Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Little store in the middle of nowhere...

 Just a one room store with a deli and gas ....
 Parked out back ...
Yes ... my sneakers were clean !!

June 11, 2015, We leave the Playgound more episodes..Whew .  We continue north on Rt 85. We stop at this little store in the middle of nowhere. It is a one person operation. There was a campgound in the rear filled with campers and horse trailers. We talked to the people inside that were on a Trail Ride for Organ Transplants as a public awareness. Riding 20 miles each day.
   Mom and I ordered a BLT sandwich with coffee and ice tea. I also put some gas in the truck buying $30.00 worth. This was the highest fuel so far $3.06/gal. Most of the time we have paying about $2.69/gal.
    We continue North on Rt 85 into North Dakota... We stop at Roosevelt National Park at the north unit.. Cost is $7.00/nite .. no Hookups.
We are a short distance from the river, walking about 50 feet to the river. What a view !!!
 This place reminded me of the Badlands...Beautiful Scenery
These rocks overshadow the Airstream ....
     God Bless..... AirstreamHobo & Mom

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