Friday, June 12, 2009

June 10, Wednesday, This am we load up for a short trip to the RV/MH Museum in Elkhart,IN. we leave at 10 am deciding to take our rigs with us instead of returning this way. It is a short drive of 35 miles west on RT 80 to exit 96, there it is a BIG beautiful building off the Interstate Exit. We enter the parking lot to a spacious area for all 4 of us, a man , Al meets us to make sure we have plenty of room to park.

We enter the museum, only $6.00/seniors...yes I am one of them too!! Al tells us where to begin and lets us go... 1st is the new stuff..Go RVing movie then a new trailer and motorhome to see inside. Then over to the next room to the Old Stuff<> Wow... the first trailer we see is an Airstream, front of a wall covered with Airstream Aluminium with a street sign "Airstream Drive". Then we see many types of travel trailers, tent trailers, early motor homes, even some exotic made vehicles. This museum has it all.. many great ideas of the past brought to life.

After the exhibits, we go upstairs to see the wall of Honorees of Plaques on display. There is also a library of all RV types of books,magazines,sales phamplets, even all the club newsletters all cataloged for all to research if you need to find something special. I remember some of these publications that have gone by the way side. I took alot of pictures through out the museum,lots of reading and interesting facts to be had. I posted some on the Picasa Photo Album " RV Museum".

We ate a late lunch in the Airstream in the lot, then left for down the road to exit 49 to find Cassidy Motel/ Rv park (Pass Port America..remember 50% off). Nice /clean place only $16.00/nite with 3 point hook-ups. Happy Hour!!! Beautiful day to sit out and relax,only 80 miles today and a Museum...great day!! We made plans for tomorrow, we will leave at 9 am for Madison, the last leg of this Caravan. 240 miles tomorrow, we should arrive at 4pm..see ya down the road...
God Bless...AirstreamHobo & Carol..

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