Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July 7, Tuesday, Over to the circus museum again...Free Admission.... We wanted to see the Tiger show and the one ring circus again. Both were very good. There was a much bigger crowd today,but still less than 100. I got to do a first today!!! I help feed water to the elephants, they drink 40 gallons a day. The trainer left us water them, awesome...They sure suck it in!!! I was waiting for them to spray me with their trunk, but they didn't.

After the shows , we had lunch here again, hey it's GOOD!! Plus I didn't want to cook today!! We saw Joanne & Felix again, they slept in the museum parking lot overnight( free). We then went back to Devils Lake Camp but first stopped at the beach and took in the sights...Bikinis I say bikinis? I may be old but my eye sight still works. Now back to the then supper over the grill. There are lots of families here enjoying this fine park. Tomorrow we plan to see House on the Rock...Till Then....God Bless...AirstreamHobo & Carol

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  1. How come no photos of the bikinis? My eyes work too ya know....