, we head downtown for the Big Cheyenne Frontier Days Parade. We find parking one block from where we want to sit..Free...some were charging $4.00 to park in their lots, but there was plenty of space on the side streets. We find a spot on the curb to sit on the shade side of the street. It is getting Hot today..high in the 90's. I walk around because we have time before it starts. I take pictures around town of the cowboys, trucks, buildings,etc. I find a bootmaker and he shows me his finished product, a beautiful red,white boot..$1,800.00 Wow...He said it lasts a lifetime(I hope So!). Then another cowboy sells me a chance on a Winchester Rifle...What am I going to do with it..I never owned a gun. Oh well I just made a donation.

Now the parade begins... Lots of drawn wagons of the old west...antique cars..clowns..can can girls, firetrucks, Local & State government officals..even the Governor is here. The wagons were beautiful. Lots of horse riders all decked out in silver outfits. There was even an old car saying "Cheyenne or Bust!!" on the side, that was my favorite. There was a float with military wives and kids with big pictures and signs with tribute to their dads serving in Irag. No dry eyes here!! Thye parade lasts an hour and 15 minutes with no gaps..very well done as a tribute to Cheyenne Days!!

Back to camp for lunch and a quick nap...then off to the rodeo..we see cowboys in action know the classes of competition..bull riding, bucking horses,calf roping, barrel racing, etc. That was a fast 3 hours , the stands were full of spectators, we had the shady and windy side,cool but hot sun. We then walked around the midway and had Sirlion tips dinner, it was made at one of those out door bar-b-que pits. It was very filling,tips,potatoes,onions, fried mushrooms,green beans...mmm good!

Then we walked over past the Chuck Wagon Displays..Looks like a Tailgate party from long ago? These people sure get into the western theme with out door cooking and baking competition. We then stop at the indian reservation to look at some crafts,then back to camp.I think the Heat is getting to both of us...still 90* here. Tomorrow we leave for Jackson Hole and the Tetons...till then ..
See my Album on Cheyenne Days...its a lot of photos
God Bless ....AirstreamHobo and Carol

The Air Force ThunderBirds

July 22, Wednesday, This am we catch a bus at the local mall as there is no cars allowed on the airport fields. The buses run very fast and there is hardly any waiting, we arrive within 10 minutes at the Air Show. We are stranded on the bus because the ThunderBirds are moving soon on the wanted to take pictures. They change their minds(security) and let us off, but must stay on the field before the security tent..we all said ...Yes Sir !!! and Thanks for letting us see off the bus!

The ThunderBirds then cross the runway in front of us and prepare for take off..WOW!! Awesome Power!! We then go thru security.. very quick .. the airport is filled with all kinds of Planes on Display and Flight show at noon. I am dissappointed though...the ThunderBird show is 3 miles away at the Local College(less houses we are told) But we see them form here and can easily see them in flight. Also we get to see them take off and land back here with much fanfare here. I am told later that we see a much better show here. There is so much on display here..Navy..Air Force..National Guard all have stands. There is custom motorcycle here & even a Big Monster Truck( Both by the Air Force). The food stands are plentiful and good prices too!! We had Papa Johns' pizza for lunch, with sodas. It is HOT here so we load up on sun screen and wear hats and drink plenty of water too!! Did I tell you this Air Show was all FREE??? Hey, don't blame me!! They did this because I am in town..Thanks Frontier Days Celebration for the Free Show!!

Noon time ...The Show begins with parachute jumps..smoke and flags..impressive!! Then the vintage planes and jets give us a show. I don't know all the makes, just know they are fine running planes!! The show lasts till 3:30 and we bus back to the mall within 30 minutes...see I told you it was fast... Culvers for afternnon supper then back to the airstream to relax..Retirement is hard on our old bodies. Tomorrow is a fullday too!! Stay tuned, we will fill you in then ...Fun..Fun...Fun.. is plannned!! Can't wait ...
God Bless AirstreamHobo & Carol
Indian Dances at Cheyenne Frontier Days .....

July 21, Tuesday, Rise and shine at 6:30 am Leave at 7:30 for Cheyenne. The parade starts at 9:30 and I would like to see it. Well we arrive at 9:30 and the parade has started, there is another one on thurs am. We went to the camp ground on the hook ups.. but close to everything. The charge is $25.00/nite and we can walk to the gate.

We walk over after setting up to see the sights. There is cowboys /girls everywhere. There is a western town strip mall(?)along the fence behind the Rodeo Arena, Shops are full of cowboy/western things, like a little flea market of crafts. We walk in and out of the shops and down at the end is an Indian Village setting. There is a free show about to start, the indains show us various dances and songs. After the 1/2 hour show they also have a craft row of indian things,pottery,jewelry,shirts,furs,and of course food stands. Then we have a Indian Taco Salad for dinner plate was enough for two of us...mmm.. good.

It is getting hot and the locals tellus to keep drinking liquids because of the higher altitudes and the heat. We walk over to the midway to see more craft/junk stands and lots of rides for the kiddies/teenagers too. We are tired so we walk back to the airstream to catch a nap. I set uo the honda.generator so we have electric, we may run it from 6am till 10pm each day. That will keep the batteries up for the nights. Tomorrow the Thunderbirds have an AirShow for free, they were practicing fly bye's today...Loud!! Tonite we will relax to get ready for tomorrow..Air Show and the Rodeo too. God Bless AirstreamHobo & Carol

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bison ...First..Remember That!!

July 20, Monday, Today we pack up to leave for Cheyene,WY. But first I stop in at the Fire House in the campground. They have the trucks out in the yard doing repairs to one of them. I talked to one of the fireman and he says he has been to Calif. and also Alabama. They get calls for forest fires all over the USA. The trucks are mostly brush trucks holding 3 men and go!! Now we are ready to leave, we turn right out of the camp go 1/2 block and stop at another camp. Why? I wanted to see and ask about their set-up. This is a Horse Camp, people bring their horsetrailer/camper to this area and camp with their horses and go riding on the trails around ..the owner said this is a fun camp once you get used to the Smell.

Now we are on our way...well.. we run into a herd of Bison 200 traffic is at a stand still.. we work our way thru after about an hour down time. We head for Custer,S.D. then east on Rt 16 then in New Castle we head south on Rt 85.. We pass thousands of acres of deadly forrest fire damage. What a shame the hills are so barren and will take decades to recover. When we turn on Rt 85 south the sign says "no services' for 81 miles, and they ain't lying. Just a long highway passing ranches of thousands of acres. Not many neighbors to fight with? We arrive in Lingle and turn right toward Laramie to a RV park, We arrive shortley after 3 for the night about 190 miles today...thats my limit.... This is a Passport America park,so 50% off our total is $14.99 for 30 amp/water. This is an old KOA and is an old park but nice about 30 rigs are here. Even free Wi-Fi too!! Tomorrow we are leaving at 7 am for Cheyene for the morning Parade at 9:30, I hope we make it..Cowboys,Indians, and the Wild West!!! Maybe I will take a few pictures..Make sure you catch up on my downloaded ....Any Comments???

God Bless..... AirstreamHobo & Carol

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Here is a Bison Road Hazard!!!Hundreds of them!!

July 18,Saturday, After hanging out around the camp this morning, we left at noon for the Custer Park Loop Drive. Carol packed a lunch and ice chest for a roadside picnic later. Driving down the road a short distance we entered the Park crossing many open rail bridges at the fences, I am told this is to keep the animals from leaving the areas. First thing we run into was a herd of mules & their colts.They used to be pack mules for hikers. They walked right out in front of us looking for food. They even poked their heads into the window and into a open

Then down the road we stop to enter the park, a $15.00 window sticker is required, good for a week. We follow the wildlife drive thru the park. Around the curve we see Bisons grazing in a park rest stop. Several are here, the ranger volunteer tells us we can stay on the water bridge but no further. He is carrying a bull whip to push them back if needed. We see them rubbing their back along side a tree..snorting loudly..grazing, feeding their calves, and just moving slowly across the park. The volunteer tells us he is from Alabama and comes here every year to volunteer in the park. He works 3 days and gets 4 days off, he loves it and it gets him out of the HOT south!! His wife works in the ranger info station.

We chat with 2 Motorcycle travelers, they are going to Sturgis,S.D. for the biker rally. They are from Illinois and make this trip each year. They tell us to go down the road and there is a herd of Bison, at least 200 strong. Off we go...WOW... there they are . Traffic is tied up both ways. The Bison are all over the road are hanging out the windows to take pictures. It takes us at least 45 minutes to get thru the traffic jam. Then off to the grand open prarie winding roads up and down tru the Beautiful!!! We even see Antelope again!! The prarie drive is nice but a little boring if you don't see animals.

Then we arrive at the beginning of Needles Highway, what a difference, winding thru pine trees then into rock formations. Every turn out has a new look, we pull off at some and click,click. I take a picture of a couple from Wilkes Barre,Pa. what do you know they have an Airstream motorhome and pull a motorcycle trailer for touring. At the next turn out people are looking UP!! Way up the needles rocks are rock climbers yelling at each other instructions, we count 5 on the sides of the rocks. We even get out the binocculars to see them close...thats not for me?? Too High!! Then thru some more rock tunnels, I don't know how the motorhomes get thru, they must suck it in..mirrors and all. It was tight for the van. Then we arrive at the Needle Rock, lots of people taking pictures...Darn Tourists!! Everyone must have a digital camera because we all take numerous shots. The Needles Highway is one beautiful drive , but take your time ,lots of curves and outlooks . 20 miles takes us 3 hours to cover.

After a brief rest at the camp, we leave again for the night light show at Mt.Rushmore. More curves up and down and switch backs 1/2 hour to do 7 miles. We arrive to lots of people already sitting in the stone arena(at the base of Mt.Rushmore) with a stage down front. We are greeted by a Ranger with a 10 minute quiz then a history lesson then a 20 minute movie which ends with all of us singing "The National Anthem". Then the Ranger asks that all Veterans come down to the stage. At least 100 come down, a small boy even carries a big picture of his daddy(who is in Irag) onto the stage. We all clapped for the Veterans...Then the Ranger takes his microphone to each and everyone for them to say their name and branch of service, what an awesome Tribute to All Veterans....Standing Ovation to All....

Back to Camp..zzzz...morning comes..Sunday already..We have to move our site is reserved. So we pack up the airstream,electric and water hose thrown on the back bumper. I pull out to the left ..stop...back up past 3 spaces and into the 4th...#45 down to #41..My shortest move yet?? I unhook and plug in electric,water, level the rig. Carol starts breakfast of sausage and eggs.. we move in less than 15 minutes... It is Hot here already at 9 am the Air is on!! Camping is rough ain't it? Well we will relax for the day then tomorrow tear down again and head for Cheyene, Wyoming..This week is Cheyene Days..Lots of Cowboys and parades....I love Parades ...Don't You? See Ya and God Bless...AirstreamHobo & Carol

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mt. Rushmore ...Awesome sight !!!!

July 17,Friday, Slept in till 9am, I needed that... went to the office to check in and get travel maps of the area. I missed it last night at 5pm one of the cabins caught fire and burned out, luckily all got out and the Fire trucks are housed in the campground. The owner told me that he contracts out to the National Forrest Parks to fight fires under contract on Federal land. The campground is full of campers, lots of motorcycles because of the Sturgis ,S.D. Rally in a week!! Some pull a tent trailer behind their looking rigs Too!!

We then leave at noon to go to Mt. Rushmore only 11 miles from the camp. The roads are very sharp curves and switch backs..7 miles of 300 curves they say. No campers should try these roads. We stop at overlooks and pull offs to see the sights and the 4 presidents on the rock. We arrive at the lot, $10.00/car pass good till the end of the year. You may enter as many times as you like with the pass. We have a Ranger Walk as he takes us along the Presidental pathway to explain the History of Mt.Rushmore. He was very good speaker and held the crowds attention. We made about 4 stops along the way getting closer to the heads on the rock. Many tibits were shared with us.

Back to camp for supper, afterwards we took a drive towards Custer's Park Loop. We saw antelope..yes they do play!! we saw them play with each other in the fields. We then came around the bend and there it was .... A Bison standing in my lane!! Just licking the water puddle in the road, then we saw several more up the bank. Down the road we saw hundreds grazing off in the pasture. We even saw a mother feeding her young calf,there was another nearby close , we think she might have had Twins. We then returned to camp because of darkness and did not want to hit any animals after dark. Tomorrow we will continue thru Custer Park...Till Then ..
I have 4 albums to down load, but the wi-fi is slow here so you will have to wait to see the pictures of the past 4 days!!!
.God Bless...AirstreamHobo & Carol

Here we are at the Badlands,S.D. Beautiful Drive thru the Park!!!

July 16, Thursday, We pull out of Mitchell,SD. for Mt Rushmore with reservations there tonite...300 miles to go. We see signs for 1880 Town, an old west town put together as a replica for all to see. We keep seeing signs for it and it look like a good stop at noon,so we pulled off the interstate.

Admission is reasonable only $9.00 each to enter. The first building is lots of old saddles, western outfits, old buck board wagons and lots of pictures. Then out into the yard, oops I mean street of dirt and old buildings on each side representing an old west town. We walked thru some old buildings then saw a comotion in front of the old hotel, 2 cowboys bothering the tourists mostly the kids. Having a good time we stopped and took in the short comedy show. These guys sure have fun picking on the crowd. We went in the old hotel for a look. There was an old bar room with bar and stage even a balcony to watch the show.

In the back room there was thousands of cowboy/ lady outfits even some for the kids to dress up. I thought it was for those old time picture get ups. But I was wrong...again... You can for only $5.00 yes I said $5.00 dress up as an old west cowboy/lady or kid...this outfit was pants,shirt,boots,guns,holster, cowboy hat...girls wore frilly dresses,some look like Laura Ingles from "Little house on the Praire" after a while the whole town was filled with Old West look alikes!!! This was Cool.. You get to act out your cowboy/girl fantasy for the whole day for 5 bucks!! That is a Deal!! I saw whole families dressed up, I ask one mother about it, she said they come here every year so the kids can dress up & Love It!!

We sat a table and ordered sasparilla bottle and watch the indoor stage show..same cowboys did this too. Boy could they sing and tell stories. We then continued on thru the town seeing..the homestead,church,one room school,fire house,blacksmith,jewelry store,bank,post office, salloon,store,train station, and the town boro hall. Great little town to bring back memories and dress the part too!! I should have dressed up as a cowboy, who knows Carol could have been Annie Oakley???

We finally left there at 4pm and headed for the Bad Lands 30 miles down the road...WOW!!! What a difference in flat land to the awesome towers of sand mounds and deep canyons everywhere. We took the 40 mile loop thru the park stopping every turn out to take pictures...This is COOL!! I loved the rocks and scenery, We even saw Mountain goats on a far cliff just standing there, there were 13 of them. They sure gathered a crowd of sightseers. You have to see this place ...bigger than life...What a act of Nature...Beautiful!!

Then we left the park and headed for Wall Drug Store for our free glass of Ice Water..big deal a 6oz. cup of ice/water. This town is a Glorified Dollar Store!!! But much higher prices. One big building on the inside but the street frontage was made to look like 10 stores in down town. I got my bumper sticker and water and left town, good place for a walk break but then hit the road.

It is getting dark and we still have 2 hour drive ahead of us. The horizon is beautiful with the red sunset. We finally arrive at the campground at 10pm. The road here was twisty and curvey thru the mountains ...15-20 mph was the top speed thru the hills. We got our site #45 on the door and headed for the site. The neighbor/from Calif. Dave, backed me in with a flashlight, he told Carol.. he couldn't believe I backed in one try, she said yes he can!! I was tired and hooked up the electric, left the van hooked up till morning. ZZZZZZZZZZZ
Good's 11pm here and I am Tired 330 miles today!!
God Bless..... AirstreamHobo & Carol

Friday, July 17, 2009

Here is the Great Corn Palace in Mitchell,S.D. Pictures are hard to down load here , more in a couple of days. I hope!! I got some great shots the past 2 days...Corn Palace, Wagon works, Badlands ,188o Old Town more about this later...gotta Mt.Rushmore got here last night AT MIDNIGHT..HIT THE SACK .. More later when I can!!... below is the Blog from Wednesday .. see ya ..

July 15,Wednesday, Another beautiful day 75-80* sunny, great day to see the sights. Off to the world famous Corn Palace in Mitchell,SD. We arrive to free parking and free admission,there are workers outside updating the design of corn on the building. We went inside to see pictures and murals of past years of the palace. This building is also a concert,gym, and all around entertainment facility. In the auditorium they have a gift shop with everything portable, so they can open all the floor area for concerts,etc. We saw a 15 minute film on the history and then a short tour in the arena telling us about all the murals(in Corn) on the walls and their design artists.

I found out there is a carriage maker 7 miles from town,that sounded like it was worth a trip to see. We arrived to a yard of old buck boards, all sorts of wagons of yesteryear. I went in the office to see if we can see the place. The owner said sure, he summond his daughter to give the tour. She showed us the shop where they make the spoke wheels from repair or made brand new. Also the work shop of woodworking, metal blacksmithing, and painting as well as upholstering of the seats. In the storage barn we saw old wagons waiting for restoring. There was even a sheep herder wagon ( Thats' how Wally Byam started), also beautiful Stage Coach (Wells Fargo), I didn't know that John Deere started as a wagon company, also Studebaker too. We had a great tour around the place of the Old West Products. The wagons were impressive and a work of Art!! I took some pictures.

We then headed back to town stopping at a tractor display for sale..picture time.. then onto a the Mitchell Lake Waterfall..beautiful waterfall over the wall. Then I got to see a Green Dino (Sinclair Gas), then a Jackalope. I even got to sit on the jackalope..Picture time... back to the airstream to relax. We are leaving tomorrow for Mt.Rushmore 300 miles away, I made reservations for 4 days there because of the weekend traffic of campgrounds filling up fast.I actually got the last space only because of a cancellation(whew).
God Bless...AirstreamHobo and Carol

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Warning!!! You have been SPAMMED!!!

July 13,Monday, Happy Birthday Riley (my grandson is 6 today!!!). We tried to leave by 8 am but pulled out of the drive at 8:30 from our Hosts,Bob & Heidi Manak, the past 4 days. They were great hosts for letting us stay in their driveway. On sat nite Carol and I took them to their favorite pasta resturant. We all ordered Lasagna..Tasty!!! Yum, Yum.. then afterwards , we went down the street to Kopps for ice cream custard. The place was packed!! Bob said this place is even busy during the cold winter months(great custard too!). Well time to say good-bye...

We are now offically west of the Mississippi River, We did stop at the rest stop there to eat a lunch on the picnic tables and watch the river flow. We covered 375 miles today and arrived at Myre Island State Park for the nite ..$27.00(ouch!!). They charge extra for out of state residents and also a daily park $22.00 & 5.00 pass. The park was nice but not many campers.

We leave at 10 am and head to The Spam Museum to read all about Hormel Foods maker of "Spam"...Very interesting Museum and lots of fun! Of course we dropped $$$$ at the gift shop. We then left at 1pm for South Dakota ..Mitchell, The Home of The Corn Palace. The Highway is level and smooth ,you can see for miles ahead of you ..speed limit is 70 in Minnesota and 75 in South Dakota. I drove at 60mph and everyone passed me but I was relaxed and also got GREAT Mileage averaging 12-14 mpg,which I think is great for towing a 29 footer. We arrived at R & R Campground right off RT 90. This is a Pass Port America Park, only $16.00/nite which includes 3point hook-up,cable,Wi Fi, swimming pool too. Beautiful campground, the hostess was such a sweet lady and helpful with local maps and attractions. We decided to stay 2 nights because of the past 2- 300 mile days(actually675 total) and we are tired and decide to kick back for an extra day. Check out the album for the past 2 days.
God Bless...AirstreamHobo & Carol

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Great Circus Parade .....2009

July 12,Sunday, Let me sum it up for the last 3 days...FABULIOUS!!! I was a little kid at the Circus!!
July 10,Friday, Carol and I went to the waterfront to see circus wagons. The field was full of them and also a circus was playing. I hung out taking snapshots of all the beautiful colors of wagons. We then sat around the waterfront watching the boats.

July 11, Sat, They were going to hitch up the wagons to the horses for a trial run around the field. It was fun watching them hitch them up with their pretty harnesses to the wagons. We then walked around the waterfront seeing all the sights.We spent 4 hours there today. We saw a wedding taking place in one of the buildings(very expensive $$$$$$$)

July 12,Sunday,Sunny and Beautiful!!! The day I been waiting for!!!! We arrived at 9:30 am down town looking for a spot to park and sit. We went to Water St. for a good spot, the garage there charged $10.00 for parking, since the van was a little high,the man left us park on the first floor. This made it easy to walk back for food & drinks when needed. The streets were lined with people on both sides. We took a place along the crosswalk when they close the street down. The sun was hot!!! Then the sun moved behind a building and we were cool. We waited 4 hours for the parade to begin. Believe me it was worth it, we just watch the sights and people hang out. When the streets closed ,the kids came out to the street with chalk and made circles and put their name in it. Some even laid down and traced their bodies too!! I ask why are they doing it? The Policeman told us it's tradition for the kids to do this and hope...Get This... They hope that a horse or elephant poops in their circle. This gives them Bragging Rights!! Hee..Hee.. What a great time we had...

Well it's 1:30 here come the Motorcycle Cops..the full width of the street lights and sirens on!! The Parade now Starts!!!! When the Color Guard comes ..all rise and applaud the ServiceMen & Ladies for their Service..Very Patriotic!!! Then Bands..Clowns..Wagons..Galore...come for the next 2 hours...Awesome Horse Teams from all over America come to pull these Wagons. Some wagons have ..a Giraffe..Lion..Yellow Tigers ..White Tigers..monkeys..Kangaroos and 2 groups of Elephants walking!! Just like the Old Circus Parades that used to parade our streets of yesteryear!!! The Parade ends with a full width of Street Machine Cleaners. Awesome Day...Thank You who ever put on this Parade!! I wasn't Disappointed!!! Look for my Pictures!!
Off to the West Tomorrow!!! ...Stay Tune...God Bless AirstreamHobo & Carol

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Great Circus Parade is Today................
Stay tuned , I am ready to go and stake out my parade spot..3 1/2 miles to choose from in downtown Milwaukee. Some chairs have been there for 3 days. The camera is ready and waiting for 1:30 start time. The wagons and horses were beautiful on saturday's practice drills. I am just waiting for the REAL PARADE!!! See ya Later....AirstreamHobo

Friday, July 10, 2009

July 8, Wednesday, Today we drove 50 miles to The House on the Rock. My GPS took me on back roads but short to there, beautiful drive, this state has great roads...NO POTHOLES...We arrived at noon but the complete ticket(3 buildings admissions). The House was first, all made of rocks and lots of rooms to see, very dark, maybe so you don't see the dust? Lots of carpet on floor,walls & ceiling. the ceilings were low so maybe this protected the tall visitors. We saw the infinity room with a hallway that points out way over the trees into a narrow hallway as you walk. When you get out to near the end, there is a window square on the floor to look straight down ,you are above the trees.( I looked for a little....)

Then the 2nd and 3rd buildings were collections of everything...and I mean everything...Butterflies,guns,dolls,doll houses,china,aviation,old cars, a town street of small stores decorated like wise..barber shop,fire house, snack bar, jewelry.Etc.. Then a room with a big whale with all things with water..ships, fish,naval items, Small & Big models of ships. Then a circus theme area,guns, etc, Just so many things to see. The best was the world's largest Merry go Round with almost 300 horse/figurines with 20,000 lights. Also thousands of Horses from merry go rounds. Hundreds of angels all over the ceiling just floating. Musical rooms everywhere, you recieved tokens when you bought your ticket to put in machines as you go along to see the mechanical instruments play....You have to see this place to believe the oddity of these collections. I did buy a book so I can review the history of this place. We finished the tour at 6pm ..6 hour tour all self guided...Carol and I am Tired...Head home and hit the sack.

July 9,Thursday. We needed to do laundry today, so we did it and then left at 1pm for Milwaukee to stay at courtesy parking at an airstream member's house. He gave me directions to his place. Bob & Heidi Manak were waiting for us to arrive. He directed me into his driveway along the house. Would you believe ...30 amp (did you know Michael Jackson Died?) and also wi-fi. We unhooked and talked a bit and Heidi made a Mexican Casserol for us to enjoy....WOW What HOSTS!! I didn't expected the Red Carpet!! After supper ,Bob showed me the way to downtown to the waterfront to see the circus area. I got info on tomorrow's activities and plan to return with camera in hand... Back to the Hosts...time for zzzzz.. See my Album ..I finally made updates...Circus..House on the Rocks...Rally Fun ..
God Bless ...AirstreamHobo & Carol

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July 7, Tuesday, Over to the circus museum again...Free Admission.... We wanted to see the Tiger show and the one ring circus again. Both were very good. There was a much bigger crowd today,but still less than 100. I got to do a first today!!! I help feed water to the elephants, they drink 40 gallons a day. The trainer left us water them, awesome...They sure suck it in!!! I was waiting for them to spray me with their trunk, but they didn't.

After the shows , we had lunch here again, hey it's GOOD!! Plus I didn't want to cook today!! We saw Joanne & Felix again, they slept in the museum parking lot overnight( free). We then went back to Devils Lake Camp but first stopped at the beach and took in the sights...Bikinis I say bikinis? I may be old but my eye sight still works. Now back to the then supper over the grill. There are lots of families here enjoying this fine park. Tomorrow we plan to see House on the Rock...Till Then....God Bless...AirstreamHobo & Carol

Loading the Wagons!!!
July 6, Monday, Todays plans are to go to the Baraboo Circus Museum, we arrive shortly after 9 am. Carol stays in the museum, I walk fast over to the back visitors allowed? But the workers all had a red shirt on, guess what color I had on? Red ...Too! So no one said anything while I took pictures. The men were pulling wagons onto flat bed trailers for shipment to The Great Circus Parade in Milwaukee this sunday. You bet I will be There!! The men were using a Cat Bulldozer to move the wagons, the operator sure knew what he was doing. He pushed them all on in short order. There were 10 wagons to go of 72 by thursday.

I then went back to Carol, to see the museum. Carol saw a clown put on make-up ( when is the last time she saw that?) . We then went to a childs circus show, the guest kids were the stars of the fun fun. Then back to the museum to see posters from long ago. Around the corner peeked Joanne Olshefski and Felix, they had just arrived. So we went to all the shows together and had lunch too.

There is something planned every hour here, circus show, tiger show, elephant rides after the show, wagon history stories(most of the museum hall was empty of the wagons because of the parade). The volunteers here are most gracious and know alot of circus history. Lunch was good here too, unless you ate Cotton Candy and Popcorn before lunch. The shows were Top Quality!! The whole day admission was only $14.95/adults and we got return tickets for tomorrow too. We missed some today so we will return to see the rest and buy some circus posters. Maybe a trick or two for the grandkids too.

The day was Beautiful!! 75-80* sunny and blue skies. Back to the camper for supper and rest. I did manage to snap over 600 pictures too!!! Wanna see Them??? On the way home we saw the trucking company with all the circus wagons in their lot waiting to leave tomorrow, I pulled in to take a few more pictures(grin) The Colors are Bright.
**** Sorry no pictures for a while till I get faster e-mail service ...just stories for now!!!

God Bless....AirstreamHobo & Carol

Monday, July 6, 2009

July5, Sunday, Do you know what it is like to have the electric turned off at 6am?? Well I do , as you see I wear a C-Pap machine for sleeping, it covers my nose and forces air into my nose. So when the electric went off...umph...umph...the mask was pulled off, so I could breathe!!!! Now thats an Alarm clock I hate! Before long the water and electric committee men were dismantling the whole support structure for the rally...cut all the water lines...roll up all electric cords, pickup all junction boxes & wires, then a U-Haul came around and picked up all the water PVC pipes.

I started to repack the van in an orderly fashion, look like a hurricane hit it the last 3 weeks. Rolled up all hoses and electric cord, crank up the feet,put away the porch carpet, load the bike...then Carol made me breakfast of ham bits/cheese and eggs...break is over shortly and back to clean up and load everything. Today we leave at noon for Baraboo to the Circus Museum.

We head for Devils Lake State Park. After 45-50 miles we arrive...ut-o?? The traffic into the park is long, I hope we get a spot? There are alot of camp spots open, the traffic was backed up because of day picnic families...The beach/lake front is full. We are assigned spot #49 with electric and nearby water. Only $22.00 a nite we are staying till thursday.Note: Our Acess Golden Pass for National Parks is good here for free admission, otherwise it could have been $35.00(year pass) extra charge. We find our nice sunny spot..plenty of room. WOW!! What a difference from the past 3 weeks. Airstreamers are Quiet but we park in the middle of tents..tent campers and numerous families sharing campsites. Kids everywhere, I remember those days...screamin'kids, playing kids, bikes,games,campfires,eating outside the camper,everyone chatting...I hear English and French around us. Everyone is having a Grand Time!!! Me Too!!

We have time to go into Baraboo to see the Circus Museum, I find it with ease. We check out the hours and rates. We decide since it is 4pm and they close at 6pm that we will come back tomorrow for a full day. We see many sights from the fence and check out the gift shop...I am in HEAVEN!!! Clowns everywhere in pictures and posters. This is going to be a great week ...Museum and Big Circus Wagon Parade next Sunday. I can hardly wait. We then drive downtown to see this cute little town,the town square is gorgess(?), I stop to take pictures of this small town,even a Ringling Theatre is remodeled to the old days...Beautiful! I find a key on the roadway and find the Police Dept to return it. I hope it finds it's owner ,it was marked "do not remake" and I found it in front of the bank...maybe a safe deposit box key? Well thats my Good Deed of the Day!! Back to camp for supper and relax....
God Bless AirstreamHobo & Carol

Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4th Flea Market

July 3, friday, today I had more classes on being Unit President, Some were enlightening others were boring. I did learn alot !!! At 1pm I got a hair cut right under the awning by Joanne...Now I feel better... cool hair do!!! Then off to a fulltimers seminar. They had a panel discussion of 6 people who are fulltimers to answer questions. Interesting for all, More people are doing fulltime in their airstreams today. It is cheaper than living in a real house/apt. but.. you have to learn to discard all yor Stuff!!!

Time to do that laundry bit again..ugh! Then supper on the grill. Tonight the new officers took their oath of office. They take office on July 5, day after the closing of the rally. It was nice to see them parade in and then have a recieving line after wards.

July 4, saturday, Happy 4th to all... This am at 8 am the doors opened to the flea market for all airstreamers...lots of bargains and (junk) but I did see lots of things leave the place.
I did find a slinky holder for my sewer hose when hooked-up at a campground. It holds the hose up and slope down to the fill hole. Also 2 shirts were my purchase today. Then back to the airstream for a noon picnic, Joanne O. got all the food and prepared it for our unit...Meatballs, potato salad, etc. off with a Klondike Bar, what a treat!!! Thanks Joanne!!

At 4pm the rally had a July 4th parade in the coliseum. Alot of units participated with the Bee look....See the pictures....

Tonight was the closing with a Jazz Music Show..Awesome music...Then the offical closing of the Rally!! Tomorrow this place will be a ghost town. We will be hanging around this week to see the Great Circus Parade in Milwaukee on sunday, over 75 circus wagons will be on parade, I can't Wait!!!

This Rally has been a Blast, Our Unit had a good time VOLUNTEERING the past 3 weeks, we sure fun in between our'market, and of course eating out!! See you Down the Road!!! Comments Please
God Bless...AirstreamHobo & Carol

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Joanne Olshefski knitted 50 hats for the "Warm Hats" for the needy. You can see there were 2191 hats and 236 blankets made and donated to the needy...Thanks to all Members that made this possible!!!

July 2,Thursday, I went to 2 classes today on Membership and Unit Presidents forum. It was an interesting class given by good instructors with ideas and question period, I learned alot. Then back to the rig for lunch and a short break.

At 1pm the hobby show was on display, there were lots of hobbys on show. Blankets,carvings,model airstream maker,knitting,painting, models, quilts etc. Audrey Landvater of our unit won 2nd place for her Doilies that she made. Now thats' nerve wrecking to sew(?)crochet(?) them...Congratulations Audrey!!!

At 2pm I attended a Full Timers Seminar given by Jim & Debbie Cooke. They have been on the road 3 years so far and gave all some insight as what they have learned. People wanted to know how to handle, bills,mail,insurance, taxes, license for rigs and themselves, and just other thing that come up. These people do not have a home and live strickly in their Airstreams full-time. Some do mission work, church camps, live in the warm all year...north and south. You can also be a host in a national/state park to save up expenses while living on the road. It was an informative 2 hour lecture. Many questions were fielded by numerous airstreamers. The biggest fault most people make is thinking they are on vacation and rush all over the USA to see everything. One lady "Hunter" said she travels less than 100 miles a day limit when going somewhere, once she moved 7 miles.

At 5pm we needed to make a Wal-Mart run for goodies..then off to a Chinese Buffet...then back to the Coliseum for "Talent on Parade" Members of WBCCI put on their stuff...lots of great talent, musical players,singers,dancers,storytellers, just a fun night of Talent...Thank-You contestants!!! You were GREAT!!!

Just a Personal Note: Each year the kids of members collect "cents for the needy" This year a young man from the Madison Area had luekemia and was in remission, but his dental needs were damaged by the treatments. The family didn't have the money for repairs $6,000.00. The kids raised closed to $9,000.00 for the family....Ain't that GREAT??? Thank you kids for doing your community service this year!!! A Standing Ovation was Made and the Family was well shaken by the generosity of this years' Rally' People...GooseBumps from all... There are over 900 rigs now!!! Look at fun pictures

God Bless AirstreamHobo & Carol

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It is reported that we now have 898 Rigs here, the sign needs to be changed....

July1,Wednesday, Today is the Photo Contest, I sign up at 8 am with my 15 pictures to show. There are 113 photographers and almost 600 entries. Tough job for Judges, there are so many great pictures entered. I am glad I didn't have to judge them. At 1pm they open the hall for viewing and the winners are posted with Ribbons. Sorry to say none of mine had a ribbon, but thats OK!!! I saw alot of great shots from all the photographers, well maybe next time.

I also went to a Membership training seminar, here we shared Ideas on how to keep members and get new ones. I heard a lot of good ideas that I will try to get new members. Those of you out there that don't have an Airstream yet....What are YOU waiting for?? Look at the FUN I am having the past 3 weeks .... These people sure have a heart to Travel.....Join Us Today!!!

While I was viewing the pictures, Carol stopped in to donate Blood to the Red Cross here in the Hall. That took about an hour, she said it took longer to fill out paperwork/questionare than to give blood. At 3pm I could retrieve my pictures, so I went and took them down.

At 4:30 "Hunter" of the Famous Yahoo Airstream List (internet airstream forum) had a happy hour. About 25-30 people showed up with snacks and a good gift of Gab!! We talked for over an hour then Hunter brought out supper of Pasta,Sausage and Bake Beans...Great supper. Then she brought out a box of Cupcakes with little plastic rings on them, the women all love the little rings and modeled them for us....Beats Diamonds any day!! (wait till you see these pictures!!!)

At 7 pm I went to the Colleseum for the evening show put on by Canada Day , their group from Canada sang folk songs and told jokes..Hee Hee... After the show some headed over to the Hall for a Disc-Jockey of Music. Lots of Dancing going on now!!!

Oh, By the way..The temperature has dropped 30* here ...It is cold, I had to put blue jeans on & wear a jacket shirt. Last night it was 50* We sure slept good. During the day it is around 65-70* Really it feels good not to have a heat wave. But it is a windy day, the flags look great blowing in the wind.
ZZZZZZZZZZ... Time for Bed!!!
God Bless......AirstreamHobo & Carol