Friday, June 12, 2009

June 7,Sunday, We are all packed for a 3 month trip We meet 3 others to Caravan to Madison today. Jacobs & Lights meet us at the Ranch House in Duncannon at 9 am. We take Rt 322 to Rt 80. We meet the Oleshefski's at milemarker 147 on RT 80. We head west .... to Ohio. We arrive at Cherokee Campground in Brimfield,Ohio by 4pm. We all parked together. We all made our own supper on my grill We all ate together then on the picnic tables. Followed by dessert by Joanne Oleshefski <>. We hit the sack early...343 miles today.

June 8,Monday, We leave at 9 am back to Rt. 20 and follow along side Rt tolls on Rt 20. We drive thru little towns enjoying the scenery of old business still there and also the empty buildings But you have to enjoy the old designs of businesses not the big box strip malls.

We arrive in Howe, In. at Grand View Bend Community Association, this is an Pass Port America Park. We park first then the lady on the golf cart shows up to register's the Bargain...$17.12 charge for 2 nights...Wow!! Beautiful sites along a split rail fence with wheat growing on the other side. The sky is beautiful tonight, we are all out taking pictures of the sky, then we spot deer in the wheat field. We talk about tommorrow's plans. (250miles today)

June 9,Tuesday, We all decde to go into Shipshewana in our own cars because we all have different goals to see in town. Carol and I leave and arrive at the lot. $3.00 to park, this place is very large, over 1,000 stands. Up and down rows of stand is exhausting, my pedometer shows 8 miles total today, my feet agree!!! I did buy some bargains we had soft pretzel for lunch. There are plenty of food stands. I was dissapointed that there wasn't more amish manned stands. I did manage to get the "June 57" National Geographic magazine that has the Airstream Caravan around the world story. also I got the one with President Lyndon Johnson's daughter travels in an Airstream around the USA..

Tonight we all get together at a local Resturant in La Grange for supper. Buchers & Landvaters (& their cousin) join us... 14 at one table. The waitress was quick and efficient. Buchers celebrated 25th Anniversary today... The waitress brought an ice cream/with a candle and we all sang "Happy Anniversary" to them!Congratulations Bill & Joan, Bill said they have spent 1/2 their marriage in an Airstream...Wow...They have 260,000 miles on their tow vehicle and are on their 2nd airstream. Check out the pictures of the past 3 days on the album...

After starting my Blog, I don't hear comments from you anymore by please still send me an e-mail ( ) once in a while so I know you are reading these Blog Postings!!! It is Lonely out here...I need to hear from you sometime.. Thanks and I hope you are enjoying these travels. God Bless ...AirstreamHobo and Carol

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