Thursday, July 15, 2010

What a Great Day In America!!!

Thursday,July 15, Today was a full day!! I started by stopping by the Cape County 4-H Fair. I parked at an out parking lot and took the bus to the fairgrounds. It had just opened at noon, so it was a little slow with a crowd, not many there. So I walked around for an hour checking out the displays and watch the 4-H'ers ride horses thru some jumps. I stayed a short time and returned to the bus ride.
I then saw the Cape May County Zoo, I decided to check it out. It was free but donations were asked for at the gate..sure I gave!! This place is big alot of walking, but lots of animals to see. Birds of all kinds, giraffs, zebras, bears, cheatas, monkeys, reptiles, even a Lion. I spent about 2 hours there click,click, This is a nice zoo fo all ages, many families were there. It was nice to hear kids get excited over the different animals in the zoo. Then back to camp to get Carol.
Off we go to Cape May for supper at the Lobster House at the edge of Cape May. Awesome meal, Stuffed Flounder, and peeled shrimp. When I was carrying the meal to the table, a sea gull dived bombed me and snatch the shrimp bag!! But it was too heavy for him to pick up and it was dropped. The Sea Gulls have lots of will power, I saw them attack other patrons also. The place was full and when we left, people were told to expect to wait 1 1/2 hour for a table inside. We ate along the dock next to the fishing boats, it felt more fishy that way.
Then off to drive around Cape May for an hour then we drove down to Sun Set Beach at the south point of the Cape May. Hundreds of people gather there every night to watch the sunset. At sunset they had a ceremony about the flag and had music and talked about the special flag. The flag was once draped over a Veteran Sericeman's Coffin. They gave the history of this flag and the service man, a Navy Man who passed away in 1999, his family was there for the ceremony. Nicely done...Thank -You all Veterans!!! Then the sun disapeared..back to the camp..Long Day ...zzzzz
God Bless, AirstreamHobo & Carol
Some pictures of the day on above.

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