Saturday, March 21, 2015

 When traveling, you never know who you might meet, here is Howard and Shirley from Virginia.
They shared maps of their travels through Alaska. one of many pages.
   We met Howard and Shirley at 1000 Trails while looking at new RV's here at the park. We talked about our travels in the past and expressed an interest in traveling to Alaska this summer. They said they were just there last summer and would share their maps and notes with us. After spending a few hours talking and sharing we learned alot. Too bad we would be leaving the park for a week. We promised to catch each other again in 2 weeks when we come back.
    Well.... we came back and also did they, we met at Golden Corral for a lunch buffet. We arrived at 1:30 with another airstream couple, Carl & Jackie, and enjoyed our lunch and chatting for ... 4 hours..we left at 5:30, I believe the restaurant was glad when we left. But we had lots of Laughs while there.
      Howard and Shirley have a motor home (not a Airstream) and enjoy traveling too. We told them how Airstreams have courtesy parking around the country. They said they has one too at their home in Virginia and told us to stop in sometime when in the area. WE Will !!  It is amazing how many new friends you can make while on the road...we all have a common wish...That is  Adventure !!
      God Bless... AirstreamHobo & Mom

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