Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our Campsite at Indian Rock Campground
Entrance Rock Sign at the Camp......
April 8,2010....Finally this spring day has COME!!! We loaded the airstream for York,Pa. not far,but a gettaway for a few days. This is our unit's first rally of 2010. we are looking forward to seeing friends that were absent over the winter(some went to Florida???). It takes about an hour to arrive at Indian Rock Campground off Rt 83 at exit 14 south of York. It is Hot!! We have shorts on and enjoying the spring(summer 86*) day. Bates and Koreny are already there. We set up in short order, I have to remember the steps again to set up,it's been awhile, 5 months since we were out on the road. Oh how I miss this open road and leisure time, but Carol is feeling better and we are hitting the road once more!!!! Yeah !!!!

Well we are set up and waiting for the rest to arrive on friday. We sit around and enjoy area and just chat. Friday comes and some more arrive around noon, Jacobs,Lights,Buchers,Wibles,Merediths,Sanders, and Richwines arrive after supper.
Jackie Meredith and Sue Bates are in charge of the weekend feasts. Friday nite,Bar-B-Que & Bake Beans, Sat Breakfast,Pancakes & Sausage links, Sunday Hot Dogs and all the fixins' and homemade Macaroni Salad(yum..yum..) We didn't starve this weekend. We even went to Dallastown American Legion on sat nite for 6oz Filet Mignon for $6.50 with 2 sides. 18 of us went and enjoyed the meal. Then back to camp to have a campfire. Bates is the "Master Fire Maker"!!!

Saturday, after breakfast, some went for a local walk on the trail and some road bikes for 10-20 miles several days this weekend. Carol and I went with Lou & Stephanie Jacobs to an Amish Mall Market to browse and snack on lunch and see the amish wood projects...barns,swings,picnic tables, etc. also the amish food inside for sale. Then we went to a flea market in Thomasville. This was lots of permament barns and stalls in the long barns for the regulars. There was a small area in the back hill for day yard sales...mostly JUNK!!! After an hour of this I seen enough, so we went back to camp to relax.

After sunday lunch of hot dogs etc. most hitched up and left. Carol and I decided to stay and also the Korenys did too till monday. Bates even made a ready fire for us to enjoy sunday night. All the kindle wood and paper stacked up ready to strike a match and add fire logs as the fire got hotter. Korenys and son joined us for a while then it was just Carol and I (romantic??) for the rest of the night.

Just a story ...at the beginning of the campfire I saw a young girl(20's) and a 2 year old pass by and I waved to the little child. They came over and talked awhile. The girl told us they lived in the old motorhome across the way for the last 2 years. She said they paid $2,500 for it and her dad,mom,brother and daughter lived in it moving time to time. The little girl was digging in the charcoal grill on a pole and getting blacker and blacker hands,clothes and face as the time went on. The girl lit up another cigarette and told us how they look for jobs along the way. Then Brother and dad stopped by, brother had a cap with a fish hook on the brim just like "Larry the Cable Guy". Dad had a nascar shirt on and just sat down and started talking too about his life. His mom had cancer,he took care of her till the end, then he lost his home, job and ended up in this old motorhome. His wife is disabled. Right now they are finding old scrap metal and collecting it for cash. I felt sorry for them, but they seemed alright with this way of life. They had an old 79 dodge pickup that they used for collecting scrap. The next day I saw them in the storage lot breaking up stoves, etc. for the metal to take to recycle I guess? They waved as we passed them by when leaving. I guess I am Lucky to have what I have ...But....They were just as happy with less. I hope their future has a better ending, what a nice friendly family!!! We arrived home at 4pm on monday.
With that I will just say God Bless......AirstreamHobo and Carol
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