Tuesday, January 29, 2013

    Jan 28, Monday, Today we are going to The Magic Kingdom. We decide we want to see the 3 pm parade and see a few rides & shows. We did see the new 3- D show in Fantasy Land with Donald Duck the star in a Musical. We had to wear 3- D glasses, they sure add to the visual aspect of the show.
    We also are here with the Marquette’s, They both work here and it is nice to walk the park with someone who know the layout. We walked thru the new section of Fantasy Land seeing The Circus area. I Love the Circus !!
    We head over to Main Street to claim a spot to see the parade( Question? What time does the 3 o’clock parade start?  Mmm? ) The parade begins with all the Disney Characters walking or on a giant float. The background music sure adds to the festive mood of the beat of the parade. Thousands lined the street to see this parade.
      Ok back to the Fantasy land, we grab lunch and watch people. We take a ride thru Winnie the Pooh Land. 20 minute line to see a 3 minute ride ? Oh well that’s how it’s done. I see Swiss Family  Robinson’s Tree House, I got to walk to the top. The rest wait on the ground and watch. I climb the stairs to several rooms to see, bedroom, kitchen, study, all have a great view of the forest of palm trees and bushes. 
       Then off to River Boat Jungle Cruise to see the wild creatures of the water way.... Elephants, Cannibals, Alligators, Hippos, and Boa Snakes. The boat captain commented along the water route with witty jokes. I could do this job?
      After exiting the river, back to Main Street to see the  Disney Light Parade (Question? What time does the 7 o’clock  Parade start ? Mmmm ? ) Here they come, the street lights are turned way down low/almost dark..here comes thousands of lights on floats..only Disney could pull this off with such beauty ! Again the Disney Stars are in all the Floats. Beautiful !!!
    Then we walk about a block to the Cinderella Castle, it is lit up with night spot lights. Then another show begins, this is a Laser picture show on the Castle Walls. The art work is unbelievable and the show is out of this world.
     Then we wait about 10 minutes for the Best Fireworks Ever. Fireworks shower the Castle with many kinds of designs and shooting fireworks. This lasts for over 30 minutes, all the fireworks are displayed with Music Too ! Great Show !!
      The the crowd turns and heads for the gates, the park is closing. We take the boat shuttle across the water to the entrance and to our car. We had a long day but it was worth being a Kid again for 10 hours...this will bring you back to your youth !! Thousands of kids, young and old, enjoyed this weather perfect day for Magic Kingdom.  Thanks to the Marquette's for your company and inside history of the park...... What a Great Day with “Friends” !!! 

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                                       ZZZZZZZZ.... God Bless.... Airstream Hobo & Mom
   Jan 27, It’s Sunday, we go for a drive around the area. We drive thru a RV Resort, this place has houses with a RV Garage built into it. There were various motor homes in the rv port, people leave in the motor home but relax in the luxury  side of the house. In the village there is also a gated campground. Off to the next development here the houses look like cookie cutter houses all the same shape just different colors. Quite a few were for sale or empty.
   Time for lunch.. we drive on Rt 192 east looking for something we might like. We find a Chinese Buffet for lunch. They have 8 bars of food for your picks. We filled up quick. Then we head for Down Town Disney to see the shopping District. After seeing Lego Store and also the Dinosaur restaurant, then we drive around some more taking in the sights, back to the camper. 

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    God Bless... Airstream Hobo & Mom

Saturday, January 26, 2013

  Jan 26, I was up at 7 am to get ready for GKTW . Today I was to be photographer at the horse rides. I signed in and picked up their camera and headed over to the Horse Corral to see other volunteers there. There was 3 assigned to each horse ..one to lead and one on each side of the saddle. All children wore safety helmets. They made 2 loops around the corral for their time in the saddle. I heard a lot of Giggles as some of these kids rode for the first time on a horse. Parents were delighted to see their kids have quite an experience. We manned the  Horse Rides for 3 hours 8 am till 11 am. Then the horses got loaded up in their trailer for a ride back to their ranch. All total we had 45 families ride today, each child also received a cowboy hat for their ride... Good time for all !  I took several shots of each child while they were on the ride. Then returned the camera.
    Next I had a short lunch then walked around the village to take some pictures which are included in the photo album. Then back to the Airstream to relax the rest of the day. I also walked around the park to visit other campers. I did see other Airstreamers and chatted with them. Yes.. they are going to Sarasota, so I will see them again on parking committee.  Pictures 

                   ZzzzzZzzzz God Bless..Airstream Hobo & Mom
Jan 25, We finally get to see our old friends..The Marquette's, Dick & Fran, she calls Friday afternoon and invites us for dinner at their home. We arrive about 4 pm and chit chat for awhile while the dinner is baking in the oven. Then we had dinner, Fran had made chicken over rice and also cooked carrots.  Well I had seconds... Mmmm Good. Then time for desert, out came the coconut over white cake. Well I gained 5 pounds. Then we talked some more then we left around p.m.. Thanks Fran & Dick for your hospitality.

Friday, January 25, 2013

  Thursday (Jan 24) My day to relax.. We were having our Airstream Club.. Central Penn Unit.. get together at Land Yacht Harbor in Melbourne for lunch. We all got a ride with Bates to there. The ladies rolled out the goodies at the dining hall. We had cold cuts of meat, potato salad, chips, pretzels, cake and of course Sue brought Hershey Candy !! That was my 1st thing in my mouth, I am a sucker for Reese Cups...maybe I will take two !
       After lunch we took our group picture and a tour of the new wood workshop on the grounds. Bill Bucher donated much of the tools that he brought from home.This place is a Man’s Cave ! Bill and several men from the park remodeled the shed into one fine work shop. They thought of every possible way to use the power tools with ease. I can see the men spending their time here to repair or fix thins, they may also borrow tools to use at their Airstream. Great Job Bill and Helpers!!!!
  Then we went to Joan’s Paint Shed.. She is painting Satellite Dishes every day. There so many done and also a lot to start, residents keep bring her blank one to paint. Her shop is so cozy and within an arms reach to everything. If you want a dish painted I know a Great Painter..Joan... She even made me a yard flag for “Airstream Hobo” it was so cool.. I will display it where ever I go !
After a short drive to Air Force Commissary and PX we headed home arriving at 6 pm. More Later... God Bless Airstream Hobo & Mom 

Here are some pictures for you 
Jan 25, 2013,
      The last 2 days were busy. On Wednesday (Jan 23), Time to go back to GKTW , arrived at 5 pm and changed into “Obie” then off to The Ginger Bread House. This is the dinning room for all meals on the grounds. Breakfast and Dinner are served here. It is fun to see the parents sitting down on “small” chairs at their kids level ...everyone sits the same there are no regular chairs here. They go thru a Food Line to choose their favorite selection, the menu changes everyday. There are volunteers to serve the food and carry trays and clean up too.. Mom is impressed we wait on her too!! No Worries Mothers ! “Obie” appears and disrupts their meal for small talk and pictures too. I met a mother that was here 17 years ago and wanted her picture with Obie Too! I saw kid’s food as well as grownup dishes also. You can’t go hungry here. After walking around pestering kids I move outside to Welcome Kids and Families to come on in for Food.
      There is a face painter outside making all the kids feel happy with their own design of choice, she has a book menu of many choices.   Just a Note: she won’t paint Obie’s face , I don’t know why? Then Obie goes off to Amber Land to the game room of all kinds. There are 4 little kids there, this is the night for parents to have a peaceful night alone ..dining or just plain relaxing. We keep the kids busy for 2 hours then the parents come to get them. There were college kids here too to watch and play with the kids.
       Time went fast. At 8:15 we go to the theatre for a show on stage. Guess what ? The kids are the Stars!! They sing and dance, tell jokes, jump rope, even the parents come up on stage. This was called “Village Idol Night” There were 4 judges who made comments after each act. Then time for the winner and it was .....drum roll... All of them !! They each get a trophy and certificate also. Now it’s time for Ice Cream at the palace ..many went there for the final snack of the night. Of course “Obie” pestered them too.. I told them I am buying ice cream for all ( oops..it was free anyway..
   More Later.. God Bless Airstream Hobo & Mom 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 22, 2013 Tuesday, Today we had alot to do. .Laundry, visit the Bates, and work (actually volunteer) at GKTW. The weather was great today around 70* here.
     We met some people at the laundry here at the camp and had fun conversation . One man was 80 years young and tried to talk mom into selling everything and hit the road!!! (yes!!) He  retired over 20 years ago and sold all and hit the road. He told about his crisscross of the USA many times. He made jewelry and polished stones and sold alot at Quartzite each year. He had such a relaxed nature about himself and was Happy !! The other couple was from York County, Pa. and come here every winter to escape the Cold. We heard many stories from all the laundry attendees.
     This afternoon we went to see the Bates at their timeshare condo...Nice!! Only John was home so we chatted till it was time for me head for GKTW.
      After a quick supper(Hot Dog & Oreos) I was off to the village. I signed in and was directed to my dressing room to transform into "Obie". Then it happened, I went into the village and met some of the nicest families and Wish Kids. I saw German ..Japanese..and American families. These kids had all the greatest smiles and no language was a barrier. We had a party for Mayor Clayton.. cake..dancing.. games..face painting. and then a Magic Show where the kids were the stars..Funny..Funny !! Even the parents and grandparents had a great Time!
    Now it is 9pm and time to head home to Zzzzzz. See you again tomorrow kids!!
                   God Bless..AirstreamHobo & Mom
Here are some pictures so far


Monday, January 21, 2013

January 20th..We left Fort Clinch at noon and headed for Orlando. 170 miles today with one rest stop for lunch/snack. We arrived at 4pm at Thousand Trails in Clermont and got our site. We will be here for 2 weeks.
     From here we will drive back and forth each day to Give Kids the World. We picked a few dates to volunteer. Obie will even make an appearance a few times.
    .The site we got is surrounded with palm bushes and very private but at least it is in the shade! The temp today is 70* and "NICE" I got my shorts on!
     Today we relax and will join Marquettes for dinner at Downtown Disney around 4-5 pm. Looking forward to it.  God Bless..AirstreamHobo and Mom

Saturday, January 19, 2013

January 16, 2013 .... Here we are..Florida... We left Tuesday at 8am and arrived Wednesday at 5pm after driving 975 miles. The drive was misty with rain for only a half an hour but the clouds were low causing a mist. In Georgia the skies became clear and temps were in the 80*'s.
This is the entrance road to Fort Clinch State Park, the trees are beautiful with the over cover of the drive. We camp at the river side sites for 2 days then moved Friday to the beach side. The sky is bright on this side and very windy but warm.We are only a few feet from the beach over the walkway.  We will rest here till Sunday then onto Orlando to stay for 3 weeks. We will be volunteering at  " Give Kids The World" And hope to see some of the local attractions. I will post pictures later.. God Bless... AirstreamHobo and Mom