Tuesday, June 9, 2015

 Yes there is a truck inside the store .....
 Pick a light for your rig... I love the Flag LED's

 Order a custom made shirt or cap here ...

 Our camp spot for the night
June 6,2015 We are driving through Iowa on Rt 80 and come to the, Walcott exit 284  home of the World's largest Truck Stop. Parking for over 900 trucks here. The building has a very large parts selections for trucks,lots of chrome to dress up your truck. Laundry, Dentist office, showers, restaurants,coffee shop, t-shirt factory, barber shop, it is a city all in one building. We spend the night over in front of the Truck Museum along the grass. Surprising it is very quiet here, the trucks just coast by our spot. There all kinds of trucks passing thru this lot all day long.

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