Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Day #1 June 3,2015 Wednesday

 Here we arrive at Barkcamp State Park ...which does Carol want ...sleep in the cabin or Airstream ? She picked the Airstream....
More tire problems.... read below ....

We leave home at 10 am this am for the West ... Taking the Pa. Turnpike to New Stanton exit then taking Rt 70 West. Through West Virginia then Ohio to Belmont Exit. We drove 300 miles today arriving at 4:30 at Barkcamp State Park.
      Picked site 148 with electric. We filled up with water at water station. Passport America cost only $10.50/nite. When backing in site, Mom said something is rattling at the wheel. She then drove forward so then I could listen, the noise was the right front tire. I backed it up on boards so that wheel was off the ground, no jacks needed. I pulled the wheel to inspect it, when I did the Dust cap over the brake drum fell off. I guess it worked itself off and was rolling around the inside of the wheel cover. So I putted it back on and remounted the wheel. That was easy so far, I can handle this. I now have pulled 2 wheels this week, I hope that's it for a while.
      Now to relax while Mom makes supper...sure taste good tonight. Time to rest for tomorrow ...stay tuned...
     God Bless... AirstreamHobo & Mom


  1. Must be an omen………practice for what lies ahead on the Alcan.

  2. I Hope Not.... But now I have practice ...

  3. Better to get the gremlins worked out now.