Friday, July 16, 2010

This was a cool Antique Shop..I loved the bird houses everywhere.
Cape May Antique Fire House.

Why do I have to wear this stupid bonnet??

Ok, Here are the postcards I was going to send my friends, but decided to just send you a picture of them...saved postage!!!

An Airstream Motel in North Wildwood, NJ.
July 16, We went for a drive to Cape May, we drove to an store complex along Rt. 9. These were little storage sheds made into little stores. They were about 10'x20' size. each were a different style and had different shops in each one, this was a cool place to walk around to see the landscaping on the grounds.( Pictures are in my other camera, I forgot the download cord, see them later.)then we drove thru N.Wildwood, and we saw the Airstream motel in the town. Then a coastal drive to Cape May, parked downtown and walked around the shops. I did walk past the Old firehouse and stopped for a look. We finished the walk for 2 hours then back to camp. Time to jump in the pool, it's almost 100* this is refreshing. then supper on the grill then relax & zzzz
God Bless AirstreamHobo & Carol.

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