Friday, July 23, 2010

Packards at Gettysburg,Pa.
About 100 cars were here this week..
July 22,2010 I heard there was a Packard Car Convention in Gettysburg this week and the show for the public was today. So I headed over there after lunch to see them. Awesome old well kept cars on display. Cars, trucks, ambulances, even an old motorcycle. I spent the afternoon there taking in the sights and clicking pics too!! and enjoying the Heat Wave???? I posted some pictures here of the Packards... and also finished the download to the rest of the Cape May Album,Scroll down to the last blog for the Cape May Album to click on that album. Check out the little cottages made into a village of shops....Cool!!! Don't can click on any of the blog pictures and they will be bigger for more detail.

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