Friday, June 19, 2009

Here is the WBCCI Band practicing their music...Hard at work!!!

June 18,Thursday, Today, we relaxed by the Rally Field. Carol worked at the Message Center from 1-4 pm with Maragaret, they took messages from anyone then had to pass them onto the people directed to. The scooter patrol took the messages out to your rig to deliver them, if not there they left them on a clothes pin hanging on thr door. They had a whoppin 3 messages all afternoon. I went back to the rig to take a nap(a 2 hour nap)...retirement is tough!! Carol returned at 4 pm. We went to Wal-Mart for a few things. This Wal-Mart has an underground parking is weird to drive in and ride the escaltor up.. They say cold weather in the winter makes you want to come it is warmer to return to your car.

I bought a CB antenna so I can hook up my CB back at the airstream to listen to daily reports from Wally Byam Control several times a day. This was helpful today as a storm alert was given to all later tonight. Some rigs/people had gone to bed already so I walked around warning everyone that had their awnings out. There was a Tornado warning givin all night, my weather station radio sure opened alot tonight. Around midnight the heavy rain arrived. They did tell us the Colleseum/Meeting Hall will be open for all, if we need to evacate the airstreams...The CB was busy all night...Hard to sleep tonight, I kept thinking soon someone will say ....RUN...RUN... Carol did have a extra bag packed with the necessarys in case we had to leave the rig.

June 19,Friday, I was glad to see a calm morning today... We went to breakfast this am...pancakes again...yum..yum... there goes my waistline??? We decided to go to Waterloo to see thye TREK Bicycle Plant (no inside pictures please!)at the 10 am tour. Very informative tour.. We stopped at a cheese store for small taste of cheese & buy the same. Then drive around the country side, I stopped to snap some pictures of some barns. We passed alot of Tree Farms, not just Christmas trees but all kinds of trees in long..long rows. These farms here are So Big!!! The back roads were a joy to drive. We headed back to Madison, when we got to town I spottted a Hot Dog Vehicle...YES ....It is the Oscar Mayer Vehicle. I followed it drive around the Capitol Building, he sure attracted alot of Attention!!

Back home now....a storm just past thru the rally...I think it is more hotter now than ever...Sticky..Humid... Turn on the Fans!!! Supper was just cool down..

Rally Notes...There are 329 rigs here as of thursday 4pm, I think 30 came in today..There are 14 waiting in the bullpen tonight. They have Very nice showers here...ah..ah...Nice refreshing shower...let the water Run!!!.. They pump us out 2 x a week. Very good job to Sanatation,they are doing it fast and clean!!! Thanks Guys!!

See the TREK Album
God Bless.......AirstreamHobo & Carol

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