Monday, December 31, 2012

 Standby...only 2 weeks till we leave for Florida!! The camera is packed!!
A lovely drive last night thru the country... Only 2 weeks till 80* weather!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

I spent 3 hours walking  the Hershey Fall Meet. There  was 1,000's of stands of everything you can imagine having to do with cars , toys, signs,  junk, etc. here is a link to pics.
Here I am at The Hershey Car Museum north of Hershey on Rt 39. There is a reasonable charge to see these wonderful cars. I went there with my son, Brian. He wanted see a car that he painted the stripes and pin stripes on this car, it was inside in the main lobby for all to see... Wow it sure looks original down to the paint job. See Link...
Where have I been you ask? Well October was a busy month. One day I went to Hershey to see the Fall Car Meet, The Car Museum & also a Car Auction at the Hershey Convention Center. These visits  took 2 days to see alot. Here is the link to the Car Auction

Monday, August 20, 2012

 August 16, 2012 ... Time to see the annual Threshermens' Reunion. So much to see here. Located in Kinzer, Pa. the largest steam show east of the Mississippi. Everything from yesteryear is here...steam tractors, trucks, tractors, antiques, Hit & Miss engines, antique fire truck, train rides for all ages, food from all stands(Fire Co. is the best!!). All day demonstrations... Too much to tell here but I did take a few pictures See the Album
Just a few parked in a row. The noon whistle was DEAFING!!  Everyone held their ears closed ...even the operators of the steam tractors. I am glad I went here, at 3:30 they had a parade of all the steam and regular tractors , lasting over an hour and a half. The weather was great for this day outing.
      Yes ...We are  Airstreaming too, camped at Thousand Trails in Manheim. We are here for the week Monday to Monday. Only 5 miles from home but Relaxing. we met two other Airstreams in the camp..and had Happy Hour together for 4 hours!! We over did it!! But Fun to talk Airstream Travels. They were from Virginia and Florida.  
                                      God Bless.. AirstreamHobo and Mom.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Race day is here......

  Sunday am we head for the Pits. It is open to all kids now, so we took Mason over for a look. We saw Tool Boxes filled with lots of air tools and all kinds of other parts too. We walked down along the wall just checking out everyone. Most were putting Lug nuts on the wheels with glue,so they can change tires during the race in record time. We stopped along the way for lots of pictures. I don't know who enjoyed this more..Mason..Dad ..or Me ?? 

    We then went back to camp for a light meal then over to the fence to watch on the bank of track at curve #2.  Then it started to rain for a short time. They used turbine jet engines to dry the track. Let the race begin...round and round they go. Then on the 98th lap the really bad weather came. We scramble 10 minutes before putting everything away. Then the lightning hit..scared the begeebees out of all of us. We did hear some one got struck by lightning sad... 9 others injured also.
   We watched campers pack up and leave but everyone has to go thru a tunnel to leave. We saw traffic back up for hours!! Then we saw the aftermath of the wind..many pop-up patio rooms were destroyed and twisted, many were left behind for scrap. See the album....
    Well... This was my first AirPocono and I must say ...WOW... what a party. I am glad my son and grandson had a boys weekend together. Mason made friends and so did we. Many Thanks to Leo for setting this up. And also to all the others that helped him. What a fun time with friends and new friends.
   We pack up Monday am and leave after saying good-bye to all our Airstreamers. It took us 8 minutes to leave the grounds and go down the highway... arriving home by noon. If you don't have this Rally on your "Bucket List" sign up for 2013...I know you won't be sorry..... THANKS LEO !!!
                                   God Bless... AirstreamHobo....Brian & Mason !!
Here is the infield of the Pocono Race Track
Here are shots all around the infield. There were some very interesting camps !! Click on for pictures..
The Airstream Gang at AirPocono 2012

August 2-6th 2012 , the Airstreams gathered at the Pocono  Speedway for a fun weekend. When we arrived after noon we were the 3rd airstream to arrive. We setup with Mason doing all the outside work. Brian(dad) helped him. This was dad's(Brian) first time to airstream with me after 22 years of helping me with all my airstreams, he finally comes along. Mason has being airstreaming many times before. he shows dad the ropes to having fun. More airstreams arrive and we quickly become new friends.
   There is so much to show and tell about this weekend, I have divided it into several parts. This is about the camp of airstreams. 27 showed up and formed a wagon wheel around a center tent that was erected. There was a food tent also for breakfast and pot lucks. We had movies each night under the tent. Also the race was on screen on Sunday, we had surround sound with the race track around us. Some did go to the grandstands to see the race. We went to the truck and ARCA Races on Saturday to see 2--- 50 lap races of trucks and ARCA. That was fun, the seats were part of our tickets Sunday's race was extra. We had campfires and fellowship all day and night. Saturday night we had Fireworks right next to the Airstreams....front row seats!!
   We walked all over the infield looking at the other campsites. There is all kinds of bus campers and trailers too. many had home made platforms on the roof to view the race. The Nascar Flags were everywhere showing their favorites.
   Like I said there is lots to show you so I have down loaded the pictures of the AirPocono Airstream Camp only so stay tuned for more... you have to click on below link to see all the pictures...

                 God Bless... AirstreamHobo and Brian and Mason

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

       Here are the Future Airstreamers of the "Obers"

July 26, 2012..   We pack up to go 24 miles to Red Run Campground outside of Ephrata.
        We arrive and take site #93 , about an hour later Duane shows up with their camper and has site #94. 4 of our grand kids are with us. Gina shows up about 2 hours later with Kaylee our 5th grand child. We swim for a while then it gets black and we head for the campers. It rains all night long to a beautiful Friday morning.
 Friday, July 27, Duane leaves for a Lancaster County Fire Chiefs Golf Tournament at 10am and is gone till 8pm. The rest of us head for the pool. It must be attack day on grandpa!!! I got swamped with kids from all sides. I felt young for 1/2 hour then old age set in! Go get grandma let me alone!!! It was a fun day all of us, we all got sun burned . At supper time Gina's sister Tracey came with her family and also 2 Chinese exchange students. We made mountain pies and hot dogs on the grill over the fire. I also made a Dutch Oven of Apple/Peach cobbler and had ice cream over it for dessert(Yum..yum)
    Saturday, we stop at Terre Hill Fire Co. for Chicken-bar-b-Que for supper later. The town is full of garage sales up and down the streets. It was funny to see the people looking for bargains. Horse and buggy's of the Mennonites every where. They loved bargains too!!!!!
    Then back to the camp to have a day of swimming. Yeah... they attack Duane today..before long he is tired too.
   This afternoon at 3pm they had a hayride thru the camp...but no hay?? Instead they had barrels of water for the kids to squirt the campers on the sideline!! When they got to our site, I disconnected the water line to the airstream and added a water nozzle...I got everyone soaked...they came around twice!! I think I was wetter than them!
     For supper we start a fire to heat up the chicken, we also had grilled corn on the cob..yum..yum! On sat night at 9pm there was a movie at the Rec Hall..
  Sunday, July 29th... We headed to the pool for one more wet day!! We had packed some and the rest after the swim. After we were all hooked up we went to the camp store for Slush Ice Puppies. We left at 3pm for home... Thanks Kids for keeping grandpa & grandma YOUNG???  PS... we went to bed early Sunday night.  See pictures on link
 God Bless... AirstreamHobo and Mom

Saturday, July 14, 2012

July 14, 2012, My sons and grandsons went to Harrisburg for The Penna. Pump Primers Muster along the river downtown. Here are a few pictures

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 18, Today I drove to Hershey to drop off signs for my son. While there I walked over to the Butterfly House and Rose Garden. Here are a few shots ...Enjoy..

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Saturday, June 16, Penryn Fire Co. had a 100th Year Celebration by having Tours of their Village of Penryn. They had wagons drawn by horses and John Deeres for a 2 hour Tour, We covered about 6 blocks of homes stopping at special ones that had a history to that house. They gave out samples at each stop from the Tour Guides who explained the History. This was a great way to learn the history of Penryn with hands on guides. This was an Awesome day of leasure with an Education Included.  Happy 100th  Anniversary Penryn Fire Co. Enjoy the Pictures
June 17, Today is Fathers Day!! I wanted to see the Tall Ships. They were at Baltimore Inner Harbor. We left this am and picked up Grand daughter Alexis for a Sunday drive to Maryland. We arrived downtown and parked in a parking garage. Only 2 blocks from the Harbor. There were many People here, no pushing but many elbows were touched. The crowd was manageable and friendly. We spent about 4 hours wandering and waiting for a glimpse of The Blue Angels. They circled the harbor many times and we had a good fly over. The real show was over Fort MacHenry about a Mile from here, but we did see them alot making smoke trails and formations. After walking all around the harbor we headed home. Arriving home at 7 pm. What a beautiful day!! Happy Fathers Day to all Fathers!! Here are some pictures of the ships and harbor .

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Before I sail off to Penna, on Sunday, I just want to say I made new friends this week with the Cleveland Unit Members and had a BLAST!
   I want to add these notes... Thursday , we had the Dinner Cruise, Friday, we had Pizza, Meatballs & Sausage, Saturday, we had Pasta and Chicken Marcelas. Plus we had a full Breakfast each day too. We also had Bingo Friday night & a Double feature movies on Saturday Night!!
   My hats off to Tom & Paula and the rest for a Great Rally. We sure enjoyed Cleveland!!
  We left Sunday at 9am and arrived home at 5pm after 400 miles of great highways and hardly any Traffic. Thanks to all of you for coming Along, I hope you enjoyed these past 2 weeks of Airstream Rallys !!
   God Bless & Safe Travels... AirstreamHobo and Mom
It is still Saturday, June 9, After a 15 minute break from this morning,we boarded the bus again for a trip to Artist Circle. There is a big parade today at noon.This parade is like NO OTHER!! It is all Art Work!!These people,adults and kids made all the costumes and stilts to walk on and made the floats too. It is hard to describe, everyone at camp said.. "You Gotta See It!" As pictured above each division is lead by a Rainbow of Balloons. The program books listed each color and the names of each one in that division.A local lady in front of me gave me the details of each entry..Thanks for the Program Too!

  What Really Impressed me was the first entries were people in Electric Wheelchairs with the artwork around them and mounted on their chairs. Also there was also a Flag Wheel Drill Team that went thru the motions. There were many small bongo and drums in each division too. Also many people were on  Stilts too in exotic dress. You have to see the pictures, I can't describe what I just saw for 2 hours of the most colorful and artsy parade ever! There were at least 8 divisions with 10 entries in each.

Then after the parade they had food vendors and also crafts for the Family.The US Marines performed with their Band too. This event attracts 70,000 people  each year..2nd Saturday in June each year.
Now see the pictures!! I did take over 800 shots but here are just afraction....
Saturday, June 9th, This am we boarded a bus "Precious Cargo" for a drive across town to Cleveland's Open public market. We arrived and enter this huge market full of numerous stands filled with you name it!! Meat,Fish,Chicken, Bake Goods and etc. We walked around just looking at the cases of food!! Then outside to the Fresh Fruits & Vegetables also. The Bus picked us up at 11am and back to the Airstreams. 
See Pictures..
   God Bless... AirstreamHobo & Mom
  Here it is Friday, June 8th, We walked one block to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. This is a large ultra-modern museum made of glass and looks like a  Giant Pyramid. We walk inside and buy our tickets($22.00/each) for a 5 hour tour. There is so much to see with all the rooms of different Rock & Roll Bands.  
        OOPS..The sign says no video,pictures, or cell phone shots allowed. There were security everywhere. So I had to look and not snap..snap.. You have to see the inside for yourself. But I can tell you was well worth the day's visit. From Elvis,  Beattles, Michael Jackson, and heavy Metal Bands. Clothing, notes, guitars, videos and alot to see about your favorite Band! See the outside pictures, We did see Johhny Cash's Touring Bus on the outside lot.
   Also on Thursday, June 7th, We saw airstreamers getting off a small airplane. We ask them whats up? They told us the plane service will take 3 people up for a 1/2 hour plane ride over Cleveland for only $99.00. Wow.. Don McKelvay suggested that the 3 of us go up. We signed up for a 1PM flight. So at 1pm we left the runway for 3 circles of the Cleveland sky. We saw alot that we saw this morning from the trolley, it's just from the air now. The stadiums were small from the air. Also the Lake seemed to stretch over the horizon. Mom and I sat in the back seat? We couldn't even find the seat belts without digging under our Butts!!! We laughed so hard but we found them, it sure was a tight squeeze for us!! Enjoy the pictures

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 7, 2012 ...  Thursday...We have a buffet breakfast of eggs,bacon, hash browns,biscuit, coffee. Well I am Full now. We hear about all the tours for the week from Paula our Host for the Rally. She is also assisted by her husband Tom. The first tour we sign up for is the "Lolly Trolley"  tour. We load up for a 2 1/2 hour tour of the city of Cleveland. The trolley driver/tour guide sure knew her information. The Trolley was Full. We drove all over the city... see the photos..

Then we had Dinner Buffet on a Local Cruise ship. We left at 6pm and boarded and left the dock at 6:30 for a cruise through the river following downtown Cleveland. We went under numerous draw bridges and saw plenty of waterfront sights. Then we turned around and headed back the river to the Lake Erie for a sunset watch on the lake. All the while we enjoy a great buffet onboard. We then headed for the Sun... What a view of the Sun and also the waterfront of Cleveland. See Photos....   God Bless..... AirstreamHobo & Mom
June 6th, 2012, We are parked on the airport parking lot. No hookups, but we have the water tanks full and the generator on standby. You can see the city skyline above our airstreams. We are only 4 blocks from downtown but we are next to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I have arrived only an hour when I was asked to help with parking because the parkers needed a lunch break. I guess they heard I have parked rigs at other Rallys.
   We spent the day doing meet and greet the other Airstreamers as they arrived. Nice to see many from Alumapalooza come here too. We had a Happy Hour (as usual), then retired for the night..Big Week Planned ahead!!   God Bless AirstreamHobo & Mom
 Here we are in front of the Airstream Plant for one last photo...... on Sunday...
 I had to stop and inspect the Vintage Airstreams in front of the office.... cool rigs...
 Here is the Bicycle Museum in New Bremen, Ohio
This is just one room of many.. 300 bikes on display and 400 plus in a warehouse for future exchange.

We left after seeing the parade on sunday and went back to our courtesy parking for 2 more days. We did laundry on monday a. In the afternoon we went to the Bicycle Museum in New Bremen to see a large collection of bikes.  see photo album

We then left Tuesday and went 75 miles to Helena, home of P&S Trailer repairs and polishing shop. We stayed there 2 times before and stopped in for another night. We had water and electric hook up. We stayed till the next am.. Wednesday.. then left at 9 am for Cleveland Rally 100 miles away. We arrived at noon....

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Here it is.. Sunday morning and I am sitting here watching all my Friends hit the road .... all 173 rigs fom all over the USA & Canada. What a week... many new friends and Memories are made at each Rally. This one Tops them All!! The excitement never stopped from Tuesday till today.

     To Believe this was put on by 12 Volunteers Staff. They did everything!! Greeting.. Parking.. Electric.. Water... Trash.. Door Prizes (Wow they were the Greatest) .. Entertainment setup.. Set up all the Contests.. Just one Happy Crew.. WELL DONE & Thank-You!!! From all of Us Airstreamers.

    Saturday was the Best.. Sword Swallowing.. Fire Eating.. Antsy McClain till 11:30 PM. They all keep the crowd tapping their feet and also Clapping their Hands.

As I sit here watching ... I am Grateful for all of you and hope you all have a Safe Trip Home or Down the Road!!  God Bless ..  AirstreamHobo & Mom 

   Click for final Album "People at Alumapalooza"

any Comments ..please email me

Friday, June 1, 2012

 Class of 2012 .. Chocolate Cobbler Dutch Oven Cooking Class....
 Here I am (red) watching my cobbler
Let's Eat!!! Everyone of the ovens were empty within 20 minutes!!! Lots' of sampling!

     The rain has slowed down, the open house will be delayed till???  But the Back up contest is still on.  No Convertibles allowed. Some have tried to leave..2 wheel drive is not a good idea. Call a John Deere for field service tow!!!  Later.. AirstreamHobo
Here we are at the Airstream Factory for Alumapalooza in Jackson Center,Ohio. We had another full day of Seminars...Friends..Tours..Friends...Q&A  classes..Friends... Demo Classes..Local Church Supper..  Check some more pictures from Thursday ...

  See ya.. AirstreamHobo & Mom

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What an end to a Beautiful day at Alumapalooza Here are some pictures so far..
   See ya tomorrow!!   God Bless... AirstreamHobo and mom
 Hot...Hot... Dutch Oven Cooking Class.
 The finished Ovens!!!!
Here is the 2012 Class of Dutch Oven Cooking!!!!(I am on the left)

    Wednesday, May 30th, We have a Dutch Oven Cooking Class.  Our teacher was Matt Hackney, and he did a great job instructing us on how to cook with a Dutch Oven. We all brought our own ovens to class with ingredients too. I brought Apple Filling with the cake mix. We fired up the charcoal and placed them under & over the oven & waited about an hour till done....Yum..Yum.. We all sampled each of the pots when done. So... Obie(thats me!) cooked for the first time in 44 years and did  not burn it!!Of course we had to sample all 12 ovens for afternoon dessert.  All the ovens were empty at the end of class...Yummy!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

 Here we are lined up for Alumapalooza at Jackson Center, Ohio
 The rain came before the gate opened at 9am so we waited till 11am to park. Because the fields were very wet!
This is where we spent the last 2 nights in Jackson center at a courtesy parking at a fellow Airstream  member. We has hookups and even a cook out on monday afternoon. There were 3 Airstreams here monday night, Great Fellowship and Fun!

   Sunday May 27, we left home at noon for Ohio to the place where Airstreams are made, Jackson Center,Oh.   We arrived at 10 pm (494 miles) at the plant, all spaces were taken so we headed out of town 2 miles to Courtesy parking of a fellow member. We hooked up to electric and hit the sack.
   Monday, May 28, we met with another Airstreamer here and had a get together in the kitchen of the home. We exchanged stories about airstreamin'. The other couple are running a 65 day Caravan to Alaska this summer! Please...Please can I come...No!! The caravan is full with standbys waiting for that call.  We then had a cookout but ate inside , it was 95* outside, the air conditioner was a welcome relief.
 We then went into the center for a chat session under the trees. many were there that I knew and we exchanged more stories. I don't think Airstreamers are ever BORED?
    Tuesday, May 29, we hookup before it rained,8am. We then went to the rally field at 8:30 am and waited in line till 11 am when we were allowed in the we were all parked quickly. Thanks to the Parking  Committee. Electric came next then the water, we are all set up by noon. About 75 arrived today 200 total are expected as it is Sold Out with the 200. We  mingled on the field with aistreamers till announcement/welcome time at 4pm. We all headed to the Big Tent to hear the plans for the week. We also started  the door prize giveaways. Nope ...none for the Obers.. maybe tomorrow?  Till then  ... God Bless.... AirstreamHobo and Mom

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Courtesy Parking!!!

We had a friend stop by for courtesy parking for a few days. Dacia is from Tennessee and is an Airstreamer!! Friends of ours for 5 years. She came here to see the Amish Country. In 4 days we drove 300 miles and never left the county. We drove the back roads to see all the sights, Amish farms, horse sales, quilt stores, antique markets, and a few out of the way stops.

Tuesday we even ate in an Amish house with family for a delicious meal, we also had 8 members from Central Penn Unit join us for fellowship. The food was out of this world.. Chicken, ham loaf, mashed potatoes with brown melted butter (Mmmm), peas, corn, string beans, fruit cup, chow chow, applesauce, butter noodles(MMMmmm Good) rolls too. Then came dessert... shoo-fly pie, rhubarb pie, vanilla pudding, tapioca, and home made ice cream!!! I had to loosen the belt tonight!!

Wednesday, we stopped at a One Room School House for a look. We sat for an hour just observing the class room teachings. The students sang to us 3 songs then did lessons verbally also. The basement was K thru 3rd grade, the first floor was 4 thru 8th grade. Then recess came.. all the kids went outside, the older ones played baseball, wow could they hit that softball far. The younger kids played on the swings and played their games. What a fun learning experience.

We then did some flea market searches thru out the county, Dacia did find some bargains. Then Thursday came and it was time for her to head home to Tennessee. What a fun time this week was... this time I provided the courtesy parking and entertained our Airstream Friends, either way it is fun to Airstream!!

God Bless AirstreamHobo and Mom...don't forget to click on below link to see our shots, Dacia and I took over 800 pictures this week!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Coolest Rig I ever saw!! This camper was across from us in Florida. He had everything hanging on the side of it. He told a neighbor that he crawls inside the back door and he calls it his Coffin? I walked around it taking pictures, the screened room is even filled with camping items. He drives a small compact car. People told me he drives down the highway with this stuff hanging on the side. I was told that he is different? can you believe this? see more pictures ..

This is the Thomas Edison Winter Retreat. He lived here for 6 months a year. Henry Ford had the house next door but only spent 2 weeks a year here. The grounds were something to see. We were here for 6 hours just taking it all in. One rule that surprised me was they encourage you to walk on the grass right up to all the flowers and bushes. There were so many different kinds to see. We toured all the houses from the outside door. They were closed with plastic guard half way up the door way.But you could easily see each room from the wrap around porch. They had 20 points of stopping along the grounds so you could listen to a hand held stick that looked like a long telephone. Each message was about 2 minutes.

After seeing the grounds, we turned in the telephone stick and walked across the street to the Museum and Edison's Lab. The building was full of facts all about his inventions and also the real thing here to see. There were different rooms with flat screen TVs with clips about his life.

I really liked the Camping Room, An old Model T with a box on the back for a chuck wagon supplies. He and Ford, Firestone & John Burroughs went every year for 2 weeks. They also took a President one time. He had brought 80 servants with him too. But Edison soon stopped after that because it wasn't camping anymore with that big staff. The stories and maps were fun to read.

Other rooms had his Inventions and Patents on display. He had 1,093 to his name. He also had a patent each year for 65 years. I got the feeling of a remarkable man when reading his biography.

Next we went to his Lab and saw all kinds of experiments being done. many test tubes lined the walls and desks tops. He also worked with over 10,000 plant species for inventions. All this was shown on several flat screens.
The cost was $20.00 admission which I thought was worth it. Thank You Mr. Edison for your contributions to mankind. Here are some pictures too.
Of the house and grounds
Here is the lab & Museum Pictures too..

Here we are at Shark Valley for the day. We took a 2 hour tram ride through the park. We had a very interesting and informative guide "Jose' ".

He talked the entire tour pointing out different species of birds and alligators. The history was awesome of the everglades. Our tram driver was Rachel, she had a great eye for spotting the animals, we stopped to take pictures along the way. I took a few pictures... Enjoy
We have electric at the Sarasota Rally!!!

One of the interiors of a Vintage Airstream

Open House at the Vintage Airstream Camp

Here is Joan Bucher with her Blue Ribbon for her Painting of a Satellite Dish

All Flags were flying at the Vintage Trailers!!

Oops? I forgot to post a few pictures from the Sarasota Rally. There were 306 Airstream here. The nightly Entertainment was great this year except for one night< the singer was out of tune? This was mostly a reunion of old friends and the same old things to do, flea market, eat out, vendor sales, Happy Hours, and having late night campfires. It was a Great Week, see you next year!!

Week of February 20th.. we left Sarasota Rally and headed south about 130 miles to Collier- Seminole State Park. Here we met Steve & Linda Koreny, our Central Penn Unit Members who are Volunteering in the parks for the winter.

After relaxing with them and getting to know what to see, we head out to The Air Boat Rides....Wow is all we can say. This was a 45 minute ride through the everglades next to the State park and see all the trees, bushes, animals & birds. What a ride by our pilot "Lebo" he sure had that canjun accent and gave us a great tour. Mom and I had the best seats in the boat, right next to the pilot... See the pictures..
I recommend this ride to everyone. We then drove down the road to see the USA Smallest Post Office..
God Bless AirstreamHobo & Mom

Friday, February 17, 2012

Feb 16th, I went to Ringling Museum for a tour. Tickets were $25.00 for the tour But worth it to see all the grounds. First I went to the Circus Display of a Minature Big Top on a table top covering hundreds of square feet. This was all hand carved display of the earlier circuses. The detail was something to see. I spend at least 2 hours here before moving on to see the rest of the grounds. here are some pics. of the circus.. enjoy..