Thursday, June 18, 2009

Epic Center

June 17,Wednesday, I am up this am and by 8 am I am at the pancake breakfast, this time just one pancake is enough. They sure fed alot this morning,the room was crowded.

Back at the airstream, we decided to go to the Epic Intergalactic Headquarters about 15 minutes from here. This place is located on about 400 acres of land with buildings all around the complex. They are building 5 more buildings to be completed soon. They have 3,500 employees,not all are here, some are in other buildings in town waiting for them to be done. They are a Computer Program Company for the Medical field to setup for hospitals and have clients all over the world. This is also a Training Center for all their clients.

We have a tour guide which is an employee who volunteered to show us around, his name is Ed Senechal, he is very happy to show off all the Each employee has his/her own little office(looklike 8x10 room) their theory is when you work alone you will be 2 1/2 times more productive. They have training for up to 850 trainees each week. This place is emence in size and has a very friendly work atmosphere, everyone is smiling!! Ed shows us conference rooms decorated in different designs...Outer Space...Western..Airplane..Circus (My Favorite Room )..Indiana Jones Tunnel..A Jungle..A Subway Station..Streets of New York..and Grand Central Station. You just can't believe this place unless you see it in person.

It is getting close to lunch and Ed tells us that lunch is on them(Epic) all we have to do at check out is tell them we are guests. They have a Fabulous lunch menu made up by their own Chef and staff. Ed tells us,he has been there 1 1/2 years and has not seen the same entre' twice... today we had Bake Ziti with Roasted Vegetables ..Plum Pie..Fruit Bowl..drink, what a LUNCH!! The employees eat very cheap also, they slide employee card and it is taken off their paycheck.

We walk outside all the buildings to see the landscape and just enjoy the countryside. There are man made water falls and little rivers thru out,the gardening is unbelievable. The employees park their cars in underground garages. The artwork thru out the halls and rooms are undescribeable, they buy from local artists and support the local area.They even have a Tree House out back for conferences...Unbelievable!!! They also have the largest geothermal systems in the world with over 500 wells each drilled to depths of over 300 feet, to heat and cool the campus. This was a 3 hour stay and I must say the coolest tour I ever took of local businesses...Thank-You Ed!!!!!!!!!!! What a Guide!!!! You Gotta see the Pictures..

Next we stopped at a bike shop to see hundreds of bikes...$100.00 up to a triple tamden for $38,000.00 Titanium frame...I ask for a test loan for the week (Grin) but the saleslady said "I don't think so" . They sure sell lots of bikes...they sold 3 while we were there. This is a Bike Town and area!

Tonight the Parking Committee had an Ice Cream Social so we could meet everyone, lots of friends chatting as well..... God Bless...AirstreamHobo & Carol

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