Saturday, April 21, 2012

Courtesy Parking!!!

We had a friend stop by for courtesy parking for a few days. Dacia is from Tennessee and is an Airstreamer!! Friends of ours for 5 years. She came here to see the Amish Country. In 4 days we drove 300 miles and never left the county. We drove the back roads to see all the sights, Amish farms, horse sales, quilt stores, antique markets, and a few out of the way stops.

Tuesday we even ate in an Amish house with family for a delicious meal, we also had 8 members from Central Penn Unit join us for fellowship. The food was out of this world.. Chicken, ham loaf, mashed potatoes with brown melted butter (Mmmm), peas, corn, string beans, fruit cup, chow chow, applesauce, butter noodles(MMMmmm Good) rolls too. Then came dessert... shoo-fly pie, rhubarb pie, vanilla pudding, tapioca, and home made ice cream!!! I had to loosen the belt tonight!!

Wednesday, we stopped at a One Room School House for a look. We sat for an hour just observing the class room teachings. The students sang to us 3 songs then did lessons verbally also. The basement was K thru 3rd grade, the first floor was 4 thru 8th grade. Then recess came.. all the kids went outside, the older ones played baseball, wow could they hit that softball far. The younger kids played on the swings and played their games. What a fun learning experience.

We then did some flea market searches thru out the county, Dacia did find some bargains. Then Thursday came and it was time for her to head home to Tennessee. What a fun time this week was... this time I provided the courtesy parking and entertained our Airstream Friends, either way it is fun to Airstream!!

God Bless AirstreamHobo and Mom...don't forget to click on below link to see our shots, Dacia and I took over 800 pictures this week!!!

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  1. Obie and Carol,

    What an unforgettable vacation, I had a ball! Living in your driveway was fun every minute of every day. Thanks again for everything.


    BTW, the Wilbur Buds have almost disappeared. :-)