Monday, March 30, 2009

Look at the size of this Hail, we had a storm go thru on sunday while we were loading for CBR...cont'
This was the ground around the Airstream..cont'

here were the black clouds a comin'

The clouds were pink, purple, then darker..we headed home and drove in a down pour of hail. 7 miles from here the wind/tornado overturned 6 mobile homes , it was a scary time , all residents were found none were life threating injuries!!! Well time to continue packing, some damage to the Airstream. We are off monday for CBR... Stay tuned to this Blog for the trip to Wash DC..... Continued>>>>>

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Monday, March 23,2009 I went to the Lancaster Public Library. When I came out I still had one hour on the meter. So I grabbed the camera and did a walking tour of Downtown Lancaster. I walked about 6 square blocks and saw some awesome picture points, I hope you will enjoy the walk as I did!! Check out my album"DownTown Lancaster" AirstreamHobo

Sunday, March 22, 2009

March 21, 2009 , I went to Penryn Fire Co/ Limerock Amish School Mud Sale. Both these organizations work together to have a one day sale to benefit the Penryn Fire Co. & The Limerock School. Again I won't go into detail, check out my Photo Album under Penryn Mud Sale...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Today, I traveled to Lititz, Pa. Library, I heard a Famous President was going to give a lecture there. I arrived at 4pm. to await the arrival of our 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. He was right on time, the room was full of curious onlookers. He talked about his earlier relatives based in Penna. And then lead up to his Political Career and to the White House. It was an amazing biography of his life over 200 years ago. We all listen to every word and dates he gave us. The young crowd laughed at his anedotes of early school years, and his living in the early west in a cabin & farming. I am glad I got to see him and learned alot I didn't know about his career. His program was about an hour long. Till next time...God Bless...AirstreamHobo..."Obie "

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cool Rig!!!!
"Obie"on the Awning!!!

March 17, I had a Makeup class for Make-a-Wish Clowns. One of my long-time clowns ..."Tootles" aka Cindy Krewson gave me an Airstream all painted up with "Obie" Logos. Isn't it Cool?? She is an awesome clown and person to be with. We had 30 new people join the Make-a-Wish Clowns last night. Here is a picture of the Airstream, I brought it home and hooked it up to my Van(made by Bill Bucher,another airstreamer) Nice lookin' rig, don't you think? If you want to see the Make-a-Wish Clowns in action come to Lancaster Co. on May 10th Mothers Day and see the World's Largest Convoy of Trucks on Parade(last year 361 trucks) Come Support the Make-a-Wish Kids!! "Obie"

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ok...I am sorry...still learning this web page ...this will link you to the album of pictures...Try This...Obie

Some of you couldn't find the link for pictures!! Here it is click above to get "Gordonville" File Sorry for the confusion...Obie

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Gordonville Fire Co. Mud Sale March 14,2009
This is the Grandaddy Mud sale of all.... 15-20,000 people are here!! It is so hard to explain this auction, you have to be here to experience it!! Fields & Tents everywhere... I won't go into detail except to say it with pictures...Click on side bar on Picasa Pictures for album"Gordonville" to see what I saw today...enjoy..."Obie" P.S. Click on any picture and it will fill the whole computer screen for a Better look!!!

Ok...on March 2nd it snowed 4-5"...thats enough...This is what the Van & Airstream looked like under snow, this is not where I wanna "B"...5 days later it is 60*.It is time to warm UP!!! I am ready to Camp!! I have 2 weeks to get the Airstream packed and ready to head for Wash D.C. to the Cherry Blossom Rally. So let's hope it warms up!! I am getting Closet Fever, the only cure is to head down the road...right?? How many days yet 15,14,13,12,11, I am looking for March 30 to start the Diesel up..hook-up..set the GPS...turn on XM to Bluegrass..set the mirrors..and GO!!!!!! Stay Tuned...only 390 hours to Go!! "Obie"

Friday, March 13, 2009

Of course some Men just take a nap on the wagons. This wagon was for sale and this man just laid down and took a nap??? We all laughed when we passed him, I stopped and took a picture. I think was one of my favorites of the day.

Here you can see the boys and their wagons, they will help you carry your auction items to your vehicle for Tips. There were many amish boys to choose from. You can see the mud that they go thru to help the public...always a smilin' face!!!
AirstreamHobo Travels...Bart Mud Sale...March 6,2009

Ok, Heres a trip today without the Airstream, So come along and see what I saw today. Leaving home this AM I traveled to Bart Fire Co. Annual Mud Sale. 2 miles before town I hit a traffic jam, bumper to bumper Amish Buggies and cars too, We all headed for the Event of the year, a fire co. fundraiser. Fields filled with Auction Items and buildings loaded with food stands and auction items(Quilts, furniture, yard goods, farm items, & Junk?). There was at least 20-30 auctioneers talking with great speed to sell everything.
Of course I brought my camera,,047 shots later and I leave. But let me fill you in on the action. If you come here and starve , it's your stands everywhere, soft pretzels, milk shakes, pork sandwiches, french fries, and all the regular fast food menu.
As always I am looking at " odd things to capture on camera. The scenery is awesome, if you just look at the beauty of the area. All junk has it's beauty and people have their own personality. I just watched the hussel of all the people moving all around the crowd. Some are bidding, looking, chatting, and watching the kid's team games..Ball sock, volleyball, baseball. It was fun watching kids eat. That was some of my favorite shots. Also seeing boys with wagons hauling items for you back to your car for tips.
I spent about 5 hours here today,eating, clicking, watching, did I say I ate?? Enclose you will find some of the highlights of the 2 weeks Bart has another Mud Sale....

Note: Only 3 weeks till Cherry Blossom Rally in Wash DC...till then ..."Obie"
PS...if you want to see all 1,000 pictures ...send $19.95 to me for a Disc of Pics

Thursday, March 12, 2009

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My First Blog....Hee Hee... Enjoy my Travels

Hi Friends, Here is my first blog. many of you requested that I start a Blog so you can click on stories and pictures to view. Maybe this will a better way to share my travels, I hope so! So come along and follow........ I will e-mail you when a new blog is posted, so you can click on when I hit the road or see the back roads of America, whether it is close to Manheim,Pa. or a far away place I have Dreamed about. Comments are always welcome!!!! God Bless AirstreamHobo