Friday, July 17, 2009

Here is the Great Corn Palace in Mitchell,S.D. Pictures are hard to down load here , more in a couple of days. I hope!! I got some great shots the past 2 days...Corn Palace, Wagon works, Badlands ,188o Old Town more about this later...gotta Mt.Rushmore got here last night AT MIDNIGHT..HIT THE SACK .. More later when I can!!... below is the Blog from Wednesday .. see ya ..

July 15,Wednesday, Another beautiful day 75-80* sunny, great day to see the sights. Off to the world famous Corn Palace in Mitchell,SD. We arrive to free parking and free admission,there are workers outside updating the design of corn on the building. We went inside to see pictures and murals of past years of the palace. This building is also a concert,gym, and all around entertainment facility. In the auditorium they have a gift shop with everything portable, so they can open all the floor area for concerts,etc. We saw a 15 minute film on the history and then a short tour in the arena telling us about all the murals(in Corn) on the walls and their design artists.

I found out there is a carriage maker 7 miles from town,that sounded like it was worth a trip to see. We arrived to a yard of old buck boards, all sorts of wagons of yesteryear. I went in the office to see if we can see the place. The owner said sure, he summond his daughter to give the tour. She showed us the shop where they make the spoke wheels from repair or made brand new. Also the work shop of woodworking, metal blacksmithing, and painting as well as upholstering of the seats. In the storage barn we saw old wagons waiting for restoring. There was even a sheep herder wagon ( Thats' how Wally Byam started), also beautiful Stage Coach (Wells Fargo), I didn't know that John Deere started as a wagon company, also Studebaker too. We had a great tour around the place of the Old West Products. The wagons were impressive and a work of Art!! I took some pictures.

We then headed back to town stopping at a tractor display for sale..picture time.. then onto a the Mitchell Lake Waterfall..beautiful waterfall over the wall. Then I got to see a Green Dino (Sinclair Gas), then a Jackalope. I even got to sit on the jackalope..Picture time... back to the airstream to relax. We are leaving tomorrow for Mt.Rushmore 300 miles away, I made reservations for 4 days there because of the weekend traffic of campgrounds filling up fast.I actually got the last space only because of a cancellation(whew).
God Bless...AirstreamHobo and Carol

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