Monday, August 20, 2012

 August 16, 2012 ... Time to see the annual Threshermens' Reunion. So much to see here. Located in Kinzer, Pa. the largest steam show east of the Mississippi. Everything from yesteryear is here...steam tractors, trucks, tractors, antiques, Hit & Miss engines, antique fire truck, train rides for all ages, food from all stands(Fire Co. is the best!!). All day demonstrations... Too much to tell here but I did take a few pictures See the Album
Just a few parked in a row. The noon whistle was DEAFING!!  Everyone held their ears closed ...even the operators of the steam tractors. I am glad I went here, at 3:30 they had a parade of all the steam and regular tractors , lasting over an hour and a half. The weather was great for this day outing.
      Yes ...We are  Airstreaming too, camped at Thousand Trails in Manheim. We are here for the week Monday to Monday. Only 5 miles from home but Relaxing. we met two other Airstreams in the camp..and had Happy Hour together for 4 hours!! We over did it!! But Fun to talk Airstream Travels. They were from Virginia and Florida.  
                                      God Bless.. AirstreamHobo and Mom.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Race day is here......

  Sunday am we head for the Pits. It is open to all kids now, so we took Mason over for a look. We saw Tool Boxes filled with lots of air tools and all kinds of other parts too. We walked down along the wall just checking out everyone. Most were putting Lug nuts on the wheels with glue,so they can change tires during the race in record time. We stopped along the way for lots of pictures. I don't know who enjoyed this more..Mason..Dad ..or Me ?? 

    We then went back to camp for a light meal then over to the fence to watch on the bank of track at curve #2.  Then it started to rain for a short time. They used turbine jet engines to dry the track. Let the race begin...round and round they go. Then on the 98th lap the really bad weather came. We scramble 10 minutes before putting everything away. Then the lightning hit..scared the begeebees out of all of us. We did hear some one got struck by lightning sad... 9 others injured also.
   We watched campers pack up and leave but everyone has to go thru a tunnel to leave. We saw traffic back up for hours!! Then we saw the aftermath of the wind..many pop-up patio rooms were destroyed and twisted, many were left behind for scrap. See the album....
    Well... This was my first AirPocono and I must say ...WOW... what a party. I am glad my son and grandson had a boys weekend together. Mason made friends and so did we. Many Thanks to Leo for setting this up. And also to all the others that helped him. What a fun time with friends and new friends.
   We pack up Monday am and leave after saying good-bye to all our Airstreamers. It took us 8 minutes to leave the grounds and go down the highway... arriving home by noon. If you don't have this Rally on your "Bucket List" sign up for 2013...I know you won't be sorry..... THANKS LEO !!!
                                   God Bless... AirstreamHobo....Brian & Mason !!
Here is the infield of the Pocono Race Track
Here are shots all around the infield. There were some very interesting camps !! Click on for pictures..
The Airstream Gang at AirPocono 2012

August 2-6th 2012 , the Airstreams gathered at the Pocono  Speedway for a fun weekend. When we arrived after noon we were the 3rd airstream to arrive. We setup with Mason doing all the outside work. Brian(dad) helped him. This was dad's(Brian) first time to airstream with me after 22 years of helping me with all my airstreams, he finally comes along. Mason has being airstreaming many times before. he shows dad the ropes to having fun. More airstreams arrive and we quickly become new friends.
   There is so much to show and tell about this weekend, I have divided it into several parts. This is about the camp of airstreams. 27 showed up and formed a wagon wheel around a center tent that was erected. There was a food tent also for breakfast and pot lucks. We had movies each night under the tent. Also the race was on screen on Sunday, we had surround sound with the race track around us. Some did go to the grandstands to see the race. We went to the truck and ARCA Races on Saturday to see 2--- 50 lap races of trucks and ARCA. That was fun, the seats were part of our tickets Sunday's race was extra. We had campfires and fellowship all day and night. Saturday night we had Fireworks right next to the Airstreams....front row seats!!
   We walked all over the infield looking at the other campsites. There is all kinds of bus campers and trailers too. many had home made platforms on the roof to view the race. The Nascar Flags were everywhere showing their favorites.
   Like I said there is lots to show you so I have down loaded the pictures of the AirPocono Airstream Camp only so stay tuned for more... you have to click on below link to see all the pictures...

                 God Bless... AirstreamHobo and Brian and Mason