Sunday, June 2, 2013

Final Day of Alumapalooza ...This has been a busy week. We had seminars on Airstreams, safety, cooking, maintenance, fun times too.
  We had a Gong Show, We had 9 contestants, I was one of them. I as Dennis went on stage to make a balloon hat for a young child, well right in the middle of blowing up the balloon, my compressor blew off the hose...GONG I was GONGED !! After the show I fixed the pump then made balloons for several kids..trying to regain my Gong appearance. The kids loved the balloons and were now happy that I could finish the job.
 We had storms of rain thru out the week but were under the big top to continue the Rally. The mud did appear and some areas were off limits to vehicle traffic. Bring out the boots.
The Alumapalooza crew did a Fantastic Job of running the show...Only 12 of them did all the work...Thanks Girls and Guys! They were the ones in Orange T-Shirts.
Here are some final pictures of the week..enjoy
...God Bless AirstreamHobo and Mom