Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rob Baker goes to the Capitol in Madison,WI.

June 30, Tuesday, Carol worked in the message center today, I went to a computer class on making different photo albums. I did get a few new ideas. But today at 3 pm I went to the Capitol to watch Rob Baker pull his Airstream around the Capitol building. I was there waiting for him to arrive. He pulled up in front of a Cheese Store for the owner to get pictures of the Airstream. Then he drove around the Capitol, I got some awesome pictures ...so see the album... http://picasaweb.google.com/AirstreamHobo/RobBakerAtTheCapitol#

God Bless...... AirstreamHobo & Carol

Just a look at all the Airstreams!!! Here at Madison,WI.

June 28,Sunday, It's sunday morning and we have church service in the hall. Over 750 attended, I helped with ushers, handing out programs, help with seating and collecting the offering. The service was titled "To "Bee" or not to "Bee" , The theme this Rally week is Bee the Best you can Bee, so the sermon had a great message to be the Best you can Bee!!

After service Carol and I went to Culvers ice cream place for lunch. They have the Best "Butter Burgers" this was sort of a classer McDonalds'. The difference is you order , pay, get your cup, head for the drink dispenser, sit down, then they bring your order....it seems quicker because there is no line waiting for the guy in front of you waiting for his order. The food was great, then we went back for the ice cream, so many flavors of custard ice cream...yum..yum..

The afternoon was relaxing, I walked around the Vintage Trailer Open House. All the vintage people were very gracious tour guides thru their trailers, so many stories are behind these vintage rigs. You can get so many Ideas in decorating also. click..click...many pictures today. http://picasaweb.google.com/AirstreamHobo/FlagDayVintageOpenHouse#

Then tonight was the Parade of Flags from each unit. It is awesome to hear all places of states that are resent. It is nice to see all in White Shirts/Red Ties.....BUT..... My suggestion is and has been ...All Unit Presidents carrying the flags should dress in their native state culture dress...example....Texas Wash DC <>... Florida <> Ohio you get the idea....I think this would bring our club more up to date as a FUN CLUB and still have a native state uniform instead of all dress up, I don't think Wally Byam would object to the Happy Atmosphere of his Rally Attendees. When I walk around the trailers I do see a difference in all rigs decorated, That is the Joy I see !!!

June 29, Monday, Our 41st Anniversary, Today Carol works at the message center , I head to a lecture to hear Pee Wee Schwamborn talk about Wally Byam and the early Caravans. The room is full of history buffs who want to know of the early days and how they boondocked in the Africa Caravan. We sure have it easy & comfortable today!! That was a fast 2 hours of history lesson, thanks..Pee Wee. Then off to hear Larry Huttle from Airstream Inc. to speak of new products and how they are handling the slowdown in the recession in the RV industry as well as the rest of the country. The room was filled(about 1,000) attended, he then had a drawing for those here of several $100. & $250.00 gift certificates to Airstream Products. Lots of happy winners, but not me?

This afternoon I went to a computer class on making better picture collections of our ditigal shots...the main teacher fell ill, so we had a substitute which did a good job answering questions and had the demonstrations of the computer.

Our unit had a get together at one of the buildings for a Subway dinner , we had subs , we just filled them with the fixings of our choice and had side dishes of celery,carrots, cookies, nut clusters, cheese, & Hershey Candy..I am full Again!!

Tonights entertainment was "Yahara River Chorus" part of the Sweet Adelines Int'l. an hour of singing...no instruments...just voices...they were good and enjoyed by all.

As you can see , the Rally has many things going on and you have many choices to do and see. Vendors, classes, lectures on RV'ing, Seminars on maintence of RV's, Tours of the area, New Airstream Sales(I heard they sold 4 so far) even Happy Hour is everywhere at around 4-6 pm. You see groups gathered everywhere around the Rigs ....

****** Personal Note***** Happy 41st Anniversary Honey (I forgot her name?) !!!!!!
God Bless...AirstreamHobo & Carol

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Vintage Parade into the grounds today!!!
Sunset on Lake Mendota

Boats on the Lake Mendota
June 26,Friday, Today was my day on Parking duty, Carol worked this afternoon in the Message Center. It was hot, so our gang waited under a shade tree for the golf carts to bring us airstreams to park. They kept us busy for the day, I took off for an hour to the camera shop, I had noticed a speck of dirt on some of my pictures. I purchased a blower bulb which when squeezed gives a puff of air to the glass/lense to remove dirt...it worked. After 4pm we got together with our unit and headed for the Elks Club for Fish Fry, again we had a water front table. Carol and I got a Baked Cod dinner, it was very filling. We were just glad for Air Conditioning!!!

Then we (Carl,Jackie,Carol & I) went down town to the waterfront on Lake Mendota to watch the sunset. The docks were full with college kids ..Refreshments were plentiful for them... The view is great. Jackie and I spent our time trying different settings on our camera for the best shots. I took a few(grin). The sunset was wonderful...see my shots.

June 27,Saturday, Time for the Vintage Parade!!! 10 am and they arrived...then put their flags on their rigs in the bull pen. When all were ready, they paraded around the grounds passing lots of airstreamers sitting in chairs to watch. Lots of pictures were take , me too!!
It took about 2 hours to get everyone into their spaces. I believe someone said there were 68 rigs present. Some were awesome looking...the owners even sported their Blue Berets in the parade. Pictures in Album http://picasaweb.google.com/AirstreamHobo/VintageParadeInternationalInMadison#

After all were settled , Carol and I went to Exhibition Hall to see the vendor booths. There weren't many set up, but I guess thats all that signed up to come. We saw the unit boards on display,also Caravan sign up tables. Camping World also had their goods and services available in an area. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and chatting with fellow airstreamers. There is a storm warning for tonight again, I hope it does Rain!! so it changes the humidity!!! Please!! Till next time ...God Bless AirstreamHobo & Carol

Friday, June 26, 2009

Tour of Pierce Fire Trucks Mfg.

June 25,Thursday, XXXX>>> Warning this is about Fire Trucks<<<>
Early this morning Carol and I and Carl & Jackie Light left for what I thought was a 60 mile drive to Appleton,WI. this is where Pierce Fire Mfg. Plant is. Note: It was actually 119 miles away from here...Dummy me!! We arrived at 11 am and ask for a tour of the place. My reasoning was my fire dept bought 4 so far and are planning another purchase in the future. However you need your local saleman to guide you. So they left us into the Blue area, which is where Fire Depts. check out their new trucks before delivery is made to you. There was 12 on display for delivery. While looking I called my son to tell him I was here and what happened. He said he will call the Local salesman and see what can be done for a tour. He called back and said a representative was there and he came down to give us a tour.

We met John and he said he will take us thru the factory production line. First all have to have closed toe shoes..guess what...the ladies did not... so I suggested my extra shoes in the van( no...not my clown shoes!!).The ladies put on my MAN Shoes and did the tour, Carol said it was like walking in clown shoes(Her size 6-8 my size 13...flop..flop...) It was Funny!! We had a 2-3 hour tour of every dept...We saw the making of a lot of fire trucks..Pumpers..Ladder, and even Tiller Trucks(They are Looooooong!!!)We saw the paint room, axles,frame, cabs, pumps, compartments, wiring, lights,finish work being done. Pierce builds over 1200 fire trucks a year....Top Quality!! Remember we have 4 of them in our Fire House. Thank-You Brian (son) and Curt (Local Salesman) and John (salesman on site) for such a grand tour. Jackie said she enjoyed it and didn't realize what goes into building a fire truck.

After a stop for dinner(soup & salad) We headed for Madison...on the way thru Oshkosh...we saw a flea market with odd things all over the front yard. WE stopped to see these things upclose. There was a deer stand with 3 deer on it with guns and also a deer hunter that they bagged hanging from the stand, also a deer hunter strapped to the truck hood....a cow standing with a trench coat on but Flashing her body (utter) at the highway. Next we saw a Giant mallard duck...an elephant...a fisherman with a big catch of a fish. We decided to go inside to see what is wierd inside...WOW... lots of figurines of famous people lifesize..Elvis...Bogart..monk...hippies..indians..pirates..cartoon characters..it was just a delightful place to visit...They mostly sold doors..windows..and kitchen cabinets. While there a man came in with a delivery of a BIG Motorcycle. We went out side and saw more alongside the building, a yard full of old metal horses..cars..stage coach..and lots of wild animals. This place was different but a delight to see...Photographers' Paradise!!

Now we headed home .. arriving home by 7:30 pm a total of 263 miles today!! What a fun drive.

Rally Notes ***** 150 arrived today which bring the amount to 682 (or more) here so far, Tomorrow I am on parking again. It will be a busy day and Saturday too because the Vintage Parade will come in at 10 am. I think about 70 vintage but didn't hear a final count yet, it will be sight to see as always.

>>>> Personal Note!!!>>>>
Happy Birthday Sister..hope you have a Great Day!!
Happy Retirement to my Buddy Jim...today (friday) is his last day to WORK!!!
God Bless...AirstreamHobo & Carol.....

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Check out the Album!!!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This is Ellas Deli Resturant....Fascinating!!!
June 24,Wednesday, Last night was a Hot one!!! So our unit decided to go out for supper. It was decided to go to Ella's, a great little Deli Bar Resturant. Out front of the building is a Merry Go Round, wait till you get inside!!! This place is a collection of cartoon characters displayed everywhere. They are on the ceiling moving back and forth, on the walls, in your table tops,etc. We get a table for 14 people. We get a menu 8 pages long...you name it ...it is made here! After we give our order , I get up and take pictures of all these characters, check out the album. The waiter spills water all over Joan Buchers' back(she said it felt GOOD!!) but he was so embarrest about it, that he gives her a Free Meal!! I said Spill it on me Too!! The meal comes and is very good...but the place's AirConditioner could not keep the place COOL...too many people I guess? Back to the Airstream for the night. Look at my Pictures http://picasaweb.google.com/AirstreamHobo/EllasDeliMadisonWI#

Today I report for duty on parking committee at 8 am , we start right away to park the rigs. Several caravans come in today and want to be parked together, we do the best we can. The people are so nice to us in this heat wave ...they understand... and we get the job done. We parked alot today and filled alot of spaces. The next 2 days will be a busy time for us. On sat the Vintage airstreams will arrive. I have my camera ready!!!

Tonight Carol and I head for "Perkins" for an Air Conditioned Place to eat...Ah Ah..The place is cool and good food too!! Alot of people are hanging out in the Friendship Center in the building tonight to keep cool. As of Tues 4pm 484 rigs on grounds... Till later:
God Bless....AirstreamHobo & Carol .....Comments obclown@ptd.net

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hot..Hot..Hot.. Really it is 99* Now!!

AirstreamHobo Travels...Madison, WI. #12

June 22,Monday, Today we wake up to HEAT wave, it is supposed to be hot all week. We went over to Wal-Mart to check about an oil change, they could do it right away. 14 quarts is alot of oil!!! They did a good job checking all over the Van. Carol worked the Message Center from 1-4 pm...in the Air Conditioning...YEAH!!!

We made steaks on the grill for supper.After eating we decided to go for a drive to a little village of swiss buildings. I headed for New Clares, way out in the farming area. We passed very large farms with lots of corn fields. We arrived in the village and saw a bunch of tractors at a swiss motel, so I stopped. Here we saw them stopping for the night, There was 36 "old Tractors" on a caravan of a Tractor Cruise across USA. They were traveling for a 4-5 days cruise. http://www.tractorcruiseusa.com/stateride.htm Read about it here. It was interesting to see all the old tractors...John Deere, Farmall, Moline, Ford...etc. See my pictures. Then we drove around the town seeing COWS all painted up(pictures too). Then back to Madison ...all back roads...rolling up and down hills past beautiful farms, the sunset was awesome as always. We arrived home at 9pm to a hot night. We put all the fans in the bedroom to keep us cool tonight...it worked...I slept great!!

June 23, Tuesday, HOT...HOT...at 11 am it is already 95* here, the news tells everyone to stay indoors between 1-7pm to prevent heat problems. We did laundry today, then went to Subway for a sub for lunch just to stay cool. Then back to the Airstream unload laundry then off to the Expedition Center to stay indoors with the air condition. My thermometer at the airstream said 121* outside and 96* inside.. Tonight we "WILL" go out for dinner!!!

Rally Notes... Over 400 Airstreams are here. The Generators are working overtime to run...some have blown fuses...and are repaired as soon as possible..People are hot here and most are hanging out in the buildings to stay COOL!!! So if you are on your way...be prepared for a VERY HOT WEEK!!! That is the weather forcast for Madison...

God Bless.... AirstreamHobo & Carol

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Flowers at the Farmers Market!!!!!

June 20,Saturday, I am up and ready to help with parking today. There are 14 rigs in the bull pen ready to park, we park them in short order. Then a break...no more coming...so I and Carl Light leave for the morning to go downtown. In downtown around the Capitol there is a farmers' market all around the square..over 300 stands. Meter parking is $1.50/hour..I should have parked in a lot,it would have been cheaper. We walk all around the market enjoying the stands of breads,vegetables, plants, flowers, even stands selling lemonade and smoothies. There are protestors also and alot of special interest groups too! We stop to see a childrens show at the Children's Museum..he has the kids laughing and giggling!! I also took pictures(grin).

Back to the lot at noon , I grab a lunch then back to parking committee job. We park 1(yes One !!!) this afternoon. Then at 4 pm we are done and have Happy Hour at one of the parkers airstream, lots of samples of junk food, then around the group we tell jokes and laugh at ourselves.

Then at 6 pm we have a cook out at Olshefski's airstream, there is about 15 of us, we have the usual hot dogs and lots of side dishes. Then we have a birthday party for Felix (70 today) and we sing to him!!!

June 21, Sunday, I attend church this morning with the Airstreamers over 400 attended. After church we head to the Parkers Dinner also Fathers' Day at the Elks for a sit down dinner of Ham and Chicken we have the same seats along the window overlooking the water...great view. Then Nap time!!! At 5 pm they have a Volunteers Dinner of Bradwurst and chips and cookies. Over 500 served there!! Now we are relaxing at our airstream getting calls from the kids today..."Happy Fathers Day" I am so lucky with 3 sons and their wives with 5 grandchildren. God Bless...AirstreamHobo & Carol

See the Market Pictures!!! Comments?? obclown@ptd.net


Friday, June 19, 2009

Here is the WBCCI Band practicing their music...Hard at work!!!

June 18,Thursday, Today, we relaxed by the Rally Field. Carol worked at the Message Center from 1-4 pm with Maragaret, they took messages from anyone then had to pass them onto the people directed to. The scooter patrol took the messages out to your rig to deliver them, if not there they left them on a clothes pin hanging on thr door. They had a whoppin 3 messages all afternoon. I went back to the rig to take a nap(a 2 hour nap)...retirement is tough!! Carol returned at 4 pm. We went to Wal-Mart for a few things. This Wal-Mart has an underground parking lot...it is weird to drive in and ride the escaltor up.. They say cold weather in the winter makes you want to come here..so it is warmer to return to your car.

I bought a CB antenna so I can hook up my CB back at the airstream to listen to daily reports from Wally Byam Control several times a day. This was helpful today as a storm alert was given to all later tonight. Some rigs/people had gone to bed already so I walked around warning everyone that had their awnings out. There was a Tornado warning givin all night, my weather station radio sure opened alot tonight. Around midnight the heavy rain arrived. They did tell us the Colleseum/Meeting Hall will be open for all, if we need to evacate the airstreams...The CB was busy all night...Hard to sleep tonight, I kept thinking soon someone will say ....RUN...RUN... Carol did have a extra bag packed with the necessarys in case we had to leave the rig.

June 19,Friday, I was glad to see a calm morning today... We went to breakfast this am...pancakes again...yum..yum... there goes my waistline??? We decided to go to Waterloo to see thye TREK Bicycle Plant (no inside pictures please!)at the 10 am tour. Very informative tour.. We stopped at a cheese store for small taste of cheese & buy the same. Then drive around the country side, I stopped to snap some pictures of some barns. We passed alot of Tree Farms, not just Christmas trees but all kinds of trees in long..long rows. These farms here are So Big!!! The back roads were a joy to drive. We headed back to Madison, when we got to town I spottted a Hot Dog Vehicle...YES ....It is the Oscar Mayer Vehicle. I followed it drive around the Capitol Building, he sure attracted alot of Attention!!

Back home now....a storm just past thru the rally...I think it is more hotter now than ever...Sticky..Humid... Turn on the Fans!!! Supper was just fruits...to cool down..

Rally Notes...There are 329 rigs here as of thursday 4pm, I think 30 came in today..There are 14 waiting in the bullpen tonight. They have Very nice showers here...ah..ah...Nice refreshing shower...let the water Run!!!.. They pump us out 2 x a week. Very good job to Sanatation,they are doing it fast and clean!!! Thanks Guys!!

See the TREK Album

God Bless.......AirstreamHobo & Carol

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Epic Center

June 17,Wednesday, I am up this am and by 8 am I am at the pancake breakfast, this time just one pancake is enough. They sure fed alot this morning,the room was crowded.

Back at the airstream, we decided to go to the Epic Intergalactic Headquarters about 15 minutes from here. This place is located on about 400 acres of land with buildings all around the complex. They are building 5 more buildings to be completed soon. They have 3,500 employees,not all are here, some are in other buildings in town waiting for them to be done. They are a Computer Program Company for the Medical field to setup for hospitals and have clients all over the world. This is also a Training Center for all their clients.

We have a tour guide which is an employee who volunteered to show us around, his name is Ed Senechal, he is very happy to show off all the conference..meeting..office..rooms. Each employee has his/her own little office(looklike 8x10 room) their theory is when you work alone you will be 2 1/2 times more productive. They have training for up to 850 trainees each week. This place is emence in size and has a very friendly work atmosphere, everyone is smiling!! Ed shows us conference rooms decorated in different designs...Outer Space...Western..Airplane..Circus (My Favorite Room )..Indiana Jones Tunnel..A Jungle..A Subway Station..Streets of New York..and Grand Central Station. You just can't believe this place unless you see it in person.

It is getting close to lunch and Ed tells us that lunch is on them(Epic) all we have to do at check out is tell them we are guests. They have a Fabulous lunch menu made up by their own Chef and staff. Ed tells us,he has been there 1 1/2 years and has not seen the same entre' twice... today we had Bake Ziti with Roasted Vegetables ..Plum Pie..Fruit Bowl..drink, what a LUNCH!! The employees eat very cheap also, they slide employee card and it is taken off their paycheck.

We walk outside all the buildings to see the landscape and just enjoy the countryside. There are man made water falls and little rivers thru out,the gardening is unbelievable. The employees park their cars in underground garages. The artwork thru out the halls and rooms are undescribeable, they buy from local artists and support the local area.They even have a Tree House out back for conferences...Unbelievable!!! They also have the largest geothermal systems in the world with over 500 wells each drilled to depths of over 300 feet, to heat and cool the campus. This was a 3 hour stay and I must say the coolest tour I ever took of local businesses...Thank-You Ed!!!!!!!!!!! What a Guide!!!! You Gotta see the Pictures..

Next we stopped at a bike shop to see hundreds of bikes...$100.00 up to a triple tamden for $38,000.00 Titanium frame...I ask for a test loan for the week (Grin) but the saleslady said "I don't think so" . They sure sell lots of bikes...they sold 3 while we were there. This is a Bike Town and area!

Tonight the Parking Committee had an Ice Cream Social so we could meet everyone, lots of friends chatting as well..... God Bless...AirstreamHobo & Carol

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just a few of the Volunteers...Coffee wagon feeds us all...Thanks...
June 16, Tuesday, 7 am this morning the Pancake Breakfast begins for the week. The Officiers make and serve Pancakes to all the Volunteers. Coffee is also available. The line is long and takes me 1/2 hour to get to the grill, but it is worth it...Great pancakes..Breakfast all week till saturday.

I return to the airstream to see 3 bags of dirty laundry to wash. Carol and I head down the highway to a Laundermat to do 3 loads. 10 days on the road and I already have 3 underwear, 3 t-shirts and a few socks dirty, takes me 1/2 hour to do my wash. Another hour to do the rest, I guess I should change more often..(grin) Then I help fold all the wash, I didn't know there is a certain way to fold wash...I thought you just roll it up and stowe it. I learned alot today.

Back at the Rally, more airstreams came in, as of monday at 4 pm there was 259 rigs parked. I rode bike around to take pictures of the workers doing their job, Thank-You Volunteers.We now have electric and water & they also pumped our tanks out on monday..next time will be thursday.
******* Just a Note to my Buddy.. Jim....Happy Birthday!!! 2 weeks till Retirement!! Enjoy it , it sure is FUN!!

Till Later... God Bless.....AirstreamHobo & Carol

Monday, June 15, 2009

Check it out...pump out time!! Also read the sign in the window...Hee Hee......Blog next

June 15,Monday, Well last night we got our schedule for parking committee, I am on today and saturday this week. However I planned a tour today so I worked 1 hour then left, I will fill in tomorrow for someone.

We went to see John Wick Home Builders. They were 30 miles from here, we arrived at 10 am for a tour. This place makes homes in shop with a full makeup of the home to be delivered on site and put together in 60 days by builders. They build 3 1/2 homes a week. The tour was enjoyable and informative....remember we are in COLD country ...so this a plus for builders to have a home up and under roof in 3 weeks on site.

We left for lunch with a recommendation to stop at Rookies. You should see this place ...all kinds of sports pictures and cards everywhere in the resturant & bar. They even have a Base Ball Field in the rear lot for families to play ball...reunions, picnics, birthdays, company parties, a really fun place to unwind. The food was great....Check out the Rookies Photo Album. http://picasaweb.google.com/AirstreamHobo/RookiesResturant#

Then we went to the Shoe Box , Wisconsins largest shoe store.. same guy owns both places, yes they had base ball stuff everwhere too, He owns the Mallards Base Ball Team in the area. I gave him "Itch" the owner my Base Ball card of "Obie" for his collection. He said he will frame it and hang it too!!! Wow I am in Wisconsin too!! So look for my card when you stop in.

Then we headed back to the camp...but I saw Fire Trucks sitting outside the Middleton Fire Co. I stopped to snap a few pics, I met the Chief Aaron Harris, he pointed out the layout and told me to walk thru on my own...Wow...Antique trucks, fire training stairs tower, weight lifting room, rec room, bed rooms, even a Brass Pole.. They run 500 calls a year...70 square miles with 2 stations (another one 4 miles away). They have paid fire chief and a staff of 5, the rest are Volunteers of 105 active men Check out the Middleton Fire Picture album...Oh!!! The New station costs... $6,000,000.00 ....Yes thats' 6 Million Dollars!! Check out the pictures

Now we returned to camp...Happy Hour then supper ...more Airstreams arrived today..
God Bless............... AirstreamHobo & Carol

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Capitol in Madison,WI.

June 14,Sunday, I figured out that I must have blew a fuse when I was repairing the Hitch Jack and shorted the wires. So I Fixed it & now all is well and working!!! We decided to take a drive to the zoo and visit but it was so full we couldn't even find a parking spot. So we went to the Capitol Building and took a tour that lasted an hour...Beautiful ...Note: They have 40,000 light bulbs and one person changes the bulbs 80-100 broken ones a week. 7million to build in 1916 ...160 million to refurbish it in 1980..now they say the building is worth 2 billion dollars today....what a building....

See you down the road...God Bless.... AirstreamHobo & Carol

We Made it to Madison,WI.

June 12, Friday, We wake up to singing birds this am ...what only 6 am?? Try to sleep some more but we get up by 7:30. We all tear down and dump our tanks & fill up with water before we leave. Only 2 miles to go. I lead the way, would you believe I lost the caravan behind me with only 2 blocks to go? I had to turn at the light over the hill and they didn't see me turn, what a lousy caravan leader I am. They figure it out and catch up at the gate.

We go thru verification and stop in the bull pen.They are still marking the lots for the rows and spots. At 1 pm we start leaving some go to their spots. This is a slow process to us in the back lot, we finally get to our row at 4pm. There are still about 25 left to park tomorrow. While I was waiting I got a flat tire on the airstream, I filled it twice but it still loses air. We level our rigs in the lot, then I take my tire off for repair. Friday night and all tire stores are closed. I will wait till morning. Would you believe it is still light outside at 10pm? We hit the sack..zzz...

June 13,Saturday, we start parking the bull pen at 8 am. At 9 everyone is parked,so I take off for a tire shop. All closed on saturdays, head for Wal-Mart Service Center, this place has underground parking. I drop the tire off for repair. Carol gets some needed things in the store,and they page me that the tire is done. They couldn't find any leak so the reseal it and fill it with air/balance the tire too..and NO Charge?? I couldn't believe it, but they said there was no repair so no charge..Thank You...Wal-Mart...Carol did spend $55.00 so I guess they did make out.

Back to the trailer, mount the tire, had problems with a jack so I borrowed another to finish the job. Then I had to hook-up to move the trailer on blocks to level it. But the hitch jack wouldn't go down, so we worked on it also. We got it to work,then leveled,awnings out,rugs, satilite dish up, jacks down, electric hooked up with 3 amp only ( $255.00 extra if you want 30 amp,we decided we didn't need it ). Now time for Happy Hour..what a day... We noticed that the lights dimmed when ever the water pump ran,didn't know why.
Joanne Olshefski ask we wanted to go to the Elks club for supper...Prime Rib night...After today's problems I said YES!! I needed a break. We arrived at 6pm and they had a table reserved for us along the big picture window overlooking the lake full of boaters(what a View!!!). We had an enjoyable dinner and great food...

Afterwards , Carol & I went downtown to take pictures of the State Capitol Building..awesome building ...then down to the waterfront to see the sunset...Romantic ain't I ??? Lots of sailboats on the lake and lots of college students everywhere. You have to watch out for bicyclist everywhere, they even have a bike lanes all over town and trails also. Back to the airstream...rest... rest... rest....zzzzzzzzzzz

Friday, June 12, 2009

What a beautiful sky over Indiana.....Blog Next....

June 11, Thursday.... Rain..Rain..Rain It rained all night, we hooked up in the rain and left at 9 am for Madison. The last leg of this Caravan. We drove in rain most of the day, along Rt 80 was alot of construction as well as Rt 39. The radio reported 5 1/2'' of rain today, and we believe it!! Once we entered Wisconsin, we stopped at the Welcome Center, guess what it was closed to information but there was a man putting books & maps out on the outside wall rack. He said budget cuts caused the change. But he was very helpful in getting us more info behind the doors for us...Nice people in Wisconsin.

We called a county campground from here to see if they had spaces, they had 5 left we needed 4 so she ( is the camphost) said hurry.... we arrived 11/2 hour later and they still had them. Nice level sites with electric and water nearby, dump when you leave. $23.00 for the night, honor system, fill out info and put in $$$ envelope and in the Mailbox. We picked the sites and setup...Happy Hour<> first then supper.

After supper I found out where the Fairgrounds were , so I headed over to see what to do tomorrow. There is about 75-100 early workers there already. They are waiting for tomorrow,when the parking area will be marked off (orange dots for each rig to park at). We will leave this park at 9 am to arrive at the grounds to help be parkers for the rigs. I can't wait for the FUN to begin. I did this job 2 years ago at Perry, GA. and had a blast...it was over 100* some days there...I hope Wisconsin is cooler..I Hope!!

Today we covered 281 miles,lots of CB talk and helping each other get here, made the week pass very quickly.Thanks for the friendship that we all shared!!!! Well after a shower back at the camp, I am writing this then off to bed..ZZZZZZ..
God Bless........ AirstreamHobo & Carol...

June 10, Wednesday, This am we load up for a short trip to the RV/MH Museum in Elkhart,IN. we leave at 10 am deciding to take our rigs with us instead of returning this way. It is a short drive of 35 miles west on RT 80 to exit 96, there it is a BIG beautiful building off the Interstate Exit. We enter the parking lot to a spacious area for all 4 of us, a man , Al meets us to make sure we have plenty of room to park.

We enter the museum, only $6.00/seniors...yes I am one of them too!! Al tells us where to begin and lets us go... 1st is the new stuff..Go RVing movie then a new trailer and motorhome to see inside. Then over to the next room to the Old Stuff<> Wow... the first trailer we see is an Airstream, front of a wall covered with Airstream Aluminium with a street sign "Airstream Drive". Then we see many types of travel trailers, tent trailers, early motor homes, even some exotic made vehicles. This museum has it all.. many great ideas of the past brought to life.

After the exhibits, we go upstairs to see the wall of Honorees of Plaques on display. There is also a library of all RV types of books,magazines,sales phamplets, even all the club newsletters all cataloged for all to research if you need to find something special. I remember some of these publications that have gone by the way side. I took alot of pictures through out the museum,lots of reading and interesting facts to be had. I posted some on the Picasa Photo Album " RV Museum". http://picasaweb.google.com/AirstreamHobo/RVMuseumElkhartIN#

We ate a late lunch in the Airstream in the lot, then left for down the road to exit 49 to find Cassidy Motel/ Rv park (Pass Port America..remember 50% off). Nice /clean place only $16.00/nite with 3 point hook-ups. Happy Hour!!! Beautiful day to sit out and relax,only 80 miles today and a Museum...great day!! We made plans for tomorrow, we will leave at 9 am for Madison, the last leg of this Caravan. 240 miles tomorrow, we should arrive at 4pm..see ya down the road...
God Bless...AirstreamHobo & Carol..

June 7,Sunday, We are all packed for a 3 month trip We meet 3 others to Caravan to Madison today. Jacobs & Lights meet us at the Ranch House in Duncannon at 9 am. We take Rt 322 to Rt 80. We meet the Oleshefski's at milemarker 147 on RT 80. We head west .... to Ohio. We arrive at Cherokee Campground in Brimfield,Ohio by 4pm. We all parked together. We all made our own supper on my grill We all ate together then on the picnic tables. Followed by dessert by Joanne Oleshefski <>. We hit the sack early...343 miles today.

June 8,Monday, We leave at 9 am back to Rt. 20 and follow along side Rt 80...no tolls on Rt 20. We drive thru little towns enjoying the scenery of old business still there and also the empty buildings But you have to enjoy the old designs of businesses not the big box strip malls.

We arrive in Howe, In. at Grand View Bend Community Association, this is an Pass Port America Park. We park first then the lady on the golf cart shows up to register us...here's the Bargain...$17.12 charge for 2 nights...Wow!! Beautiful sites along a split rail fence with wheat growing on the other side. The sky is beautiful tonight, we are all out taking pictures of the sky, then we spot deer in the wheat field. We talk about tommorrow's plans. (250miles today)

June 9,Tuesday, We all decde to go into Shipshewana in our own cars because we all have different goals to see in town. Carol and I leave and arrive at the lot. $3.00 to park, this place is very large, over 1,000 stands. Up and down rows of stand is exhausting, my pedometer shows 8 miles total today, my feet agree!!! I did buy some bargains we had soft pretzel for lunch. There are plenty of food stands. I was dissapointed that there wasn't more amish manned stands. I did manage to get the "June 57" National Geographic magazine that has the Airstream Caravan around the world story. also I got the one with President Lyndon Johnson's daughter travels in an Airstream around the USA..

Tonight we all get together at a local Resturant in La Grange for supper. Buchers & Landvaters (& their cousin) join us... 14 at one table. The waitress was quick and efficient. Buchers celebrated 25th Anniversary today... The waitress brought an ice cream/with a candle and we all sang "Happy Anniversary" to them!Congratulations Bill & Joan, Bill said they have spent 1/2 their marriage in an Airstream...Wow...They have 260,000 miles on their tow vehicle and are on their 2nd airstream. Check out the pictures of the past 3 days on the album...http://picasaweb.google.com/AirstreamHobo/CaravanToWisconsin2009#

After starting my Blog, I don't hear comments from you anymore by e-mail...so please still send me an e-mail (obclown@ptd.net ) once in a while so I know you are reading these Blog Postings!!! It is Lonely out here...I need to hear from you sometime.. Thanks and I hope you are enjoying these travels. God Bless ...AirstreamHobo and Carol

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Here we are at Cherokee Campground in Brimfield,Ohio. 353 miles on Sunday.great drive ...Blog to follow later. I can't get wi-fi on the road. 4 of us are traveling together, Jacobs,Oleshefski, Lights and Me "Obers". Lou Jacobs is leading I am the caboose. We left here monday am and traveled to Howe,IN. to a Passport America member park. only $17.12 for 2 nights We relaxed till Tues am then went to Shipshewana, an Amish town with a big flea market on tues & wed. over 1,000 spaces. Tons of tourists here. I was disappointed in that not many Amish had stands here. But there were plenty of Bargains!!
Tomorrow we leave for Elkhart ,IN. to the RV Museum to see lots of RV History. All is going well so far. 600 miles to date , will arrive in Madison,WI> on friday. AirstreamHobo