Monday, February 25, 2013

Feb 25, 2013... We have been in Mexico Beach, Fl. for 3 days and just paid for 2 more. We are in Rustic Sands Campground a Passport America Park ($19.00)  We have had over 7" of rain in the last 3 days and will get more today. There is flash flood warnings all around us. The canal behind us is filling up but not flooding bad, but we are watching it. The Host said the canal usually holds it own. We are on a higher? spot.. We did get to drive around yesterday and see the sights between rain drops. This town and area has the old shore look with a few new franchises/buildings around. I did download some odd shots from my camera for you to enjoy. So we will stay put and ride out the rain. Tomorrow and the rest of the week will get better? We will see....

   God Bless.. Airstream Hobo & Mom 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Week of February 17, We had a relaxing week. On Monday we said good-bye to a few Airstream Friends and left the field around noon. Most of the area was empty except for a few that are staying to clean up.
     We head up Rt 75 to Rt 44  about 150 miles and arrive Three Flags Resort, a Thousand Trails Resort. I sign up for 4 nights, cost is $0.00 with our membership. We get a spacious site under some shade  and set up. We then had some housekeeping to do.
     First off to CVS for allergy pills for me, my head is so full of cold it is hard to breathe. We also do laundry and clean up the Van and Airstream. The park has a lot of things going on each day. I even played Bingo one night(I Lost??). on Thursday nite they had a Blue Grass Band Jam in the Rec Hall, the place was full.
    One day we drove to the Villages to Lake Sumter Landing. After driving around looking for a van parking space we found one. This place is taken over by Golf Carts. They are street legal in the villages. Everyone has one. They all different designs too. See the pictures. The residents drive to shopping, work, church, health services too. This area is so big there are different little villages set up with town squares for nightly entertainment which is free.We walked around enjoying the sights.
      This is a Disneyland for seniors over 55. There is over 90,000 residents living here. It looks like these people are having a Great Time living here..Golf everyday..and lots of Clubs for all to join, they even have a newspaper telling you the meeting times and where. You can’t get bored here!
      Then we drove over to a new town being built..Brownwood.. the store fronts are up and waiting for tenants ..the Golf Cart store is the first to open. They also have a town square and the music entertainment just finished so we didn’t get see it but there were hundreds leaving when we passed by.
   Here it is Friday already time to move up to the Pan Handle of Florida. Up Rt 75 to Rt 10 then south on Rt 69 to Mexico  Beach to a Passport America Camp.. Rustic Sands,, just minutes from the Gulf Coast shores. I set up in the pouring rain and when I am done it stopped. Well I had 2 showers today, one inside the airstream and one outside(g). We are in a circle with 2 other Airstreams, I met my neighbor and he is from Tenn. We chatted then continued setting up.
                                Till next Time ! !.....  God Bless Airstream Hobo & Mom 
Pictures downloaded..

Monday, February 18, 2013

Feb. 18, 2013 ....This was a busy week with many classes of learning and gathering helpful information about your Airstream way of Life. We met many old friends and new too. Dinners, potlucks, happy hours, entertainment each night, seminars, open house new and vintage Airstreams. There is a lot of pride in the vintage trailers, I sure enjoyed meeting the owners of them. I even had time to make purchases at the flea market. Carol had a stand of paperbacks, she sold out in less than an hour. She made $4.25 and spent $5.00  from others. High profit day?
   The entertainment each night was fun and we had a fundraiser for the Wounded Warriors Project and raised over $800 . Door Prizes were great too, I didn’t win this year. Each night they gave away a Fire Kindle to some lucky ticket holder. There were 350 rigs parked on the grounds. Bates Airstream from Florida brought about a 100 rigs to a RV Show that he sponsored. Many of the public were here to see them and also tour the grounds of Airstream Rally. The Vendors were in a building to sell their wares, shirts, computer tech, Tilley Hats, Airstream Store, Polish booths, accessories for the Airstreams  (inside & out) , Jewelry,Flags and Travel Insurance.
  All week was fun filled and hard to see everything. The classes were well attended and helpful ideas were shared. The meals were awesome all catered by the Fairgrounds, this is a one stop Rally Field for all. The staff were there for all needs and solved any right away. The Roberts Arena where we had evening entertainment was updated with new chairs and also brand new bathrooms as well as Wi-Fi for all to use. I would recommend this place for future Rally’s for anyone. 
 The end of the Sarasota Rally, this is the last year for the WBCCI Sponsored Event. They could not fill the chairman’s positions for next year. So R&B Events will be taking over the event with new ideas and format to come. They also run all the Alumapalooza Events nationwide. This event will be called AlumaFlamingo in the future. People already have signed up for next year and they are underway to plan big plans for 2014. You may see it on the Web Site as .  Thank-you to all Volunteers that made this Rally a SUCCESS !!!

  Well it’s time to hook up and move north/west to Louisiana to the Cajun Caravan on March 5th to meet 26 other rigs there and share travel experiences for 2 weeks.. I am READY for the next Airstream Way of Life.. come join Us !!  

Pictures of Sarasota:
                                          God Bless Airstream Hobo & Mom  

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Feb 16, Here it is Saturday at the Rally. It's been a full week. Lots of seminars and demos. Bates Dealership brought 100 RV's here to have a Gigantic Show. The public is invited to come and see the show and also the Airstream's. All my pictures are still on my iPhone I haven't had time to download yet. We have 335 rigs on site so far. Tonite we have a Dinner for all. The vendors are a having a good sale week.

Sad news, The Florida State Rally as we know it is in it's last year. They have a hard time getting volunteers to chair future committees. So this is End!! However,  Alumnapoolza has decided to come and put on their Rallys here at the same place and time(?)  with more and bigger things to do. Rich & Bret (R&B Productions) sponsor shows all over the USA and have lots of experience in running the show. 

                                 More later ...God Bless AirstreamHobo & Mom

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

 February 10th..... Here we are in Sarasota, Florida for our Annual Florida State Rally.
      On the way here we stopped at Sun City to see old friends of our unit.. Sollenbergers ..She had a delicious salad luncheon prepared for us to enjoy. We talked for 2 hours then on our way.
When we arrived we stayed in the Bull Pen till Monday ,then we parked all the early workers.While in the Bull Pen we had Happy Hour with the Georgia Unit. What a collection of food..Thanks ladies and men too !
  Here it is tuesday and now the Airstreams are coming in to find ttheir row and settle in for the week of FUN !! Below is a few shots along the way. If you have Facebook you may have seen some of these shots.

   God Bless.. Airstream Hobo  & Mom 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bye--Bye.. Friday was our last day at GKTW. Obie clowned for 3 weeks and Carol and I finished our Volunteering on Friday night by driving the Pizza Cart. We delivered from 7pm till 10:30 pm our biggest order was 10 pizzas to a family of 15 Children. What a joy it was to meet them this week and also all the other families.
    This year it was only 3 weeks , we hope to increase it each year. We met so many Volunteers that are here every week doing their part. The Millions of Hours put into GKTW is Unbelievable. But each week there is over 1,500 hours filled by young and old alike. I saw many of these people all 3 weeks...God Bless each of You !!
     So for now I say see you later, next January I hope.  Thanks for the Memories!!!!
                                      God Bless.. Airstream Hobo and Mom

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Today I saw LOVE !!... Today I saw a family that forgot all their troubles this week to enjoy family time together..... Today I saw a child wide eyed at all the surrounding care by staff and volunteers. Today I saw mom and dad sit at little chairs and table to get down to their child's eye level and enjoy a meal together...... Today I saw a child ride a Merry go Round in a wheel chair having the time of her life, Wanting to ride several times more!.... Today I saw older child take her brother in a wheel chair and sing with him on stage to the delight of all gathered. ...Today I saw a Dad crawl on stage with his son and act a dog to the child's singing " Who let the dogs out!!".... Today I saw a child be himself and dance in the street with Mayor Clayton..round and round they go..... Today I saw a child get their favorite design painted on his /her face and show off their pick to everyone.... Today I saw a child take their first ever horse ride and giggle for the entire time while on horseback....  Today I saw a family enjoying a late night ice cream snack of their choice.... Today I saw parents tired from the day's activities but the child still had one more hour of energy. ....Today I met Wish Kids from all over the World come together for a Magical Time at Give Kids the World.... Today I realize how important family is, don't let the simple pleasure pass you by.... Today I saw Love of Volunteers  spread  like wild fire to all that they worked with..... Today I learned what Love Is !!
     God Bless.... Obie  

Friday, February 1, 2013

Feb 1, 2013   Did you ever feel like a King? I did this week but the kids I met were the real Kings and Queens here. On Thursday nite was Santa Night. I got to meet Santa and have my wishes listened to. He believes I am Nice? Shh don't tell him any different.
     We had a parade for the kids and families then there was snow falling..yes in Florida it does snow. The kids that never experienced snow were wide eyed and giggles when it started. There were games for all to enjoy. They all got to meet Santa and get their pictures with him as a child alone then with the family too. What a keepsake, then off to Santa 's  workshop for each child to choose a present and take home.
     I saw alot in the Ice Cream House also enjoying their daily sundaes/splits too. The joy I received tonite was unbelievable and to be a part of this fun. These kids have so much energy and the Happiness I saw in their families was precious.
    I posted a few more pictures tonite too. Please don't get the wrong impression that I am on a lot of the pictures without the kids but we have to respect the privacy of the Wish Families. I was asked not to take any personal pictures of the kids...I understand... So even though the Village pictures seemed empty, there  is quite a buzz each night with lots of kids and their families.
  Every family I talk to says their Wish is to come back some day and Volunteer also. Believe me I get more out of this than the kids do. Thank you God for allowing me to share my gift of Obie..
    More pictures added to this album

  God Bless... Airstream Hobo & Mom