Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Loading the Wagons!!!
July 6, Monday, Todays plans are to go to the Baraboo Circus Museum, we arrive shortly after 9 am. Carol stays in the museum, I walk fast over to the back visitors allowed? But the workers all had a red shirt on, guess what color I had on? Red ...Too! So no one said anything while I took pictures. The men were pulling wagons onto flat bed trailers for shipment to The Great Circus Parade in Milwaukee this sunday. You bet I will be There!! The men were using a Cat Bulldozer to move the wagons, the operator sure knew what he was doing. He pushed them all on in short order. There were 10 wagons to go of 72 by thursday.

I then went back to Carol, to see the museum. Carol saw a clown put on make-up ( when is the last time she saw that?) . We then went to a childs circus show, the guest kids were the stars of the fun fun. Then back to the museum to see posters from long ago. Around the corner peeked Joanne Olshefski and Felix, they had just arrived. So we went to all the shows together and had lunch too.

There is something planned every hour here, circus show, tiger show, elephant rides after the show, wagon history stories(most of the museum hall was empty of the wagons because of the parade). The volunteers here are most gracious and know alot of circus history. Lunch was good here too, unless you ate Cotton Candy and Popcorn before lunch. The shows were Top Quality!! The whole day admission was only $14.95/adults and we got return tickets for tomorrow too. We missed some today so we will return to see the rest and buy some circus posters. Maybe a trick or two for the grandkids too.

The day was Beautiful!! 75-80* sunny and blue skies. Back to the camper for supper and rest. I did manage to snap over 600 pictures too!!! Wanna see Them??? On the way home we saw the trucking company with all the circus wagons in their lot waiting to leave tomorrow, I pulled in to take a few more pictures(grin) The Colors are Bright.
**** Sorry no pictures for a while till I get faster e-mail service ...just stories for now!!!

God Bless....AirstreamHobo & Carol

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