Friday, July 23, 2010

Packards at Gettysburg,Pa.
About 100 cars were here this week..
July 22,2010 I heard there was a Packard Car Convention in Gettysburg this week and the show for the public was today. So I headed over there after lunch to see them. Awesome old well kept cars on display. Cars, trucks, ambulances, even an old motorcycle. I spent the afternoon there taking in the sights and clicking pics too!! and enjoying the Heat Wave???? I posted some pictures here of the Packards... and also finished the download to the rest of the Cape May Album,Scroll down to the last blog for the Cape May Album to click on that album. Check out the little cottages made into a village of shops....Cool!!! Don't can click on any of the blog pictures and they will be bigger for more detail.

Friday, July 16, 2010

This was a cool Antique Shop..I loved the bird houses everywhere.
Cape May Antique Fire House.

Why do I have to wear this stupid bonnet??

Ok, Here are the postcards I was going to send my friends, but decided to just send you a picture of them...saved postage!!!

An Airstream Motel in North Wildwood, NJ.
July 16, We went for a drive to Cape May, we drove to an store complex along Rt. 9. These were little storage sheds made into little stores. They were about 10'x20' size. each were a different style and had different shops in each one, this was a cool place to walk around to see the landscaping on the grounds.( Pictures are in my other camera, I forgot the download cord, see them later.)then we drove thru N.Wildwood, and we saw the Airstream motel in the town. Then a coastal drive to Cape May, parked downtown and walked around the shops. I did walk past the Old firehouse and stopped for a look. We finished the walk for 2 hours then back to camp. Time to jump in the pool, it's almost 100* this is refreshing. then supper on the grill then relax & zzzz
God Bless AirstreamHobo & Carol.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

What a Great Day In America!!!

Thursday,July 15, Today was a full day!! I started by stopping by the Cape County 4-H Fair. I parked at an out parking lot and took the bus to the fairgrounds. It had just opened at noon, so it was a little slow with a crowd, not many there. So I walked around for an hour checking out the displays and watch the 4-H'ers ride horses thru some jumps. I stayed a short time and returned to the bus ride.
I then saw the Cape May County Zoo, I decided to check it out. It was free but donations were asked for at the gate..sure I gave!! This place is big alot of walking, but lots of animals to see. Birds of all kinds, giraffs, zebras, bears, cheatas, monkeys, reptiles, even a Lion. I spent about 2 hours there click,click, This is a nice zoo fo all ages, many families were there. It was nice to hear kids get excited over the different animals in the zoo. Then back to camp to get Carol.
Off we go to Cape May for supper at the Lobster House at the edge of Cape May. Awesome meal, Stuffed Flounder, and peeled shrimp. When I was carrying the meal to the table, a sea gull dived bombed me and snatch the shrimp bag!! But it was too heavy for him to pick up and it was dropped. The Sea Gulls have lots of will power, I saw them attack other patrons also. The place was full and when we left, people were told to expect to wait 1 1/2 hour for a table inside. We ate along the dock next to the fishing boats, it felt more fishy that way.
Then off to drive around Cape May for an hour then we drove down to Sun Set Beach at the south point of the Cape May. Hundreds of people gather there every night to watch the sunset. At sunset they had a ceremony about the flag and had music and talked about the special flag. The flag was once draped over a Veteran Sericeman's Coffin. They gave the history of this flag and the service man, a Navy Man who passed away in 1999, his family was there for the ceremony. Nicely done...Thank -You all Veterans!!! Then the sun disapeared..back to the camp..Long Day ...zzzzz
God Bless, AirstreamHobo & Carol
Some pictures of the day on above.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Here we are at CowTown Rodeo for a lunch break on the way to Jersery Shore Haven for the week.... That's a Big Cowboy!!!
Airstreams in Storage at Jersey Shore Haven

Even the Birds have an Airstream!!!

A little Humming bird came to visit the campsite next to us.

To Travel is what Airstreamin' is all about..this one has seen alot of highway.
July 12,2010, we leave by noon for New Jersey, to an Airstream Park known as Jersey Shore Haven. You must have an Airstream and belong to the WBCCI club. This park is exclusive for Airstream..Yeah..Yeah. We arrived by 3pm and get our site in the pines..shade..full hookups and a pool. We set up and head to the pool to meet some airstreamers. Only 8 of us in the pool all to ourselves. Just chatting and floating around. Then back to the airstream for supper and relaxing.
Tuesday...Happy Birthday Riley, our Grandson is 7 today!!!
To day I sit outside watching the humming birds at a feeder. And take some snapshots, do you know they are only 2-3'' long and fly that fast you don't even see their wings.
We drove to Sea Isle City to check out the city and buy some propane gas bottles for our grill. This city has gone thru a change. We talked to the mailman and ask about all the new houses everywhere. He said the old town is no more! They are buying up the small houses and tearing them down in 3 days and rebuilding million dollar houses in 90 days. He said the old charm is gone,it is just like a new city has arrived. I must say it does look weird to see all the new homes everywhere. There were a few old cottages around but not many.
Back to camp and make chicken drumsticks on the grill, then off to the pool to relax, we are the only 2 in the pool. I feel so lonely.
Till next time, God Bless.. AirstreamHobo & Carol