Friday, March 27, 2015

   Week of March 3-9, Our rally has tours setup  for us to see downtown. First day we all take a guided tour on the orange trolley tours on a tram. This lasts 1 & 1/2 hours around town with a talking guide which is our driver too. We learned a lot about St. Augustine ...afterwards he dropped us off downtown so we could do a walking tour. Lots of small shops and restaurants' too. There are so many interesting buildings, many historic plaques are everywhere. The Trolley has 22 stops that you can get off and on again all day long. The airstreamers had a 3 day pass to enjoy the sights on their own leisure and time. We spent some time at the Fort and enjoyed the sights. My sister Reba joined us for 4 days seeing the sights. Here are a few pictures ...
     God Bless  AirstreamHobo and Mom

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Florida State Rally 2015

   March 2, 2015, We have arrived at St. John’s Fairgrounds in Elkton, 10 miles south of St. Augustine. There are lots of Airstreams here, 170 are expected. We find our space and set up in short time. I have taken pictures all week and posted them here of the Rally field only. More will be posted of the tours later. Here are the pictures so far ...    I hope you like Airstreams !!!
       God Bless... AirstreamHobo & Mom ...

Courtesy Parking for Airstreamers

 Time to move to another Courtesy Parking ... We arrive at Susan's house for a one night stay,
 Here we are in her back yard with electric hookups. Her motorhome is on the on the right with Doug & Terry behind me.

  March 2, we leave Hunter for another stop in Deland, Fl. for courtesy parking for one night. We are leaving tomorrow for St. Augustine. While here Susan shows us her sewing talents, I really liked her many different crafts and dolls that she makes. She only makes these for a hobby not for sale.
   We went out for supper at "Sonnys" Bar B Que for a delicious meal.

Courtesy Parking ... Airstreams' Best kept secret but all members know about it.

 Courtesy Parking at an Airstreamer's house....
 This is Hunter, a long time friend whom I met many times at many rallys... she loves horses...
And also she loves dogs..she has 3 of them ..

 February 27, we leave 1000 Trails for another stop along the way to St. Augustine Rally which starts on Tuesday. We know of a friend , Hunter, that has a place with courtesy parking. we arrive in an hour right behind another airstreamer Doug & Terry. We get full hookups in the back yard. Wow, what a beautiful setup. Hunter had water hoses and sewer hoses already hooked all I had to do was connect the airstream, not using mine at all.
    We are here for 3 nights. Doug did some odd repairs around the place for Hunter, I helped when I could. Doug also worked on her airstream and mine too. We were kept busy for the 3 days. We even went to a New Goodwill Store that just opened. Just too many people on Saturday so we went back on Sunday to a lesser crowd. 
    We also shared meals in Hunter's house. Carol made Chicken Corn soup one night, Hunter made Pasta the next night.
Here is Doug fixing a leak that I had at the rear window...  THANKS DOUG !!!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

 Jim & Jeanne..Fulltimers for 13 years ...our new camp neighbors...
This is their Motor home parked next to us at 1000 Trails ....

February 13th , we returned to 1000 trails for 2 more weeks. When we backed in next to this motor home, Jim came over and introduced himself.. We sat at our picnic table and talked for 3 hours. We talked about Alaska too.. He went back to his motor home and got 2 Log Books that he wrote during their 2011 trip. He left the books with me to read over the interesting to read.

 I learned while reading that Jim was a carver, he carved figurines on wooden thread spools. Wow so little art figurines but very beautiful. He then showed me some on display in the camper.
 Blue Bird...
 Statue of Liberty...
   Further reading I found out that Jim & Jeanne were married the same day as Carol and I.. 47 years weird is it to meet someone who has the same wedding anniversary as you. They shared so many stories of Alaska, giving me fishing tackle ..2 lines with hooks and flys on them ...and also ..a can of salmon fish that they caught and canned over 400 cans while in Alaska..I sure wish I could tag along with them to Alaska, I believe I would learn so much from this couple!! Thanks for Sharing Jim & Jeanne...Safe Travels to you both !!

 When traveling, you never know who you might meet, here is Howard and Shirley from Virginia.
They shared maps of their travels through Alaska. one of many pages.
   We met Howard and Shirley at 1000 Trails while looking at new RV's here at the park. We talked about our travels in the past and expressed an interest in traveling to Alaska this summer. They said they were just there last summer and would share their maps and notes with us. After spending a few hours talking and sharing we learned alot. Too bad we would be leaving the park for a week. We promised to catch each other again in 2 weeks when we come back.
    Well.... we came back and also did they, we met at Golden Corral for a lunch buffet. We arrived at 1:30 with another airstream couple, Carl & Jackie, and enjoyed our lunch and chatting for ... 4 hours..we left at 5:30, I believe the restaurant was glad when we left. But we had lots of Laughs while there.
      Howard and Shirley have a motor home (not a Airstream) and enjoy traveling too. We told them how Airstreams have courtesy parking around the country. They said they has one too at their home in Virginia and told us to stop in sometime when in the area. WE Will !!  It is amazing how many new friends you can make while on the road...we all have a common wish...That is  Adventure !!
      God Bless... AirstreamHobo & Mom
We saw these Airstreams buried nose down along Rt 4 in Florida. We tried to stop in the lot and walk around but it is blocked off by fences and has no gate to enter...Bummer.!! This makes 3 Art shows we saw this past 12 months along americas' highways. We saw Cadillacs buried in Texas , also VW Rabbits buried in Illinois.  They are all one of a kind ???

Tin Can Tourist Rally in Brooksville,Fl.

   During February we also went to Tin Can Tourist Rally in Brooksville,Fl. This was their winter Gathering held each year in Florida.  Over 75 rigs on display during Open House. The ideas here were awesome. I loved the d├ęcor of all the rigs. The favorite was a horse trailer made into a Home, I believe everyone loved this rig. We spent the afternoon checking out the campers. They should be proud of their restorations of them. Here are some pictures ...
    God Bless  AirstreamHobo & Mom
 Life is Good ... sitting around watching Birds in the Sunshine ....
  February 2015,  Our travels in Florida during the month were so busy. We didn’t even have time to stop and post the blog. But now I am trying to catch up. We saw Cruise ships one Sunday, they are so massive it is hard to believe they float. We sure loved the waterfront to watch boats and birds.
  We even went to Webster's’ to see the Monday Farmers Market. They have all kinds of fresh food and also the normal flea market items for sale. My favorite thing is here is the people watching. If you want strawberries this is the place. Here are some pictures along the way...
    God Bless   AirstreamHobo & Mom

Sunday, March 1, 2015

 How Awesome is this Van ?? I guess the family was excited to travel to GKTW...

 One day I even helped deliver gifts to all the Wish families to their Villas. This is Marilyn, she does this 2 times a week. She was fun to work with. We walked over 3 miles with the golf carts to cover the Village.
 Here is Mom and I being Pool Hosts, Volunteers, we hand out Towels and answer any questions the families may have. No Life Guarding .. Life is Good ... Sitting by the Pool for 3 hours.

 See I told you I was an Angel ???
Here are the golf carts we use to deliver the Pizzas each night. 
 Here is the new Towne Hall being built now...opens by May ?
There  was even a Wedding one day here at the Village.
 Our Tickets to the Sweetheart Breakfast on Valentines'  Day for The Angels at the Village..
 Pam Landwirth even helps serving the breakfast.
 Look at these Awesome Pancakes..Bacon.. Strawberries and cool whip
Mayor Clayton and Miss Merry even stop by to say Thank-you to all the Volunteers.
 Fran...Charlie.. Carol.. & Fran enjoying the Tour.
One day Carol and I gave a personal tour of GKTW to some Airstream Friends. They really enjoy the Village and were impressed with all the things to do for Wish Families.

 I made Pizza Boxes to deliver Pizzas at GKTW...
This is Chris, he is an employee at the GKTW Pizza Shop. The volunteers take orders and give them to Chris for him to make. When they are made we deliver them to the Villas in the park. We make and deliver each night from 7-10:30 pm. During February Carol and I worked several nights. One night it was slow and we delivered only 18 pizzas, but another night we delivered 89 pizzas. So we never know what the night will be busy or slow. Carol really liked driving the Golf Carts and meeting so many families.