Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Trip of 2015 ...Headin' for Alaska .....

June 2, 2015 , Here is last years map of the 2014 Trip.   Time to get a new map so we can mark the Trip to the Northwest... Yes Alaska is the goal this year. We are leaving in the am , June 3rd, for the west. We plan each day as we go along with a final goal to see Alaska.
        The Airstream is packed, clothes, food, etc. I know we packed too much(remember The Long Long Trailer, no rocks allowed.) The Dodge Hemi is packed also, Generator, Air Compressor, Grill, Chairs, extra spare tire(it makes 3 spares) also we packed 3 gas cans.
      Today my son installed mud flaps to help keep the stone damage from hitting the Airstream. Oh..I did buy 4 new tires for the trailer a month ago, guess what, I got a flat already. The valve stem o-ring leaked so we replaced it with a new one. Now it is Ok . Well wish us Luck... we are leaving in 12 hours ... stay tuned for updates and pictures along the way...
    God Bless ... AirstreamHobo & Mom

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