Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Airstream Gang at AirPocono 2012

August 2-6th 2012 , the Airstreams gathered at the Pocono  Speedway for a fun weekend. When we arrived after noon we were the 3rd airstream to arrive. We setup with Mason doing all the outside work. Brian(dad) helped him. This was dad's(Brian) first time to airstream with me after 22 years of helping me with all my airstreams, he finally comes along. Mason has being airstreaming many times before. he shows dad the ropes to having fun. More airstreams arrive and we quickly become new friends.
   There is so much to show and tell about this weekend, I have divided it into several parts. This is about the camp of airstreams. 27 showed up and formed a wagon wheel around a center tent that was erected. There was a food tent also for breakfast and pot lucks. We had movies each night under the tent. Also the race was on screen on Sunday, we had surround sound with the race track around us. Some did go to the grandstands to see the race. We went to the truck and ARCA Races on Saturday to see 2--- 50 lap races of trucks and ARCA. That was fun, the seats were part of our tickets Sunday's race was extra. We had campfires and fellowship all day and night. Saturday night we had Fireworks right next to the Airstreams....front row seats!!
   We walked all over the infield looking at the other campsites. There is all kinds of bus campers and trailers too. many had home made platforms on the roof to view the race. The Nascar Flags were everywhere showing their favorites.
   Like I said there is lots to show you so I have down loaded the pictures of the AirPocono Airstream Camp only so far...so stay tuned for more... you have to click on below link to see all the pictures...  https://picasaweb.google.com/AirstreamHobo/AirstreamsAtAirPocono2012#

                 God Bless... AirstreamHobo and Brian and Mason

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