Thursday, July 30, 2009

Here we are!! At Yellowstone...Beautiful Place..Read how we got here!!

July 27, Monday, Today it is raining off and on, the Tetons are covered on the tops by dark clouds. It is funny to drive thru rain then see sunlight again. We drive back up to the Jenny Lake and see some moose with calf (same one as yesterday). We then turn around to see the Teton Village. First stopping at the visitors station, saw a 1/2 hour film/documentary on the Tetons. Then walk around the displays...very well done.

The off to the village..past some people looking in the bushes and I stopped to see a young bull arrived at the village ..a big Resort riding trips etc. even a firehouse on the grounds. There was even more building going on all around. There was a tram built last year to go up the mountain for viewing the mountains...30 million to build(ouch) It was closed due to the rain. There are numerous ski slopes everywhere.

Then into town of Jackson Hole., we lookup a girl who lives here from Manheim and works at Betty Rock Cafe, sorry she is off mondays. we had a light lunch then walked around the shops. The sidewalks are wooden and the porch roofs covered the sidewalks just like the old west days. The gifts shops are on the pricey side but did have some nice things that everyone should have. We went into a western art and sculpture paintings jump out at you ... color and designs...only $12,000 to $40,000 each ( I should have bought one but my credit card is maxed out (grin). There was a sculpture of a stage coach with horses about 4 foot long, the manager said guess how much?? I was wrong..only $65,000.00 there was only 50 made and 30 have been sold so far. Then we saw a Gunfight on the for all...pass the hat for tips. Then we walked around the shops and took our picture infront of the Antler arches on the square..Thousands of antlers. I saw a Cowboy Bar and ask the doorman if I could peek inside, he said go on in!! The bar stools were Complete Saddles.. and the room was all deck out in The Old West. Awesome!! Then back to the camp..tomorrow is check out.

July 28,Tuesday, The Day from Hell!!! We were only 58 miles from Yellowstone, we left at 11 am up Rt 191. We first ran into construction 8 miles of dirt road, remember it rained yesterday..Muddy roads.. We had to stop and wait about 30 minutes for the other lane to pass. then it was our turn 10mph over and thru potholes and mud and bumps and dips..Then we arrived at the Yellowstone South entrance..golden acess..or pay $25.00 for a 7 day pass. We entered and drove pass many beautiful sights..Buffalo again. We got to all the campgrounds and found them to be FULL!!!

We went out the west gate to West Yellowstone. We found the camps to be full also, then we saw a sign for another down this dirt road..6 miles of washboard rumble strips. 5 mph even tossed our drinks out of the cupholders.#$%^**&^^%#@#. The dust storm behinds us was covering the van/airstream. I found if I drove 30mph the bumps smoothed out..still there but more calm? We arrived and they had a site for us..$38.00 a nite water/electric. I am tired and not yet irritable but close!!!!! Carol starts supper and we calm down..what was supposed to be 58 miles turned into 225 miles of searching. You should see the Airstream & Van ..Covered in a pile of dust..Also the big mirrow on the wall fell off and onto the kitchen floor. Guess what? , it didn't break..yeah..yeah, No Bad Luck!!!

July 29,Wednesday, A much better day!! We leave early to return to a camp "Bakers' Hole" that we liked yesterday. We found "one" site available with electric...I took it and parked then registered. $14.00 & 6.00/electric= $20.00 but Golden Acess is 1/2 remember?? So We pay $7.00 & 6.00/electric =$13.00/ paid for 8 nites..$104.00. We are in the pines..65* and cool with electric. I also have slow wi-fi and cell phone service. So this is our Base Camp for 8 days and we will enter Yellowstone each day to tour the sights.

We enter Yellowstone again, the road scenery is beautiful,we see elk,buffalo, even an Eagle in it's nest. Traffic slows down everytime there is something to see, so we keep our eyes peeled. We pass many geysers along the way, it is something that the thermal water just bubbles and blasts out of the ground. Some are big and small, each have a name for them and some have walkways to tour the geyserholes. We get to Old Faithful Inn and go in ...Wow!! All logs ain the lobby with a 3 story high ceiling and balcony all around. Also a big fireplace/with 4 openings on each side. And a fire is going in one of them. We then go outside to see Old Faithful at work..soon time..we wait about 15 minutes..There She Blows!! Awesome sight of steam high in the air. Then back to camp.ZZZZZZ

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God Bless...AirstreamHobo & Carol

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  1. Obie, there is a very nice campground just a half hour north on 191 called red cliff campgrounds. It is right on the Gallatin River. I drove past it a few times last week and was completely envious of the folks camping there.