Tuesday, January 29, 2013

   Jan 27, It’s Sunday, we go for a drive around the area. We drive thru a RV Resort, this place has houses with a RV Garage built into it. There were various motor homes in the rv port, people leave in the motor home but relax in the luxury  side of the house. In the village there is also a gated campground. Off to the next development here the houses look like cookie cutter houses all the same shape just different colors. Quite a few were for sale or empty.
   Time for lunch.. we drive on Rt 192 east looking for something we might like. We find a Chinese Buffet for lunch. They have 8 bars of food for your picks. We filled up quick. Then we head for Down Town Disney to see the shopping District. After seeing Lego Store and also the Dinosaur restaurant, then we drive around some more taking in the sights, back to the camper. 

Highlight and copy and paste to see pictures .... 
    God Bless... Airstream Hobo & Mom

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