Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Today I saw LOVE !!... Today I saw a family that forgot all their troubles this week to enjoy family time together..... Today I saw a child wide eyed at all the surrounding care by staff and volunteers. Today I saw mom and dad sit at little chairs and table to get down to their child's eye level and enjoy a meal together...... Today I saw a child ride a Merry go Round in a wheel chair having the time of her life, Wanting to ride several times more!.... Today I saw older child take her brother in a wheel chair and sing with him on stage to the delight of all gathered. ...Today I saw a Dad crawl on stage with his son and act a dog to the child's singing " Who let the dogs out!!".... Today I saw a child be himself and dance in the street with Mayor Clayton..round and round they go..... Today I saw a child get their favorite design painted on his /her face and show off their pick to everyone.... Today I saw a child take their first ever horse ride and giggle for the entire time while on horseback....  Today I saw a family enjoying a late night ice cream snack of their choice.... Today I saw parents tired from the day's activities but the child still had one more hour of energy. ....Today I met Wish Kids from all over the World come together for a Magical Time at Give Kids the World.... Today I realize how important family is, don't let the simple pleasure pass you by.... Today I saw Love of Volunteers  spread  like wild fire to all that they worked with..... Today I learned what Love Is !!
     God Bless.... Obie  

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  1. What a great blog post about GKTW! Thank you for sharing.