Sunday, October 31, 2010

We left Skyline Drive on friday am and headed for a free nite(courtesy parking /airstream members only) at Paul Waddell's (Virginia, Paul, and Mary Kim) home. We got settled in and Carol made supper of Spagetti/meatballs and salad. Just relaxing and shootin' the breeze. Paul has a balloon trip on sat am ...I am getting up!!
One of Paul's Airstreams....

Paul didn't fly today because of high winds..but Bob did take off..we watch them lift off..

It is amazing what you see roaming the highways at 7am in Virginia....They don't bite? After returning home at Waddells, we packed up and left for Penna. arriving home at 4 pm..What a Week!!! 1,200 miles and beautiful leaves everywhere.... Now to practice my Banjo (hee..hee..)See you later...

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