Thursday, March 26, 2015

Courtesy Parking ... Airstreams' Best kept secret but all members know about it.

 Courtesy Parking at an Airstreamer's house....
 This is Hunter, a long time friend whom I met many times at many rallys... she loves horses...
And also she loves dogs..she has 3 of them ..

 February 27, we leave 1000 Trails for another stop along the way to St. Augustine Rally which starts on Tuesday. We know of a friend , Hunter, that has a place with courtesy parking. we arrive in an hour right behind another airstreamer Doug & Terry. We get full hookups in the back yard. Wow, what a beautiful setup. Hunter had water hoses and sewer hoses already hooked all I had to do was connect the airstream, not using mine at all.
    We are here for 3 nights. Doug did some odd repairs around the place for Hunter, I helped when I could. Doug also worked on her airstream and mine too. We were kept busy for the 3 days. We even went to a New Goodwill Store that just opened. Just too many people on Saturday so we went back on Sunday to a lesser crowd. 
    We also shared meals in Hunter's house. Carol made Chicken Corn soup one night, Hunter made Pasta the next night.
Here is Doug fixing a leak that I had at the rear window...  THANKS DOUG !!!

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