Saturday, June 27, 2009

Vintage Parade into the grounds today!!!
Sunset on Lake Mendota

Boats on the Lake Mendota
June 26,Friday, Today was my day on Parking duty, Carol worked this afternoon in the Message Center. It was hot, so our gang waited under a shade tree for the golf carts to bring us airstreams to park. They kept us busy for the day, I took off for an hour to the camera shop, I had noticed a speck of dirt on some of my pictures. I purchased a blower bulb which when squeezed gives a puff of air to the glass/lense to remove worked. After 4pm we got together with our unit and headed for the Elks Club for Fish Fry, again we had a water front table. Carol and I got a Baked Cod dinner, it was very filling. We were just glad for Air Conditioning!!!

Then we (Carl,Jackie,Carol & I) went down town to the waterfront on Lake Mendota to watch the sunset. The docks were full with college kids ..Refreshments were plentiful for them... The view is great. Jackie and I spent our time trying different settings on our camera for the best shots. I took a few(grin). The sunset was wonderful...see my shots.

June 27,Saturday, Time for the Vintage Parade!!! 10 am and they arrived...then put their flags on their rigs in the bull pen. When all were ready, they paraded around the grounds passing lots of airstreamers sitting in chairs to watch. Lots of pictures were take , me too!!
It took about 2 hours to get everyone into their spaces. I believe someone said there were 68 rigs present. Some were awesome looking...the owners even sported their Blue Berets in the parade. Pictures in Album

After all were settled , Carol and I went to Exhibition Hall to see the vendor booths. There weren't many set up, but I guess thats all that signed up to come. We saw the unit boards on display,also Caravan sign up tables. Camping World also had their goods and services available in an area. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and chatting with fellow airstreamers. There is a storm warning for tonight again, I hope it does Rain!! so it changes the humidity!!! Please!! Till next time ...God Bless AirstreamHobo & Carol

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