Sunday, June 21, 2009

Flowers at the Farmers Market!!!!!

June 20,Saturday, I am up and ready to help with parking today. There are 14 rigs in the bull pen ready to park, we park them in short order. Then a more I and Carl Light leave for the morning to go downtown. In downtown around the Capitol there is a farmers' market all around the square..over 300 stands. Meter parking is $1.50/hour..I should have parked in a lot,it would have been cheaper. We walk all around the market enjoying the stands of breads,vegetables, plants, flowers, even stands selling lemonade and smoothies. There are protestors also and alot of special interest groups too! We stop to see a childrens show at the Children's Museum..he has the kids laughing and giggling!! I also took pictures(grin).

Back to the lot at noon , I grab a lunch then back to parking committee job. We park 1(yes One !!!) this afternoon. Then at 4 pm we are done and have Happy Hour at one of the parkers airstream, lots of samples of junk food, then around the group we tell jokes and laugh at ourselves.

Then at 6 pm we have a cook out at Olshefski's airstream, there is about 15 of us, we have the usual hot dogs and lots of side dishes. Then we have a birthday party for Felix (70 today) and we sing to him!!!

June 21, Sunday, I attend church this morning with the Airstreamers over 400 attended. After church we head to the Parkers Dinner also Fathers' Day at the Elks for a sit down dinner of Ham and Chicken we have the same seats along the window overlooking the water...great view. Then Nap time!!! At 5 pm they have a Volunteers Dinner of Bradwurst and chips and cookies. Over 500 served there!! Now we are relaxing at our airstream getting calls from the kids today..."Happy Fathers Day" I am so lucky with 3 sons and their wives with 5 grandchildren. God Bless...AirstreamHobo & Carol

See the Market Pictures!!! Comments??

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  1. Fabulous pics, Obie! You know I'm a sucker for flowers. :-D