Friday, July 10, 2009

July 8, Wednesday, Today we drove 50 miles to The House on the Rock. My GPS took me on back roads but short to there, beautiful drive, this state has great roads...NO POTHOLES...We arrived at noon but the complete ticket(3 buildings admissions). The House was first, all made of rocks and lots of rooms to see, very dark, maybe so you don't see the dust? Lots of carpet on floor,walls & ceiling. the ceilings were low so maybe this protected the tall visitors. We saw the infinity room with a hallway that points out way over the trees into a narrow hallway as you walk. When you get out to near the end, there is a window square on the floor to look straight down ,you are above the trees.( I looked for a little....)

Then the 2nd and 3rd buildings were collections of everything...and I mean everything...Butterflies,guns,dolls,doll houses,china,aviation,old cars, a town street of small stores decorated like wise..barber shop,fire house, snack bar, jewelry.Etc.. Then a room with a big whale with all things with water..ships, fish,naval items, Small & Big models of ships. Then a circus theme area,guns, etc, Just so many things to see. The best was the world's largest Merry go Round with almost 300 horse/figurines with 20,000 lights. Also thousands of Horses from merry go rounds. Hundreds of angels all over the ceiling just floating. Musical rooms everywhere, you recieved tokens when you bought your ticket to put in machines as you go along to see the mechanical instruments play....You have to see this place to believe the oddity of these collections. I did buy a book so I can review the history of this place. We finished the tour at 6pm ..6 hour tour all self guided...Carol and I am Tired...Head home and hit the sack.

July 9,Thursday. We needed to do laundry today, so we did it and then left at 1pm for Milwaukee to stay at courtesy parking at an airstream member's house. He gave me directions to his place. Bob & Heidi Manak were waiting for us to arrive. He directed me into his driveway along the house. Would you believe ...30 amp (did you know Michael Jackson Died?) and also wi-fi. We unhooked and talked a bit and Heidi made a Mexican Casserol for us to enjoy....WOW What HOSTS!! I didn't expected the Red Carpet!! After supper ,Bob showed me the way to downtown to the waterfront to see the circus area. I got info on tomorrow's activities and plan to return with camera in hand... Back to the Hosts...time for zzzzz.. See my Album ..I finally made updates...Circus..House on the Rocks...Rally Fun ..
God Bless ...AirstreamHobo & Carol

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