Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This is Ellas Deli Resturant....Fascinating!!!
June 24,Wednesday, Last night was a Hot one!!! So our unit decided to go out for supper. It was decided to go to Ella's, a great little Deli Bar Resturant. Out front of the building is a Merry Go Round, wait till you get inside!!! This place is a collection of cartoon characters displayed everywhere. They are on the ceiling moving back and forth, on the walls, in your table tops,etc. We get a table for 14 people. We get a menu 8 pages name it is made here! After we give our order , I get up and take pictures of all these characters, check out the album. The waiter spills water all over Joan Buchers' back(she said it felt GOOD!!) but he was so embarrest about it, that he gives her a Free Meal!! I said Spill it on me Too!! The meal comes and is very good...but the place's AirConditioner could not keep the place COOL...too many people I guess? Back to the Airstream for the night. Look at my Pictures

Today I report for duty on parking committee at 8 am , we start right away to park the rigs. Several caravans come in today and want to be parked together, we do the best we can. The people are so nice to us in this heat wave ...they understand... and we get the job done. We parked alot today and filled alot of spaces. The next 2 days will be a busy time for us. On sat the Vintage airstreams will arrive. I have my camera ready!!!

Tonight Carol and I head for "Perkins" for an Air Conditioned Place to eat...Ah Ah..The place is cool and good food too!! Alot of people are hanging out in the Friendship Center in the building tonight to keep cool. As of Tues 4pm 484 rigs on grounds... Till later:
God Bless....AirstreamHobo & Carol .....Comments

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