Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This is Street side of the 1991....
1991 Airstream Excella for sale.. Click on above to see a bigger picture. Carol and I have found a newer Airstream(what else?)So we have listed this one for sale on http://www.airforums.com/Classified . If you want more info contact me obclown@ptd.net and I will send you a complete list of specifications and more pictures inside and out. The Airstream is in good condition with many new things updated this year. We have enjoyed this trailer alot and we hope you will too!!

Here is another shot of the 1991 Airstream.....

Sunday, October 31, 2010

We left Skyline Drive on friday am and headed for a free nite(courtesy parking /airstream members only) at Paul Waddell's (Virginia, Paul, and Mary Kim) home. We got settled in and Carol made supper of Spagetti/meatballs and salad. Just relaxing and shootin' the breeze. Paul has a balloon trip on sat am ...I am getting up!!
One of Paul's Airstreams....

Paul didn't fly today because of high winds..but Bob did take off..we watch them lift off..

It is amazing what you see roaming the highways at 7am in Virginia....They don't bite? After returning home at Waddells, we packed up and left for Penna. arriving home at 4 pm..What a Week!!! 1,200 miles and beautiful leaves everywhere.... Now to practice my Banjo (hee..hee..)See you later...

Here are leaving the final end of Skyline drive.
One last peek at the leaves and valley.

I love Tunnels....creepy!!

Say good-bye to the coyote!!

Just a beautiful drive..........
Each tree has it's own personality!!!

They make a fine couple..

Deer everywhere at dusk and dawn Too!!!

Cabins at Skyland on Skyline Drive
Great View!!!

The hemlocks are just bare everywhere!!

Just some puddles in the rocks.

The sunset sky over Skyline Drive.
I love plain dead trees..they have cool branches???

Just the right framework to a beautiful skyline and valley.

Even rocks frame the valley.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Here it is wed,Oct 27, We arrived at Skyline Drive,Va. The leaves are in full color and it is beautiful all along the drive. We decided to stay on the drive for 3 days and camp at Big Meadows and drive from there for one day excursions.
The rocks are a great back drop for the mountains.

Here is the turn off for the camp. we are in site 104 for 2 nights. Boon docking only..which means ..no electric..No water..No Sewer. But I have a tank full of water and an empty sewer tank and I also have a generator for recharging the batteries. We have a nice site along the road and can see everyone coming and leaving. I run the generator about 2 hours a day to recharge..no running after 9pm. But thats OK, our batteries carry us thru till morning. Carol and I play 500 Rummy each night till 9/10 pm. I won 5 out of 6 games(hee hee). Carol makes a big breakfast in the morning..then off to tour the drive. We see deer along the way too. We saw a coyote when we were leaving friday am. I also saw a 9 point buck..wow he was a big one!!

Look at this view...forever and ever!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This was a Glass Works barn with all the trimmings around it.
More old barns...I Love Old Things..People Too!!(Hee Hee )

Just park it there over by the tree..I will rust away here!!

Country store in Check, Va. on Rt 221
This a door on the local Hardware Store in Floyd,Va.

Homemade bridge from the back road across the creek to their home....

An Antique Tractor and road grater in a front yard..way back in the sticks(woods).
This house is totaled air conditioned...I took over 200 pictures tha last 2 days of old barns and houses in the mountains of Virginia. I guess they don't have paint here, but the buildings make great art exhibits. I drove about 150 miles ..all back roads, on some I think I heard Banjos playing!!!

Most people had every truck and car they ever owned still in their yard.

Here is a farm house left abandon..what a shame, lots of farmland around this homestead.

They even have Hex Signs on barns here.
This is a log cabin barn?

On Monday we took a 100 mile drive thru the mountains on back roads. We past many old homesteads, some liveable some just left go!! Way back a lonely road we came across this waterfall, what a perfect setting.

Here is Tom Cook and his wife Carol & her son Andrew. We had dinner at their house on monday night. What a good time with fellow airstreamers. This Club is the Greatest way to meet friends and keep in contact with them. I met Tom 3 years ago in 2007 at the Sarasota Rally in Florida and kept in touch all this time until till we met again..Ain't friends neat!! In airstreamin' you meet people from all over the USA and can drop in when in their backyard. Thanks Tom and Carol for a special supper.

Sunset from Highland Haven,Va.
A fellow airstreamer, Tom Cook, Showed up sunday noon & we had a light lunch. Then we went to Floyds' Store for the sunday afternoon Jam. Tom plays the Bass Fiddle and was loaned this one from the floor to play for a couple songs. The owner was impress with Tom"s music playing with his Bass. He thanked Tom for playing. There were at least a dozen locals playing today.

Here is the circle of players. A donation jar was placed for donations for a local children's music class. We watched for over an hour then left.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Back Roads in Virginia
Cool Aprons?

Saturday's Jam..Locals get on Stage..She had a great voice for bluegrass tunes.

Virginia has great lookin' barns everywhere..they use them until fallen down.

Stage Fans.....
Floyds Country Store...Home of Friday Night Jamboree for over 100 years ..since 1909

The band tonight was a family of 9, Cousins, uncles, dads, sons, daughters..Fantastic Players!!!!

A local favorite. Everyone(girls) wanted to dance with him